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What is UP with LJ security? In the past 15 minutes, my Avast! has aborted THREE--count 'em, THREE--trojan horses that have popped up form LJ links. What worse is that one of the links I've visited without problem previously!

What the EFF, Livejournal? Get off your butts and SOLVE this thing.

Also guys, be careful!
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I have no clue what's going on--is this an anime to be released, an anime that HAS been released, or just an over-the-top promotion of what I KNOW is a DS game?

I don't know, but the graphics are lovely, and the voice-work for it even more so. <3


On an rl matter, I, Jo, am incredibly stupid and thanks to a combination of procrastination, misremembering of due dates, my mother had to intervene and call citibank so I don't loose $48.

*slams head repeatedly onto wall*

Also, I just plugged in my laptop to charge and the battery icon, instead of filling like a status bar, has a red "x" over it and when I click for more information, it tells me to consider replacing my battery and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly".

omg, how am I supposed to take notes in English? Hopefully, as long it it's plugged in, my laptop won't die one me. I've barely had this thing for a year! T_T
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One day, I'll tell my grandkids, "I learned more from than my four years in college" and it will be the absolute truth. XD

6 Life Saving Techniques From the Movies (That Can Kill You)

Also, for my Global Cities seminar, tonight's reading is this flash website on Parisville, the Invisible City by Latour and may I complain of bad Flash? My poor eyes! The speed at which the images bounce is strobe-like in effect. *weeps* I have to read 16 of these plans. My poor head.
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So, as a little Christmas/birthday present to myself, I bought a 2 GB Sandisk Sansa Clip during's black friday deal ($25!). Today, I finally finished complying a hour-long "jogging" playlist in iTunes, found out the the little sucker would only work with Windows Media Player, recompiled the list in WMP, then proceeded to sync them up following a google doc user manual.

All the songs end up in the "music" folder rather than a separate playlist in the "playlist" folder. I tried creating a new folder to drag and drop the songs myself, but I apparently don't have permission!

What? Why? This thing has soooo many positive reviews (cnet, private blogs). Is it just me? This is my very first mp3 player EVER and I have no clue how it works, simple as it may appear. T_T

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So, uh, I used to chuckle in amusement whenever one of you lovely people cried from lack of internet access.

I will never giggle like that again.

This weekend, when trying to hook up a wireless printer to my 6-year-old router, I somehow messed up my Vista laptop so badly that while it connects to other wireless networks (my friend's, the campus), I still cannot browse the web. I can only log on at school in between classes and that's really not enough. T_T

I haven't played Bejeweled Blitz in more than 48 hours! I haven't been on Gaia even longer!

*shakes fist at [ profile] darkestnight12* You HAD to get a wireless printer, did you? Did you just let my numerous rants of my craptastic router wash right over you? T^T


Sep. 23rd, 2009 01:58 pm
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I'm a bit paranoid about my computer's safety and security so I have many programs to safeguard it. Unfortunately, I have so many that it takes several minutes for my poor little laptop to boot up. I have AVG Anti-Virus, Comodo Firewall, Google Doctor, Norton Security/confidential, Avira Anti-virus, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Doctor, and Spyware Blaster. See? I AM paranoid. Question is, which of these can I uninstall without loosing the power of my safety net?
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Remember the post of DOOM a few days back? Lucky for me, two of my projects had been saved to my laptop at an earlier stage so it was only an hour or so more of work to catch up. One of my type projects had been totally erased though, and there were three variations. But I should get the hard copy back from the professor soon and since I've done it once before, it shouldn't be too hard to replicate should I ever need to send an electronic copy to any possible employers. XD

Lost a lot of my pictures though, so I had to comb through my thousand again to find the deleted twenty-five or so best shots. Took me about three and a half hours that did.

I'll have to redownload a lot of the pdfs my professors sent out, but all and all, after I got over the depression of loosing so much info and stressing over printing problems, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

But for more recent news, I'm applying to a summer internship. If I'm lucky enough to be selected, I'll be teaching three kids in two classes one core subject. Essentially, I'll be a small time teacher. It sounds AMAZING, thought rigorous. I've been blessed with many, many awesome teachers and they've been my inspiration. I hope I can follow in there footsteps. Then too, this will be a valuable experience to test the grounds of a possible career. ^^;; Anyone ever hear about Breakthrough? It was known in the past as Summerbridge. I'm hoping to be selected by my hometown and therefore not have to worry about living costs, but as long as I can part take in this, I'm good anywhere.

The application consists of two essay questions and a sample lesson plan. It brings back college application memories. XD

On a more negative note, my router's not working. XP Wireless AND ethernet is "connected with limited connection", but the modem works fine.
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Roommate left for a weekend in Reno with her boyfriend and his mother. I don't know whether to envy her or sympathize. My aunt called me to thank me for the free song, but had to end the call half way. No one picked up their phone today at work. I think I found my stolen bike--the tires, gears, and seat are completely shot.

Cool thing this weekend at work--one of the old alumni works for the USAF! I totally wigged at the really different voicemail message and almost hung up too late.

Another work story today: one of the other callers fudged up an area code and somehow called 911 instead. A cop actually came. XD Everyone had a good laugh over the sheepish boy, but he's one of the best, so the supervisors didn't give him any grief.

Also, due to my fiction writing classes, I'm lugging around my laptop on campus three days a week. I have a Li-something battery and I've been getting all sorts of different instructions on how to drain and charge it to best extend its life. Anyone got a definite answer? I got this Toshiba Satellite in July I think, so it's not that old.
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Remember that Sony Ericsson I was so glad to get? Instead of the Urban Gray one with blue buttons that I had initially desired, I got the black and orange one due to necessity (I was returning to my apartment the day the order actually went out to AT&T and the black was the only one in the store).

Black and orange automatically brings to mind Halloween, right? So I now own Sam, full name Samhain. XD It was going to be Eve, for All Hallow's Eve, but I was too lazy to press all the button.
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FINALLY saw The Dark Knight today and it was HARDCORE.

THERE WAS NO HAPPILY EVER AFTER. And that sentence deserved the all caps. THE ANTI-HERO DOES NOT GET THE GIRL AND THE WHITE KNIGHT DOES NOT STAY THE WHITE KNIGHT AND EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER FRIGGIN' ROCKED. The special effects were not completely crazily CGed to death like something Jolie might star in and the flipped truck and EVERY SCENE WITH THE BATMOBILE/CYCLE INSPIRE APPLAUSE. ALL THE ACTORS WERE HOT. BATMAN. MAYOR. GORDON. DENT. ALFRED. LUCIUS. Morgan Freeman as Lucius, whoever it was for Harvey Dent, and whoever it was for the Commissioner has been the best bit of casting I've seen seen in a while. The writers' reinterpretation of Joker's crazed smile as a scar was admirable, though I think there's another DC villain called Scareface. After watching this movie, I can just SEE Gotham's underground going crazy and spouting out more madmen like Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and many, many more.

I had to admit I was glad that Rachel was killed in the end though. I was extremely disappointed that the sole reason for Two-Face's madness was HER and she was Bruce's HOPE . She wasn't the typical weak-willed, swooning left-and-right female or sex-personified femme fatale (sort of), but a WOMAN being the root of all the main characters' cause irritates the Hell out of me. Couldn't the creators have thought up something more interesting?

Also, Alfred will forever remain in my mind the tall, thin, properly upright man with the droopy, aloof features and white hair in the '90's Batman The Animated Series. Not the grandfatherly man in The Dark Knight. He was so much less impressive than I'd hoped for. T_T

BATMAN PWNS SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, THE HULK, AND THE FANTASTIC FOUR, have I missed any other movie-fied superheroes? I can't say anything about Ironman yet, as I haven't seen it. Yet. I have a weakness for geniuses fighting crime, yes.

Afterwards, dealt with the phone issue. Got me an urban gray, Sony Ericsson w580i heading my way.

Dinner with Maria, who looked almost frightfully thinner than when I last saw her. The Milan pizza (sans that nasty, nasty onion) at the CA Pizza Kitchen was excellent and I overtipped completely ($4 for a $19 meal), the entirety of which I talked shop with Maria. It was AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF to talk about my major with an old friend who was also in it.

So now I will comb LJ for some well written Bruce/Jim and Alfred/Lucius fic. ;D
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I HAVE ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS3!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

I will let you all know when the glee has faded.

It won't be anytime soon.
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Figured out why I wasn't getting internet--the modem was connected to the router in the WRONG place!

*is n00b*

Ye Gods!

Feb. 28th, 2008 12:01 pm
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My latop is dying on me. I cannot connect to the internet from it, so essentially, all it can do is open images and run Word. It takes 10 minutes to start up and runs slowly.

I'm going to have to keep a better eye out for deals/discounts/bargains. At this rate, I don't think I wait until Black Friday for the best sales.

My FAFSA! How on earth am I supposed to fill that out? I can't use my roommate's computer all the time; she needs it. I can't very well talk to my sister for my parent's tax info in the campus computer labs! Argh... I guess I'll have to lug my laptop to campus and see if the connect problem is only in my apartment or if the laptop's at fault. So much trouble! >
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Interestingly enough, the Internet works when I'm on my roommate's computer, but not on mine. I'm just glad that I can use her laptop while she's away.

Also, I am simultaneously racing to finish two books at once--Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Flann O'Brien's At-Swim-Two-Birds. Both are very strange and amusing.

Tomorrow, I go to interview for a telemarketing position. Handling rejection pays pretty well should I get it!

On a fannish note, I've converted, along with 50 percent of my flist, to the love of jianto from torchwood. By myself, I've revived my Roy/Ed love.
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Due to the severe weather, something happened to make my Internet die so right now I'm on campus.

Yesterday, [ profile] snahjerblah found a white hair. On my head. It's the family curse--we all gray early on my mother's side and while it may look elegant and refined on a tall, thin, elderly woman (my grandmother), looking piebald in my middle age would surely crack my mirror.

It's rather hard to update lj while in the confines of the 24-hour reading room about events that have already happened and, apparently, forgotten.

Oh, yesterday, half of my college town was without power and the McD's I work at was swamped. Every store at the U Mall was closed due to the electricity-loss and my nearby Safeway had to throw away all its (formerly) frozen goods and (formerly) fresh produce. People who were in there when it black out had to continue shopping by cell phone light. One of my co-workers this morning said manager and workers from the other, larger McD's in town had to be called. One man had the sole task of brewing pot after pot of coffee and I'm glad I wasn't scheduled yesterday. The Evil Manager was in charge during this rush.

So while I have no internet, I still have light and hot, running water, which the inhabitants of the apartment complex right next door do not, so I'm grateful.

Today is Mom's birthday, so I must remember to call home tonight.

I woke up today at 6:30 and tomorrow, and the following four days, I must awaken at 8:00. T^T
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I celebrate Christmas Eve with my father's relatives, so my uncle and aunt and cousins. This year, cousin K spent the holiday with S, his long-time, very awesome girlfriend. B, however, was there and conversation was interesting, jumping from B's nightmare of a suitemate to toilets in China and Vietnam. Random, but combined with the great food, I'd say this Christmas Eve was another success.

I'd also played some more Guitar Hero while visiting and I must say, I'm getting better! XD The terrible thing is that even now, as I listen to Christmas music on the radio, I keep on imagining the game. XDDD It really is addicting.
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Remember when I posted that photobucket and neopets can't be accessed on my laptop's Firefox browser? Well, now I discover that the same applies for and! *gnashes teeth* So I can't see the pretty that are [personal profile] maderr  and [personal profile] tygati 's self-published books! T^T

On a happier note, I let my family know I was considering a new laptop since three of the people I know had crashed their laptops recently, making me nervous about mine. Today, my father called to let me know about a Toshiba Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor with 160 gb memory and 2 gb RAM being on sale. [profile] snahjerblah 's snickerdoodle okayed the requirements--in fact, he asked my dad to buy one for him and he'd pay later--and right now, my dad should be browsing the store where hopefully, supplies have not yet ran out.

But with my browser problem, I can't see the product myself! I have crossed my fingers and am praying that I'll like the end product.

My grades are in and OMG SIGH OF RELIEF!

COM4Major Works of the Contemporary World: Literature of StruggleA-
ENL 110APrinciples of Literary Criticism: From Plato to NietzscheB
ENL 158BThe American Novel: 1900-PresentB
FRS 2Freshman Seminar: Film and the Unconscioustbc

ETA: Well, officedepot ran out of the Toshiba's the second choice Gateway was deemed too slow a CPU/processor, whatever that might mean, so Dad's going to wait until I come home on Saturday to go shopping or look through adds.


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