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Come into my lair . . .


Fic recs

Graphic Designer.

Grammar Nazi.


I'm an English and graphic design major. Don't let the former fool you, because I rarely watch what I write in my posts. As a result of the latter, money runs through my hands like water at the rate the material fees are eating up my funds.

Miscellaneous points:
  • Manga beats anime any day, every way.

  • Books beat movies, especially adaptations, 99 times out of 100.

  • Little sisters create gray hairs.

  • Heights from waterfalls and cliffs are especially scary.

  • Antonio Banderas, especially as Zorro, rules!

  • Johhny Depp cannot pwn enough.

  • All fanfiction writers should have betas. If not for yourself, do it for the readers. If you spend time writing it, spend some more time proofreading it. Please.

Most of what I do online (for fun) is bump for free art on Gaia and read slash fanfiction. Otherwise, I'm ogling other artists' work (depressing myself) and generally being boring.

Gaia ; The 'ships I sail ; Masterlist of writing, when I get around to it

Credit: [info]milou_veronica
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