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[ profile] animama did it, and I was curious, so I did it too.

Googled the #1 Billboard song in my birthdate and it's one of my favorites!

I'm glad Guitar Hero ensures that the current generation won't forget it. ^____________^
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Never mind the creepy cockroach, I have grabbed this from [ profile] oldenuf2nb and it. Is. Awesome!

To those in the know--is this like, the official "I Gotta Feelin'" dance or something?


Shock. Awe.

Jul. 6th, 2008 12:51 pm
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It IS possible to jump buildings in one leap. No wires, tricks. Just the incredible resilience and flexibility of the human body.


It's probably what was used in my favorite music video at the moment, Three Doors Down's It's Not My Time, which I saw a month ago.
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Yay! Technician van outside the apartment complex when I got off the bus today!

Besides this momentous news, today was also the first day of winter quarter. I had three classes today and I think I can handle my workload this quarter.

First was Spanish 1 at nine in the morning, meaning that I'll have to catch the 8:30 bus every morning for the next three months. The professor had lots of energy so despite the early hour, I think I'll stay awake throughout class. I was, however, expecting an actual professor and the woman who showed up was a grad student. I'm a little disappointed because the name on the register had great reviews on Then I found out that since I already have two years of high school Spanish under my belt, I can only take this class pass/no pass. Terrible, as my GPA could definitely use the A I could get. Since there's no letter grade, I'm going to concentrate more on my other classes and just make sure I don't get below a B here.

Next was English 137N with a professor who had just a hint of an Irish accent. He spoke rather fast though, and combined with the dim, warm room, I know that if I don't watch myself, I'll nod off. Today however, we watched a pretty cool music video the professor said illustrates Yeats' "Stolen Child" nicely. It was Sigur Ros's Glosoli. Haunting foreign music with spectacular scenery and some eerie, but gorgeous children.

Last, after a three hour wait, was English 46A where the professor read the entire syllabus aloud and gave us a twenty-minute briefing on the English language and the history of Great Britain. It appears that Anh, one of my high school friends is also taking this class, but since I was never really more than acquaintances with her, we didn't speak.

I'll have Spanish again tomorrow, then my first day in English 45. After that will be discussion sections for my lower division English classes and I'll be home free!

I'm currently doing my Spanish homework and before I sleep, get a head start on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. I hope you're working your butt off too, [ profile] darkestnight12, you with your piddling AP English and multitude of ART classes! Grrrr...

Edit: Nooooo! I was too late! By four minutes! Now I won't ever get my Harry Potter as James Bond fic! Nooooooo~~~! Curse the time zones! Curse theeeeeeemmmmm!

Copy+Paste my next chance at [ profile] slashfest...
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry Potter as James Bond! Draco Malfoy the mysterious femme fatale! Hermione or Ron as M or Q(the guy with the cool gadgets if I got the name wrong)! Harry's top, please and bonus points if Ginny's the villain.

Well, there's always next year... T_T Then, I will also request PotC with Norrington and Gillete. LMGriffin's spoiled me.
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So I was walking several feet away from the [profile] snahjerblah  and her "snickerdoodle" and was bored. When I'm bored and comfortable outside, I made up words to a song consisting of the same little piece of music/rythym/style.

On the other hand, I got some really cute christmas cards that were on sale at the MU! If I have enough stamps, I'll actually be sending out christmas cards this year. Hopefully, it's still not too late to start mailing them now.


Dec. 6th, 2007 03:58 am
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I love Offenbach's works. I'm currently listening to Jacques Offenbach's La Belle Hélène: Overture (played by Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) on the NYT radio right now, and it's doing a wonderful job of keeping me awake.

Much find downloads when I've time.


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