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Coming home on the G when I found out my 11 o'clock class was canceled, the bus driver was a trainee on his debut. Believe me when I said I was almost as nervous as the poor boy.

First, when pulling up to the stop sign, he stopped too far behind the line. Then he forgot to let the bus before him at the second stop sign go before he entered the same zone.

Then, pulling out of the campus, he accelerated too fast and had to slam on the brakes. The three veteran drivers up front (one was his guide, the other two friends of the guide) helpfully told him that the new buses accelerated faster and to treat the bus like a car. It was at this point that another passenger a little further away but still within hearing distance crossed herself with a grin.

After that, the second stop in, the trainee pulled in too close to the curb and the guide had to caution him about cars parked in front of the stop. "When there are cars, make sure you don't pull all the way to the curb. Otherwise, you'll destroy cars pulling out. It's okay to take over half the bike lane in those cases. Once, someone pulling out raked a car with the rear doors and the university had to pay for the damage, people couldn't get out, and the driver was put on accident probation."

One of the guide's friends piped up, "Safety first!" and I saw several passengers who had not really been paying attention until this point stare, wide-eyed at the front.

Then the guide said, "Yeah, safety first. Especially with these 3,500 dollar vehicles." I was O.o I'm SURE that reassured the trainee very much.

I was highly relieved once my stop arrived, but my near-death experience does not end here! No, while crossing the street, I almost got run over. It was no fault of the car's. My hair had gotten into my face thanks to the wind and I couldn't really see around the bulk of the bus. Thankfully, the car had slowed down, having seen me or was prepared for pedestrians. Whew.

Going back to my canceled class, I wonder if it's because my professor's wife was due! >.< On our first lecture Monday, he told us that we could have our cell phones since his was on too, but only if our circumstances were like his and we had spouses expecting any day.


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