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Draco panted, his breath coming in short, harsh spurts. It hurt. His knees hurt too, from falling hard on the stone floor when the pain had overcame his muscle control.

"Stand up."

The cold voice made him draw from hidden reserves, and the pale boy forced himself to his feet, weaving slightly as his vision became spotted with dark circles. Lucius nodded, and languidly twirled his dark wand around his long, elegant fingers. "Remember, son, that one does not show weakness. Not in front of anyone, even your own family. One exception makes room for more and that is unacceptable of the Malfoy heir."

"I understand, Father." Draco winced at the faintness of his voice.

The slight tightening of the skin around Lucius eyes was the only warning Draco saw before that dark wand swung around to point at him.

"Crucio, boy. Learn to better control yourself."


"Draco. You must wake. The train leaves in half an hour. Draco."

Draco forced his eyes open to gaze blearily at his mother's worried visage. "I'm awake, Mother." He moved off the bed, unsurprised to see his hands still trembling. Aftereffects of being under one of the Unforgiveables for too long. "Have the house elves finished packing my trunk yet?"

Sadness in her faded blue eyes, Narcissa inclined her head in acknowledgment. "It's waiting in the foyer. The butler will accompany you to the station."

Impulsively, Draco embraced his mother, feeling her fragile form relax slightly within his arms. Softly, so only she could hear the words, Draco whispered, "I'll be fine at Hogwarts, Mother. Please don't worry. I'll be safe there."

Narcissa wrapped her arms around her too-thin son, "I'm sorry Draco. I'm sorry."

"I don't blame you, Mother. I never have and I never will. Just... You be safe too." Draco tightened his grasp.

His mother drew back to plant a small kiss on his forehead. "I will. I wish I could come with you, Draco..."

"It's all right, Mother. I understand." Kissing his mother's soft, lotion-scented cheek, Draco left.


Note: Thinking of ways for HP and DM to meet on the train. Should one of them be Head Boy? Hermione's Head Girl. Ron's a prefect.


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