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My current angst, now that I know I'll have no problems finishing my dual English and Design-visual communication Bachelors, is WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER? The majority of the verbal freaking out and physical panic has receded to a deep-seated dread and uncertainty: what if my decision turns out to be the WRONG ONE? As such, I've been bothering all my relatives, professors, friends, people who I end up talking to in line at grocery stores for advice, opinions, and their personal experiences post-college.

I have two major routes to choose from: should I teach English abroad for a year, or move back home and look for work as a graphic designer? Note that I'll be doing the latter no matter when--teaching abroad will only be a year.

See, the issue at hand is that I did not realize that there was an Education minor until too late to actually take it and my grades aren't pure enough to enter grad school for the Master's in it. Also, illogical children baffle me for all their cuteness and I had no illusions about myself as a teenager, so a teacher for life I am not.

Why, you might ask, would I consider teaching abroad then?

It'll only be a year, including a 6 week summer break, and I'm torn between South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong. I'm wondering if my inability to interact with children extends to ALL of them and if cultural backgrounds really make any difference.

I've also never been outside of the States, and a week-long vacation isn't the kind of experience I'm yearning for. I want to experience another country in all its aspects, which means interacting with people beyond the level of a tourist asking for help, and I want to be able to take as long as I'd like. I want to experience life as how a native of the country might, which means a job and all the little things about daily life that no one truly pays attention to until they undergo it themselves.

Teaching will not be my life's vocation, so in my free time, I'll still be working on my portfolio, maybe try to freelance work overseas, or see if the language barrier will be an immovable obstacle for design work in which ever country I end up. Of course, no matter where I am, I always observe color, form, and function. If I go to Seoul or Taiwan, I would go with a designer's perspective of the environment. What influence might a foreign culture's design work have on my own?

Or would it be better to immediately begin job searching for designer positions after school, when my connections with professors and friends are still fresh? Especially as I'm not the most social creature?

Teaching abroad means another year of job security as I'll be applying through Teach Away Inc, with estimated salaries of approximately 2k a month. In this economy, that's a truly lovely thing. But after that year, will the job scarcity have improved any? Or would I just be an out-of-touch graduate competing with recent design students just as desperate for work? Would my foreign experience count for anything?


If I DON'T teach abroad, I'll be moving back home and looking for design work in the Bay Area. Or else, since my mother has not stopped urging me, attending a master's program of some sort for graphic design. If I apply and am accepted.

I'm twenty-one, and I don't feel like an adult at all. Ninety percent of my life has consisted of schooling and I've never been independent from my family. Would teaching for a year in another country be away for me to grow up? Should I force myself out of my comfort zone... For a whole year?
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Got my absentee ballot in the mail today and OMG, there's so many THINGS to vote for! People who I've never heard of for issues I didn't even know were raised! I have so much researching to do--it'd be pretty stupid of me to vote purely by party, wouldn't it? About the only things I'm sure about is NO on Prop 8 and Obama/Biden for president. *clutches head* No WONDER some people won't vote at ALL--it's pretty scary and intimidating. And strangely enough, pretty with all the blue, purple, and white. XD

On a lesser note, ANOTHER fandom! I finally caved from lack of any good fic to read and read [ profile] astrolat's David Cook RPS fic. I read all five, I think of them, promptly watched the accompanying video for one of them (which is a WORK OF ART, okay? The graphic designer in my is despairing), joined [ profile] cookleta, and am now, instead of going to slept like the sane, am REREADING one of them. *facepalms*

Hee, high note of the day--my fictional time writing exercise for my lower div English class got read aloud by the T.A. and she praised me for choosing it as opposed to fictional place, which everyone else had done. Plus, get this, I hadn't even properly finished it! XD

Note from yesterday: At my shift tonight, I managed to get a $250 pledge! \O/ Of course, fulfillment is another thing, but \O/. I love this job so much more than the McD's one. *happy sigh*
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Roommate left for a weekend in Reno with her boyfriend and his mother. I don't know whether to envy her or sympathize. My aunt called me to thank me for the free song, but had to end the call half way. No one picked up their phone today at work. I think I found my stolen bike--the tires, gears, and seat are completely shot.

Cool thing this weekend at work--one of the old alumni works for the USAF! I totally wigged at the really different voicemail message and almost hung up too late.

Another work story today: one of the other callers fudged up an area code and somehow called 911 instead. A cop actually came. XD Everyone had a good laugh over the sheepish boy, but he's one of the best, so the supervisors didn't give him any grief.

Also, due to my fiction writing classes, I'm lugging around my laptop on campus three days a week. I have a Li-something battery and I've been getting all sorts of different instructions on how to drain and charge it to best extend its life. Anyone got a definite answer? I got this Toshiba Satellite in July I think, so it's not that old.
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So after reading much fic featuring (fictional) geniuses (Bruce Wayne, Rodney Mckay), I caved and took an IQ test. Question is, is this site valid or not? It made me go through 6 pages of ads before I could even see this. It also seems remarkably high when I remember that [ profile] snahjerblah took one not too long ago on facebook and got a 137. She's a biomed engineer and I'm majoring in the humanities. Consider also the fact that Einstein's IQ was 160, and I'm very doubtful of this:
Online IQ Test - Online IQ Test

Then again, I'd taken ANOTHER one before, which took me to a page that made it appear that I would need to pay before I could see the score, but checking my e-mail, it appears that I have an IQ of 130, according to

Is it just me, or am I particularly sad that I'm taking these things? ^^;

Also, I returned to McD's after two or so months of hiatus for summer school and they had Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls for girl children! The wicked witch looked so awesome, I snuck three out (moi, [ profile] snahjerblah, [ profile] darkestnight12). After some extensive digging through many Tin Man and The Lion dolls, I found ONE Wizard of Oz. Wasn't he supposed to be a wizened old man? The doll bearing his label was the most adorable looking blond boy with a top hat, a cape, and painted on, fair, curling hair that I have since dubbed "Draco Malfoy". Boy children get plastic Lego characters from Batman. The theme was awesome; the products I saw--not so much.

It was great, [ profile] snahjerblah came by at around 7 or 8 to pick up the doll and then vamoosed back to her boyfriend's place. XD
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Tomorrow, I begin my first day as an undergrad junior! Just Spanish and my Victorian English class, but English upper div after a whole summer of studio design classes! And lvl 3 Spanish after a whole summer of wholly English language!


1. Starting the telemarketing job at the Annual Fund Oct 6, by which I need my SSN card. Which is at home, a 2.5 hour drive away. Parents gave me much grief for not thinking I might need it.

2. Cell phone not working due to old SIM being deactivated and new one not to be activated until Mom gets out of work and take a nap tomorrow.

3. Have to look for internship and choose English or Design, though I am totally leaning towards the latter.

4. Crossing fingers in hopes of getting into 2-unit freshmen seminar in which I will be reading and writing contemporary short stories. Waitlisted as #2 out of 15 capacity with one opening. Hopefully, a freshman will think the work too much and drop!

5. Should I go to my friend's birthday celeb this weekend? She and her boyfriend will be going with a whole bunch of other engineering friends. Essentially, I'll be in a group of people in which I only know two. But it's her 21st. Argh.

Current song obsession: Leona Lewis's Misses Glass and I CANNOT find a free download of it ANYWHERE. I swear, I go to sleep hearing it in my head. XD
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After a weekend stuffed with good food, trips to the city, and many hours on the Wii, I just logged onto the campus job site and applied for two jobs.

One's a computer lab supervisor/print technician job that might be good for my vis comm major. The other pays a quarter more with commission bonuses, but I'll be a telemarketer on behalf of the campus Annual Fund. I'm wondering if I can't juggle both...

Wish me luck!

BTW: This song is my current obsession and finally downloaded after an hour or so of fervent searching.
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Woke up, began emptying fridge, removing shelves, and washed half of them. Leaving the wet pieces on the front lawn, my dad, sister, and I headed out for a typical Saturday morning-- Costco for a lunch of Polish dogs and pizza, then a trip to the library.

At the library, I met one of the librarians who's been my volunteering supervisor the eight years I've been volunteering at the library. Asked him if I could use him as a reference for future jobs, and to my relief, he agreed and gave me his business card. I haven't seen him in more than year, so it's awesome N remembered me!
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It's been more than a month since I've posted anything of note, so I shall list some recent culinary, if ice cream can be considered such, discoveries. Through the pint-sized tastiness of Ben & Jerry's, I have learned that my taste buds adore not only the Rocky Road, Spumoni, and green tea flavors, but also Dublin Mudslide, pistachio, and peach flavored ice cream. It's a pity that the only peach-flavored ice cream comes with chunks of what B&J calls cinnamon pie crusts. No other brand offers peach, sadly.

Also, I am looking forward to summer school this season. No more English classes, of which I am beginning to detest, but my first foray into my second major, graphic design! Instead of textbooks, I will be spending money on art supplies--be still, my heart!

Stuck in Davis, with an adult community of mostly Caucasian people, I am craving a large serving of quality chow mein. Incredibly enough, the equivalent here consists of a thinner, udon-like noodle. Bleh, I say.

On a less self-centered topic, Van visited yesterday! It was great to catch up with each other and afterwards, we hung out a little bit more over several games of pool (aka snooker) at which I was the most miserable player and ended up the partner of the strongest player, my roommate's boyfriend's roommate. Tongue/mind-twister, eh?

My little sister got accepted into college and my family heaved a relieved sigh. She seems very flippant about the whole thing, however, and I don't think all our worries are gone yet.

Continuing this news bulletin, I truly truly desire to quite my job at McD's. Most the kinder, softer managers are quiting, due to being even more sick of working with the grease than I, and the only ones left either 1.)speak little Spanish, or 2.)take great joy in making non-managers do needless chores, such as restocking when restocking is not yet necessary. Unfortunately for me, the only jobs available on campus are lab techs, research aids that require more skill and time than I have, or tutoring. The latter may be within my reach, but I doubt my shamefully low G.P.A. would work in my favor.
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Interestingly enough, the Internet works when I'm on my roommate's computer, but not on mine. I'm just glad that I can use her laptop while she's away.

Also, I am simultaneously racing to finish two books at once--Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Flann O'Brien's At-Swim-Two-Birds. Both are very strange and amusing.

Tomorrow, I go to interview for a telemarketing position. Handling rejection pays pretty well should I get it!

On a fannish note, I've converted, along with 50 percent of my flist, to the love of jianto from torchwood. By myself, I've revived my Roy/Ed love.
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Due to the severe weather, something happened to make my Internet die so right now I'm on campus.

Yesterday, [ profile] snahjerblah found a white hair. On my head. It's the family curse--we all gray early on my mother's side and while it may look elegant and refined on a tall, thin, elderly woman (my grandmother), looking piebald in my middle age would surely crack my mirror.

It's rather hard to update lj while in the confines of the 24-hour reading room about events that have already happened and, apparently, forgotten.

Oh, yesterday, half of my college town was without power and the McD's I work at was swamped. Every store at the U Mall was closed due to the electricity-loss and my nearby Safeway had to throw away all its (formerly) frozen goods and (formerly) fresh produce. People who were in there when it black out had to continue shopping by cell phone light. One of my co-workers this morning said manager and workers from the other, larger McD's in town had to be called. One man had the sole task of brewing pot after pot of coffee and I'm glad I wasn't scheduled yesterday. The Evil Manager was in charge during this rush.

So while I have no internet, I still have light and hot, running water, which the inhabitants of the apartment complex right next door do not, so I'm grateful.

Today is Mom's birthday, so I must remember to call home tonight.

I woke up today at 6:30 and tomorrow, and the following four days, I must awaken at 8:00. T^T


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