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Hope everyone online had a wonderful Christmas and is still feeling the holiday cheer!

Over in Korea, a group of friends in my area (Gil-dong in Gangdong-gu) arranged a potluck and a Yankee Swap. On Christmas Eve, I watched Gremlins and Die Hard 1 with a few friends in my officetel. John McClane's reputation is deserved and I felt more stupid people should've died in the other movie. My Christmas morning went like this:
  • 3:oo am - go to sleep

  • 11:00 am - wake up XD

  • 12:30 pm - hop onto subway

  • 1:00 pm - after one transfer, arrive at Costco

  • 1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm - Wait 30 mins for 2 rotisserie chickens, hunt down the marshmallows so a friend could make her candied yams, and grab 4 bottles of sparkling cider. As this is Korea, everything ended up 37,000 won, and the marshmallows were the most expensive

  • 2:30 pm - drop off foodstuffs, grab my gift for the Swap

  • 2:45 pm - open the cider, relax/convo/games/carols with good friends

The next day was Christmas for the West Coast in the States, so I Skyped home and ended up watching presents get opened, spoke the most Chinese I'd ever spoken in 5 years with my grandparents, and enviously watched my sister eat three kinds of dessert. It was roughly 4 hours and for the family Christmas picture, my sister held her laptop up while I looked a the camera through my laptop camera and smiled hard enough for my cheeks to hurt. Who needs care packages when it's obvious I'm loved? <3

The next day, I found out my friend who I was going to spend my vacation in Tokyo from Jan 22~ Feb 2 with had to use her vacation funds for a family emergency and would not be going with me. Still ridiculously happy, but now worrying a bit how I might navigate the Tokyo subway by myself. XD

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year!
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First, some link dumps:

The ideal casting of Avatar: The Last Airbender

See the effects of this generation's possessing mp3 players and iPods: a hearing test.

A comic describing the typical college student, newly graduated.

An neat-o retro dress I wish I could try on

This is a clearly biased source, but Arizona School Demands Black, Latino Students' Faces on Mural be Changed to White. Oh, Arizona, you're regressing. What was that thing called? Oh, yeah... The Civil Rights Movement!

And on a related note, what if the Winchester brothers were POC(people of color) and happened to have a case in Arizona?

Avatar: The Last Airbender not only was full of race fail and a terrible movie, but had a douchebag of a director who completely misses the whole point of the Race Fail activism.

More reasons why Twilight is made of fail, as if there weren't already enough. More also in the comments.

History shows homosexuality is not a product of these modern times.

She proves that the Governator shouldn't have pulled funding on education:

The Newsies dance to Bad Romance:

Super Junior promoting their country for the World Cup! And if this video shows the average, Korean people are gorgeous.

When watching this, I actually want a puppy just like this one!

I guess Dodge doesn't sell cars in Britain.

Would you slide if you saw this on you commute?

Music made by tools:

Perfect for those GIANT parking lots. Careful with the eggs though. And keep your eyes peeled around 1:25. ;)

Optical illusions are marvelous!

For the gamers out there, Mario made classy:

We all just need a little bit of love:
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I have nothing creative to offer on behalf of April Fool's.

Welll... I had garlic mashed potatoes with Spam for dinner, does that count?
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This Open Letter to Conservatives includes many links and actions I've seen true to many Republicans in the news.

Now I'm wondering, will any conservative blogger retaliate with a similar list to their political opponents?

Read a few particulars on the newly passed health bill and as a new-grad very unsure about her chances of getting a good job with benefits, I'm extremely relieved about the raising of the dependent children's age from 18 to 27. Hopefully, by 25, I'll be settled enough to not need it.
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I have no clue what's going on--is this an anime to be released, an anime that HAS been released, or just an over-the-top promotion of what I KNOW is a DS game?

I don't know, but the graphics are lovely, and the voice-work for it even more so. <3


On an rl matter, I, Jo, am incredibly stupid and thanks to a combination of procrastination, misremembering of due dates, my mother had to intervene and call citibank so I don't loose $48.

*slams head repeatedly onto wall*

Also, I just plugged in my laptop to charge and the battery icon, instead of filling like a status bar, has a red "x" over it and when I click for more information, it tells me to consider replacing my battery and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly".

omg, how am I supposed to take notes in English? Hopefully, as long it it's plugged in, my laptop won't die one me. I've barely had this thing for a year! T_T
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My current angst, now that I know I'll have no problems finishing my dual English and Design-visual communication Bachelors, is WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER? The majority of the verbal freaking out and physical panic has receded to a deep-seated dread and uncertainty: what if my decision turns out to be the WRONG ONE? As such, I've been bothering all my relatives, professors, friends, people who I end up talking to in line at grocery stores for advice, opinions, and their personal experiences post-college.

I have two major routes to choose from: should I teach English abroad for a year, or move back home and look for work as a graphic designer? Note that I'll be doing the latter no matter when--teaching abroad will only be a year.

See, the issue at hand is that I did not realize that there was an Education minor until too late to actually take it and my grades aren't pure enough to enter grad school for the Master's in it. Also, illogical children baffle me for all their cuteness and I had no illusions about myself as a teenager, so a teacher for life I am not.

Why, you might ask, would I consider teaching abroad then?

It'll only be a year, including a 6 week summer break, and I'm torn between South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong. I'm wondering if my inability to interact with children extends to ALL of them and if cultural backgrounds really make any difference.

I've also never been outside of the States, and a week-long vacation isn't the kind of experience I'm yearning for. I want to experience another country in all its aspects, which means interacting with people beyond the level of a tourist asking for help, and I want to be able to take as long as I'd like. I want to experience life as how a native of the country might, which means a job and all the little things about daily life that no one truly pays attention to until they undergo it themselves.

Teaching will not be my life's vocation, so in my free time, I'll still be working on my portfolio, maybe try to freelance work overseas, or see if the language barrier will be an immovable obstacle for design work in which ever country I end up. Of course, no matter where I am, I always observe color, form, and function. If I go to Seoul or Taiwan, I would go with a designer's perspective of the environment. What influence might a foreign culture's design work have on my own?

Or would it be better to immediately begin job searching for designer positions after school, when my connections with professors and friends are still fresh? Especially as I'm not the most social creature?

Teaching abroad means another year of job security as I'll be applying through Teach Away Inc, with estimated salaries of approximately 2k a month. In this economy, that's a truly lovely thing. But after that year, will the job scarcity have improved any? Or would I just be an out-of-touch graduate competing with recent design students just as desperate for work? Would my foreign experience count for anything?


If I DON'T teach abroad, I'll be moving back home and looking for design work in the Bay Area. Or else, since my mother has not stopped urging me, attending a master's program of some sort for graphic design. If I apply and am accepted.

I'm twenty-one, and I don't feel like an adult at all. Ninety percent of my life has consisted of schooling and I've never been independent from my family. Would teaching for a year in another country be away for me to grow up? Should I force myself out of my comfort zone... For a whole year?
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Yesterday, I was doing my laundry around midnight. When I went to take it out of the dryer, the dryer was empty and I went to sleep depressed and curious: why would anyone want to steal my spring wardrobe? Out on a limb--perhaps it was a mistake and they returned everything to the laundry room?--I returned there in the morning. And realized that some bastard or bitch had taken offense of my 5-minute-tardiness in taking out my clothes for everything was on the ground outside the window. There was dirt, pebbles, and a freaking SPIDER in my formerly clean laundry. All I cam hope is for karma.

On a similarly disheartening note, I have many, many deadlines next week. On Monday, I have a CSS/coding/internet protocol quiz, a short history paper, and a longer English paper due. On Wednesday, I have a history final, a web site redesign final project, and a huge English paper due. On Thursday, I have TWO huge design projects due. Let's see... That makes EIGHT deadlines in FOUR days. Kill me now?

On a more entertaining, completely unrelated note, I have gained a new 'ship! Hurrah for the awesomeness of Sulu/Chekov-love! Too bad I won't be able to really explore this pairing until after this week. T^T

Oh, and I was rejected from a job and club officer position these past few days too.


Apr. 28th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Time spent on campus: 8 am to 9 pm.

Food eaten: three hard candies, a cinnamon-raisin bagel with pesto cream cheese, and six stale gummi bears.

Still to do: study for history midterm, grade several papers
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Got my absentee ballot in the mail today and OMG, there's so many THINGS to vote for! People who I've never heard of for issues I didn't even know were raised! I have so much researching to do--it'd be pretty stupid of me to vote purely by party, wouldn't it? About the only things I'm sure about is NO on Prop 8 and Obama/Biden for president. *clutches head* No WONDER some people won't vote at ALL--it's pretty scary and intimidating. And strangely enough, pretty with all the blue, purple, and white. XD

On a lesser note, ANOTHER fandom! I finally caved from lack of any good fic to read and read [ profile] astrolat's David Cook RPS fic. I read all five, I think of them, promptly watched the accompanying video for one of them (which is a WORK OF ART, okay? The graphic designer in my is despairing), joined [ profile] cookleta, and am now, instead of going to slept like the sane, am REREADING one of them. *facepalms*

Hee, high note of the day--my fictional time writing exercise for my lower div English class got read aloud by the T.A. and she praised me for choosing it as opposed to fictional place, which everyone else had done. Plus, get this, I hadn't even properly finished it! XD

Note from yesterday: At my shift tonight, I managed to get a $250 pledge! \O/ Of course, fulfillment is another thing, but \O/. I love this job so much more than the McD's one. *happy sigh*
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My sister, my dad, and I paused in watching Casino Royale just in time to catch the 20 seconds before the ball drop.

So this year, I resolve to

1. Finish at least ONE of the what seems like several hundred little pieces of original fiction I've started in the past year.

2. Get my sleeping habits back on track.

3. Get an internship.

4. Raise my GPA past 3.0

Of course, these aren't in order of priority. XD
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It's my second day in the weirdly windy city of Los Angeles, and so far, all I've done with my family is it. This post is essentially a place holder one, for the full update will have PICTURES! Yes, I actually bought the camera with me to this trip and took some pictures! XDDD

First day, after a six-hour drive where we passed through a mountain range where there was sprinkling snow, we dumped luggage at the Hilton in San Gabriel and went out for fried fish with some of Mom's friends. One of them brought along her 7-year-old daughter Hai Ling and afterwards, us kids were dropped off at the hotel with a large mango pudding (con frutas) while the adults left for an evening of leisure with some cheap (relative to the ones in our hometown, of course) massagers. Dad said the treatment caused more pain than relief from it, but Mom protests. Says the pain is PART of the treatment.

Second day, today actually, I woke up grumpy since I did not look forward to eating fried fish again and my mother planned for us to eat Vietnamese cuisine the entire time we visited. The little things in life I usually ignore than only caused my irritation to grow. After a good nap while Mom's friend drove us to Santa Ana (Santana?) for lunch, my mood lightened, and after discovering that each of the four or so restaurants they all tried were still closed for the holidays and getting a good laugh from that, my mood turned good. The clincher was when our final restaurant, Favori, also served French cuisine. With Hai Ling along and wanting noodles, I got my non-Asian food craving satisfied.

I'm currently updating from Hai Ling's mother's office computer, so I probably won't be back until the end of December and I shudder (whether in joy or in horror, I can't say for sure) at how much of my flist I will have to get caught up on.

So, while I'm still here, Happy New Year's one and all! <333
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'Twas a good and bad Christmas. It was great to see the family again, and little cousin A's cuter than ever! The food was great, especially my Aunt L's mocha mousse and lemon cupcakes. We spent a lot of time with family pictures in front of the tree, and hopefully, I'll look good for once. Presents were, of course, wonderful. I got some money, chocolate, crackers, headphones, a candle, a Puma messenger bag, and a B&N gift card.

The downside was the headache that reappeared half-way through the celebrations and when cousin A discovered the toy drum Aunt L had gotten her.

Tomorrow, we head to LA.
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My head feels like a rather over-filled water balloon. I suspect that if I don't move carefully enough, it shall fall off my neck and splash all over the kitchen tiles.

Last night, I had uncontrollable shivers for who-knows-how-long despite being wrapped in two thick blankets. It made for some very interesting dreams and an early wake up at 7:30 for orange juice. I only pray that my taste buds still function for tonight's Christmas feast and that I don't look how I feel. 'Tis the time of year for family photos, unfortunately.

I will now toddle off to pack for that four day family trip down to LA my mother planned. Hopefully the two Tylenol I took take effect soon and the cold will not persist during my vacation.
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I celebrate Christmas Eve with my father's relatives, so my uncle and aunt and cousins. This year, cousin K spent the holiday with S, his long-time, very awesome girlfriend. B, however, was there and conversation was interesting, jumping from B's nightmare of a suitemate to toilets in China and Vietnam. Random, but combined with the great food, I'd say this Christmas Eve was another success.

I'd also played some more Guitar Hero while visiting and I must say, I'm getting better! XD The terrible thing is that even now, as I listen to Christmas music on the radio, I keep on imagining the game. XDDD It really is addicting.
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Tom and Jerry anthropomorphied (is that even a word? XD)! One of my major kinks is love/hate relationships, so the classic cat versus mouse stereotype is right up my alley. Picture this, Tom and Jerry have been next-door neighbors since the dawn of time and have been enemies for about just as long. Tom's born of a privileged family while Jerry's not even upper middle class. Tom's a methodical person with set ways and Jerry's erratic thinking and sense of humor irritates him. Jerry, born in a large but happy family does not understand how Tom can be so satisfied with what he sees as an unfulfilling life. The story starts with the boys first year in college, in majors that are polar opposites of each other. Tom's slated for biochemical engineering and one of a legacy while Jerry's a fine arts and English double major and the first in his family to attend college. Tom's already in a frat (which means some research on my part since I've no clue about how frats or sororities work) but Jerry's stuck with his crowded dorm. Both boys are popular in their respective ways, but Tom, like the cat he's based on, is more aloof. I'm sure this is not even borderline Harlequin cliche, but it all fits so perfectly and it's slashed!

Like all great love/hate relationships something drastic has to happen for the boys to see each other as potential love interests. I'm thinking about the typical family emergency/death, holiday blues, tutoring, or just locking the boys up together in a deserted lab.

On a wholly different topic, I know one of my managers at McD's dislikes me, at worst, or thinks I'm some sort of clumsy buffoon at best. Whenever I'm not doing anything, she sends me on extraneous chores while the other two workers get to hang around talking with her. In Spanish. It feels like she's playing favorites and I've never felt like such an inadequate person with any of the other managers. I do know what I'm doing since I have been working at McD's for almost half a year! She's always telling me what to do, even when I'm already starting it or am obviously in the middle of working on something else. For example, I'm cleaning trays and she tells me to restock. If she'd let me finish, I would've done it without any reminding needed! Also, whenever I'm in the back fetching more supplies for the front and a customer shows up, rather than just handling them herself, she calls for me, even when it's apparent that she has nothing to do!

One of the other, kinder managers have quite since he plans to restart school after Christmas break, but he's the one who usually manages the single weekend morning shift I do when school's in session. I'm praying that W's not the one who'll replace him. N's cool, but he does Saturdays while I usually do Sundays. I'm hoping for C, at least, for even though she likes to keep me busy too, she's loads nicer about it. Yesterday, I fell into a sort of blue funk after W made me feel more insufficient than I already did. I sleep four hours right after work, woke for about another five hours, and then slept for another 5 hours. This morning, I still felt tired.

Moving onto another topic, (yes, this post makes up for the previous two days) remember that little writing request I put up last month? Maybe not, since it was so long ago, but [ profile] lilian_cho and [ profile] darkestnight12 voted for #2 and I've handwritten a few pages! I'll need to type it up and reviser it, but there's progress!
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So [ profile] snahjerblah is preparing her snickerdoodle for Chem 2a next quarter. As such, their conversations nowadays involve many chem references.

"So, if you were on the dating scene, what you rather be? A proton, electron, or neutron?"

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Remember when I posted that photobucket and neopets can't be accessed on my laptop's Firefox browser? Well, now I discover that the same applies for and! *gnashes teeth* So I can't see the pretty that are [personal profile] maderr  and [personal profile] tygati 's self-published books! T^T

On a happier note, I let my family know I was considering a new laptop since three of the people I know had crashed their laptops recently, making me nervous about mine. Today, my father called to let me know about a Toshiba Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor with 160 gb memory and 2 gb RAM being on sale. [profile] snahjerblah 's snickerdoodle okayed the requirements--in fact, he asked my dad to buy one for him and he'd pay later--and right now, my dad should be browsing the store where hopefully, supplies have not yet ran out.

But with my browser problem, I can't see the product myself! I have crossed my fingers and am praying that I'll like the end product.

My grades are in and OMG SIGH OF RELIEF!

COM4Major Works of the Contemporary World: Literature of StruggleA-
ENL 110APrinciples of Literary Criticism: From Plato to NietzscheB
ENL 158BThe American Novel: 1900-PresentB
FRS 2Freshman Seminar: Film and the Unconscioustbc

ETA: Well, officedepot ran out of the Toshiba's the second choice Gateway was deemed too slow a CPU/processor, whatever that might mean, so Dad's going to wait until I come home on Saturday to go shopping or look through adds.
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1. Starbuck's Pumpkin spice latte does NOT taste anything at all like pumpkin. Not even pumpkin's distant cousin.

2. When toasting a Starbuck's pumpkin scone, do NOT put it on the toasting rack without aluminium foil. The icing WILL melt and while the blue flames are very nice to look at, setting off the fire alarm is NOT fun and cleaning the convenience oven will take chemical aide.

3. Do NOT attempt to open the bus doors with one foot while juggling a bag full of textbooks in one hand and a cup full of hot coffee in the other. You WILL slip and only pure luck and a good pair of shoes will keep you from a painful and embarrassing fall.

That is all.
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So I was walking several feet away from the [profile] snahjerblah  and her "snickerdoodle" and was bored. When I'm bored and comfortable outside, I made up words to a song consisting of the same little piece of music/rythym/style.

On the other hand, I got some really cute christmas cards that were on sale at the MU! If I have enough stamps, I'll actually be sending out christmas cards this year. Hopefully, it's still not too late to start mailing them now.
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I'm working every day this week except Tuesday, and already my feet are sore. It's a terrible irony that I wake at noon for school and 6:30 am for work. XD

Today, a man ordered 120 double cheeseburgers and 50 small fries. Apparently, he had 60 men working on a project near our location. It took us almost an hour to get all the food out! Plus, it was way busier than usual.

I do not look forward to the rest of this week despite the meager money I'll make. My hair's all icky and it's so cold in the morning!

Argh, argh, argh; what was I thinking?

Oh, yeah. Money. XDDD


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