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It's really, really hot outside, but it's even more so inside the apartment--91 degrees. o.0

Also, [ profile] snahjerblah made awesome walnut-fudge! Too bad I can't eat more than a piece in this weather without risking a nosebleed. T_T It' sooooo rich and nummy!

On a fandom related note, I think a MARY SUE story, of all things, was posted at [ profile] wincest. WTH, I thought that was one pitfall that SPN avoids liek whoah with the Dean/Sam focused love. If I wasn't a better person, I'd post wank it's so crazy.
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The past week has been so hot, I never mustered the will to cook. I subsisted entirely on oranges, apples, with the occasional sandwich. My roommate virtually lives with her boyfriend now (I think I saw her for a total of 5 hours the past week), so without anyone else around, I didn't really have any incentive.

Today started off cool, and wonders of wonders, remained so the entire day! It was pleasantly warm, so I bought a scoop of Root Beer Float in a cone at the corner Rite Aid from school and had a pretty relaxing walk back. Think I might do so for the rest of the summer session after DES 16, though not the ice cream. That aim's for loosing weight after all. XD

So tonight, I mustered the energy to cut up a bagful of mushrooms and added them to some Parmesan Pasta Roni. I'd added another packet of corkscrew pasta to the Roni's vermicelli pasta, so I was afraid it might've turned out al dente. Just in case, I put a lid over the cooling pasta, hoping that the steam would soak back into the corkscrews. Fortunately for me, it worked and I've got enough mushroom pasta to last me another 4-5 days. I'm absurdly proud of myself.

To do:
--finish those tedious contour drawings
--turn in rent check
--wash dishes (BLEH)
--return library books
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Today was the second session of my ART 2 and a girl who'd miss the first day showed up. I really, really wish she would just leave. She sets herself up right between my friend and I without a "by your leave" and then proceeds to spend the entire session checking her phone--even answering it while the professor was lecturing! Then, during the exercises, she would disregard instructions and finish every piece in the most infuriatingly half-hearted way. She had the gall to put her head on the table and go to sleep when she finished much quicker than she should've! It was timed, blind (she looked) contour drawing. Why is she taking this class? Why did she have to sit next to me? Why, oh why can she not just take a hike?

On another note, it turns out those recent fires in California are only about a half hour's drive from my campus. The entire day, smoke hung so heavily in the air, it looked like fog. The entire sky was this intimidating white-gray color and what sunlight that filtered through showed up orange. Combined with the muffled effect of the smoke and the muggy temperature, the whole day was torture. I'm just relieved that the night remains cool.
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We had scarily methodical weather this past week.

Sat: Sunny
Sun: Cloudy/Rainy
Mon: Sunny
Tues: Cloudy/Rainy
Wed: Sunny
Thur: Cloudy/Rainy
Fri: Sunny

If things continue this way, then tomorrow, the one day I have free, will be cloudy/rainy. I plan to go the famous, local Farmer's Market, though, so I hope this doesn't hold true.
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... And the house inside is delightful.

But staring out the window, I'm very glad my dad decided to postpone our trip back to UCD. Driving home on a local street, he had to avoid a lot of debris and the wind's so strong, you can see the sheeting rain ripple! O.o

We really should have returned yesterday instead. I checked out the hour by hour forecast on MSNBC and winds should be at a safer speed tonight. Poor Dad. He'll have to drive home in the dark too.


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