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He gets it! Why can't the people for Prop 8 not?
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I'M not that coordinated NOW. This kid is going to be incredible when he grows older.
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New chapter of XXXHolic is awesome! We get to see Watanuki wearing another neat-o costume and this time, Doumeki looking all hawtly professional! <333

Now, why, oh why hasn't 07 Ghost been scanlated lately? T_T Is the manga-ka on a break or something?

Also, finally satisfied my years-long (I kid you not: 2) craving for good gingerbread by purchasing some of Tollhouse's pre-made dough and baking those suckers myself. Mmmmm--so soft and chewy! Just like gingerbread SHOULD be!

Killing too much needed time on
  1. A beat boxer that can't be beat

  2. Life on Earth is one big dog-eat-dog world

  3. The truth about universities that require advertisement

  4. Can Guitar Hero teach a kid to do THIS?

  5. The Waldo Ultimatum

  6. For those of you who, like me, can never make heads or tails of the typical rap song, here's a translation

  7. Like a college student's version of Kris Allen

  8. This is why I have a hard time believing a relationship is worth the fuss

  9. My high school valedictorian would NEVER have said this. NEVER.

  10. scary

  11. Ever realized the similarities of Wall-E, and I Am Legend?

And for any SPN Wincest writers who are currently lacking inspiration:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Dean protectin' Sammy? ;D


Dec. 13th, 2006 06:39 am
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(O.o )
(> < )

Ain't the bunny cute?
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Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?



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