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First, some link dumps:

The ideal casting of Avatar: The Last Airbender

See the effects of this generation's possessing mp3 players and iPods: a hearing test.

A comic describing the typical college student, newly graduated.

An neat-o retro dress I wish I could try on

This is a clearly biased source, but Arizona School Demands Black, Latino Students' Faces on Mural be Changed to White. Oh, Arizona, you're regressing. What was that thing called? Oh, yeah... The Civil Rights Movement!

And on a related note, what if the Winchester brothers were POC(people of color) and happened to have a case in Arizona?

Avatar: The Last Airbender not only was full of race fail and a terrible movie, but had a douchebag of a director who completely misses the whole point of the Race Fail activism.

More reasons why Twilight is made of fail, as if there weren't already enough. More also in the comments.

History shows homosexuality is not a product of these modern times.

She proves that the Governator shouldn't have pulled funding on education:

The Newsies dance to Bad Romance:

Super Junior promoting their country for the World Cup! And if this video shows the average, Korean people are gorgeous.

When watching this, I actually want a puppy just like this one!

I guess Dodge doesn't sell cars in Britain.

Would you slide if you saw this on you commute?

Music made by tools:

Perfect for those GIANT parking lots. Careful with the eggs though. And keep your eyes peeled around 1:25. ;)

Optical illusions are marvelous!

For the gamers out there, Mario made classy:

We all just need a little bit of love:
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Okay, so I haven't posted anything substantial in the past two months or so and it's because my life has just been that incredible busy.

Early June:
  • Finals

  • Finishing up my last quarter of undergrad

  • Taking care of financial aid (which I'm STILL not finished with)

  • Finding work in the summer

  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

  • Graduating


So yeah, I'm the proud owner of two Bachelors of Arts; one in English, and one in Design.

Late June-Early July:
  • TAing for DES 117, a web design course

  • Logo clean up for the Yolo County Visitor's Bureau (unpaid)

  • Scrambling to create a departmental brochure, conference program, and flyer for Food Science when no one would e-mail me back in time or kept sending me corrections after corrections from the copy THEY gave me

The last one I did for $8.50 an hour, the university so takes advantage of its student assistants and has caused me the most grief. I even worked through a weekend vacation with my family to Lake Tahoe, that was how tight this project was. Honestly, I asked in early June, May even, if there were any projects and they slam this all at me late June and it's needed for the IFT conference this past weekend. Design should be made at the drop of a hat, my God!

But the whole reason I got off my butt and posted pertains to
  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

because guess what? I GOT IT! I'm going to go to Korea (South, needless to say) for a year in testing my teaching abilities. Salary is a modest $2k per month, but housing is included and I never had a chance to study abroad. In addition, this ESL job will help me learn whether teaching is a possible career for me.

Of course, I only found this out yesterday and that I'll be leaving the States August 17th. This means giving my notice to two of my obligations, clean and move out of apartment, and pack for it. I need to get a laptop with video capabilities (Skype! and sys reqs for CS5) and maybe a new camera as my point-and-shoot is about 5-years-old. Any one ever been there and have suggestions and/or advice for this Asian American, recent college graduate girl? I normally find lectures tolerable at best, but any ranting/essays you have would be awesome!

To DO:
  • Finished 27 sketches to be finalized for a small company

  • Finish laying out health journal issue

  • Call Aunt L for advice on airfare from SFO to ICN

  • Eat all the food in fridge and freezer

  • Go see Inception and/or Toy Story 3

  • Aforementioned stuff about apartment

  • Wait for contract/info packet and then apply for E2 visa
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It's just a list.  )
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Not just fanfiction--published stuff! All m/m of course. *g*

Josh Lanyon's Adrien English omnibus. LooseID. Argh! Read the "After Series" interview Lanyon had with the main characters and it was so depressing, I'm striking this. T_T I'm a romantic at heart and while the ending wasn't the typical "happily ever after", I WANT that type of ending in anything I'm actually paying money for. T^T

Er... Nightrunner. Who wrote it? Trilogy. Fantasy.

Kirby Crow's Scarlett and the White Wolf. Trilogy, only as eBook. Fantasy. Hee, blonde top, brunette bottom? Maybe? <3

Elisa Viperas's Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More. Torn because, who does he end up with? I'm hoping for the cliche answer--it's the adviser. But, only one novel! Ugly cover art b/c only offered as eBook ($4).

Jet Mykles's Heaven Sent Just Heaven and Purgatory, though. Art by PL Nunn! >.< ($12.82 print omnibus) Excerpts match the title. Maybe Faith from the series as well.

Emily Veinglory's The Wicca Man: Tongue-Tied Only first in series. ebook only. HOT excerpt.
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Bone folder
Book on how to make pop-ups (?)
Brush case/protector
Mat board (large $7)



Dec. 16th, 2007 10:38 pm
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I read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi for my COM 4 class and the movie's out! I watched the commercial and OMG, this may be one novel adaptation that the entertainment industry might not have slaughtered! Then again, I think the film's independent and it IS based on a graphic novel, so the images should have guides. I can't wait! >.<

Another Batman movie is in the works! The Dark Night hasn't a very clear trailer yet, but it's Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman, and it's BATMAN, so pleasepleaseplease be good.

Alvin and the Chipmunks seem to be a sweet view, if not very plot-based. Then again, adorable animations of talking chipmunks, which is only one step away from Disney, so...

Has anyone watched August Rush already? I'm a sucker for amazing children, even though the plot's not plausible at all and Robin Williams plays some sort of stereotypical country music star character.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! Veggie Tales! Afkrdnakajf!!!11!!1!

Wall-E looked very sweet, too. If the directors live up to their reputation, I'm definitely seeing it. Forget about chick flicks, I go for action and children's fluff. XD

Also, on a less related topic, I'm thinking of buying a new laptop. I'm getting more and more afraid that this one will just not allow me to log in one day.


Dec. 5th, 2007 08:45 pm
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A list of things I must eventually get.

External hard drive (to back-up 13GB of music/pictures)
New headphones
Dust remover spray

When I go home for break, must remember to get:
More fresh garlic
fresh rosemary
those floss replacements for the toothbush-like flosser
portable lotion bottles for the backpacks
new bottle of facial cleanser
lab notebook for [ profile] snahjerblah's snickerdoodle

My Music

Jan. 18th, 2007 11:25 am
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More for my own use than anything else... Music artists that I like.

The List )
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So the Cool Cindi assigned me the "G"...

1. Great America (Good memories: esp. Physics Day)

2. Good Charlotte (The band, not the book. The band, not the book.)

3. Gelato (That yummy, yummy ice cream-once-removed: mango and lemonchello!)

4. Gerald Morris (Author of some awesome Arthurian fiction)

5. Gaara of Sabaku (Naruto character)

6. Gingerbread--the hard type/Gingersnaps (Food I'm currently craving)

7. Granny Weatherwax (I bow to the greatness that is Terry Pratchett)

8. Gifts (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! Kudos to anyone who recognizes this!)

9. Gentry, Vanessa (BF since 8th grade! *sob* Berkeley is soooo far away!)

10. Gackt (I like his clothes... He's perhaps one of the only men who can look good in a dress besides Hero and Hee-chul. Thanks, Vanessa, Yen.)

Yes, it is sad that my list consists mostly of material things and certain people who don't exist...


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