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The video speaks for itself.
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First, some link dumps:

The ideal casting of Avatar: The Last Airbender

See the effects of this generation's possessing mp3 players and iPods: a hearing test.

A comic describing the typical college student, newly graduated.

An neat-o retro dress I wish I could try on

This is a clearly biased source, but Arizona School Demands Black, Latino Students' Faces on Mural be Changed to White. Oh, Arizona, you're regressing. What was that thing called? Oh, yeah... The Civil Rights Movement!

And on a related note, what if the Winchester brothers were POC(people of color) and happened to have a case in Arizona?

Avatar: The Last Airbender not only was full of race fail and a terrible movie, but had a douchebag of a director who completely misses the whole point of the Race Fail activism.

More reasons why Twilight is made of fail, as if there weren't already enough. More also in the comments.

History shows homosexuality is not a product of these modern times.

She proves that the Governator shouldn't have pulled funding on education:

The Newsies dance to Bad Romance:

Super Junior promoting their country for the World Cup! And if this video shows the average, Korean people are gorgeous.

When watching this, I actually want a puppy just like this one!

I guess Dodge doesn't sell cars in Britain.

Would you slide if you saw this on you commute?

Music made by tools:

Perfect for those GIANT parking lots. Careful with the eggs though. And keep your eyes peeled around 1:25. ;)

Optical illusions are marvelous!

For the gamers out there, Mario made classy:

We all just need a little bit of love:
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A little bit of happy from worrying about post-grad plans and crunching deadlines for work:

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Just realized that the Holmes/Watson modern adaptation pops up in Psych and omg, if Shawn is Sherlock, the Lassiter must be Lestrade.

I, essentially, ship Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade.


And yet, I can't handle Gus!Watson because to me, he's the asexual straight man in both meanings!

On an irl note, went to the Spring Internship and Career Fair and out of the 50 people I talked to, only 3 had job openings for an English/Graphic Design major. One of the jobs was a secretarial-type position anyone with a brain could do. All they want are economists, scientists, and engineers!

The only redeeming factor were a few neat freebies I got. XD

Later tonight I saw a free screening of The Cove. It was after an hour's performance by Ernie Haltar (who sounds a lot better than his myspace live songs), who I drew from my spot halfway up the lecture hall while he strummed his guitar and sang. I think I'll scan it in and e-mail it to him as a thank you for showing up at my uni. He gave us a rundown of his near future plans and that man's racking up a TON Of frequent-flyer miles.

The Cove... I can't really describe it. It's a heart-rending documentary that had me in tears, fuming in rage, squeeing at the cuteness, gasping at the horror, and crying again in sheer happiness because the making of this documentary has already made a difference. I recommend it immensely! It was violent, but hugely eye-opening. It's not a movie for children who just want to see the pretty dolphins, okay?
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Awesome cutting and formatting work here:

Hm... I'm due for a rant sometime soon, aren't I? I haven't posted anything really meaningful recently.

But, oh well! On Sunday, a co-worker and I will watch How to Train a Dragon after a lunch of Thai and a stop at the local confectionery for FUDGE. With plans like this to look forward too, I'm feeling too good to rant.

The quarter's only started as well and every single class is fun and interesting! I'm doing well at work and while updating my resume so I could apply for that teaching ESL in Korea job, I've realized I've had enough jobs to merit a TWO-page resume! *beams*
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He gets it! Why can't the people for Prop 8 not?
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Guys, GUYS! Look what [ profile] blythely found!


Isn't it the most adorable, hottest, AND beautiful picture you've ever seen?


(btw, for those not keeping up with the winter olympics, these two are America's Johnny Weir and Switzerland's Stephane Lambiel)

They're practicing! For a routine in Russia or such like! <3

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Thanks to [ profile] thefourthvine for pointing me to this absolutely hilarious vid of Twilight, the movie that takes itself, and vampires, far, far too seriously. XDDD

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I haven't ranted about Taylor Swift yet, have I? After watching her music video for "You Belong to Me", I was spitting flames. "Love Story" was cute and I adored her dress, but the mutilation of the Shakespeare play was barely tolerable.

"You Belong to Me" is unrealistic and is a contradiction unto itself. Here she is, this "geek" (yes, because geeks have glowing make-up and artistically tousled blond hair) whose entire high school career is spent pining for the boy-next-door, who, besides being blandly cute, doesn't portray any appealing characteristics besides being a fit jock, proximity, and an inability to sense emotions and culminates on prom night. Never mind friends and college acceptance--dude, did you see her house? That's upper-upper middle class right there.

Yet, when she appears in a glowing white dress, like some demented Cinderella, and he immediately ignores his current girlfriend? And the "bitch" just takes it while geek and jock waltz? That's the whole basis of there relationship? That's how his "eyes are opened"? By seeing how pretty the girl-next-door can be? Her being herself isn't enough? WTF, mate?

This article sums up some more very salient points of contention: Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists, and Weirdos. AKA, Why TS Offends anyone with a brain and personality.

Some of my favorite quotes/summations:

  1. Rather than choosing an established/evolved talent (Beyoncé) or a revolutionary (Lady Gaga), the Grammys chose someone who, according to her lyrics, has spent her entire life waiting for phone calls and dreaming about horses and sunsets.

  2. Swift simply hasn’t had the life experience and doesn’t inherently possess the emotional maturity to create great art.

  3. Here’s the rub: actual freaks make really awesome music. It’s edgy and complicated and it comes from a yearning, desperate, mixed-up place where pain & happiness have existed in equal parts for almost entire lifetimes. It’s not safe or sexless — it’s ugly, hopeful danger.

Beyonce or Lady Gaga are so much more deserving of the award than this little pink princess. It's like a modern version of Barbie personified. All plastic illusions. I liked her songs for the sugary-fluff bits they are, but when that wins an award like album of the YEAR--NO. Just, no. None of her albums deserve to be identified as the BEST out this year. Not when Lady Gaga put out something so much more awesome and Beyonce has been churning out incredible songs year after year!

Ah... That felt good.

On the other hand, watch this awesome "Logorama", an animated short film by a French firm H5:

It's kinda awesome.
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Okay, seriously? This should NOT be seen in public as there are extremely suggestive and obviously sexual motions. And religious, which will DEFINITELY get someone's gander up if they're not open-minded.

Okay, I warned you and I'm too lazy to cut this, so if you click play without reading this, you reap the consequences.

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I don't know where [ profile] lemmealone got this, but it rocks. Like, a lot.

Also, also! [ profile] slashfest is opening for prompts tomorrow! <3
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[ profile] animama did it, and I was curious, so I did it too.

Googled the #1 Billboard song in my birthdate and it's one of my favorites!

I'm glad Guitar Hero ensures that the current generation won't forget it. ^____________^
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Never mind the creepy cockroach, I have grabbed this from [ profile] oldenuf2nb and it. Is. Awesome!

To those in the know--is this like, the official "I Gotta Feelin'" dance or something?

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Today, my friend took me to Cost Plus World Market to buy dinner ingredients and while searching for Pims (curse you, Savemart, for not carrying them anymore!), I found boxes of Quality Street.

I've read that epic AU Merlin fic where Merlin and company eat a LOT of Quality Street and after reading it, I googled that product and damn near drooled on my keyboard.

I did my happy dance in Cost Plus World Market.

My friend, a WOW-player who laughs at my Gaiaonline and yaoi, took several sloooow steps back. ;D

$7.99 for 9 ounces of sweets and now, I will eat THE GREEN TRIANGLE!



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GAIS! The SPECTACULAR, INCREDIBLY TALENTED, and MOST WONDERFUL [ profile] talitha78 (here of the Dom/Brian Mami and Papi, and the Here in Your Arms J2 vids) proves again why she is my absolute favorite vidder with this EPIC collage of the Sherlock Holmes movie footage. And even better? It's set to Adam Lambert's "Fever".


I'm totally downloading this.

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Omg, you guys--LOOK AT THIS!

Thank you so much, [ profile] dolimir_k for linking this.
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I'M not that coordinated NOW. This kid is going to be incredible when he grows older.
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New chapter of XXXHolic is awesome! We get to see Watanuki wearing another neat-o costume and this time, Doumeki looking all hawtly professional! <333

Now, why, oh why hasn't 07 Ghost been scanlated lately? T_T Is the manga-ka on a break or something?

Also, finally satisfied my years-long (I kid you not: 2) craving for good gingerbread by purchasing some of Tollhouse's pre-made dough and baking those suckers myself. Mmmmm--so soft and chewy! Just like gingerbread SHOULD be!

Killing too much needed time on
  1. A beat boxer that can't be beat

  2. Life on Earth is one big dog-eat-dog world

  3. The truth about universities that require advertisement

  4. Can Guitar Hero teach a kid to do THIS?

  5. The Waldo Ultimatum

  6. For those of you who, like me, can never make heads or tails of the typical rap song, here's a translation

  7. Like a college student's version of Kris Allen

  8. This is why I have a hard time believing a relationship is worth the fuss

  9. My high school valedictorian would NEVER have said this. NEVER.

  10. scary

  11. Ever realized the similarities of Wall-E, and I Am Legend?

And for any SPN Wincest writers who are currently lacking inspiration:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Dean protectin' Sammy? ;D
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One day, I'll tell my grandkids, "I learned more from than my four years in college" and it will be the absolute truth. XD

6 Life Saving Techniques From the Movies (That Can Kill You)

Also, for my Global Cities seminar, tonight's reading is this flash website on Parisville, the Invisible City by Latour and may I complain of bad Flash? My poor eyes! The speed at which the images bounce is strobe-like in effect. *weeps* I have to read 16 of these plans. My poor head.


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