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So I FINALLY got around to printing my free birthday scoop coupon for Baskin' Robbins at work, since I don't have a printer at home, but when I got of the bus and walked the walk, the store was dark, the doors wired shut: they had closed up shop permanently. T_T I'd also printed out three of the $1 off Cappuccino shakes. They're all absolutely useless now. Not to mention, the two "free pints for a pint of blood" I have from some blood drives. I'll probably ask my parents when they come up to drive me down town to cash them in. If I take the bus, I'll come home with a pint of sweet soup. XD

On another rl note, [ profile] snahjerblah has moved out, though her name's still on the lease as she looks for her replacement. The apartment looks so much larger and emptier now! The bathroom is practically bare of all things! Except for some Nyquill, which I think she left behind 'cause I've never used that brand in my entire life before. She also forgot her toaster and for some reason, one of her soup bowls. Where on Earth could a soup bowl be if not the cabinets or the drying rack?

There's been some responses to the Craig's List post she put up and I must remember to interview these people. They need to tell me why they're looking for housing a bare week before the new school year begins, bring at least one reference who isn't family, agree to my "no pets, no boyfriend without warning" rule, and be willing to share the living room and bedroom due to crappy wireless. Then there's the issue of formalizing it with the apartment management, getting some kind of safety deposit, changing the internet from [ profile] snahjerblah's name to mind, and slowly moving some of my stuff back home. All this on top of finalizing my schedule for the fall.

There's a fashion illustration class that I've been absolutely DYING to take, but even though I'm already registered for it, my advisor informed me that there are THREE (enormously stupid) graduating seniors who need the class for their majors. As the class limit is 22 or so and isn't required for my major, there's a strong possibility I'll be booted off. I don't want to drop it without attending at least the first day--maybe other people might have dropped out? I'm a senior too! T_T I don't know my chances of getting into this class in the next two quarters because there's a possibility of time clashes for the remaining three design classes that I need for my major. T^T

Still, at least I got into the English class I wanted: ENL 149--Homosexuality in Literature. *fistpump*

On a Gaia-related note, I've opened an art shop!

I'm currently obsessed with this song and kind of wary of it. When V was visiting this past weekend, they enlightened me that many of the songs I like to sing along with are filled with innuendos. It was also that same weekend where we went for Italian in celebration of my b-day/V's last day in town and I discovered that sourdough bread with olive oil is DELICIOUS. I love it so much, I went to Savemart and brought a loaf today since I couldn't have my Pistachio scoop.

Heh, at the urging of the same two friends, I also got a cocktail called Celeste, a mixture of Irish creme, blueberry vodka, and chocolate, with my pasta. I hate vodka with a passion ever since my parents went to happy hour at an Embassy Suite and took one of everything back to our room. I'd hoped everything else would change it, but no, I wasted $9 on something that tastes like the dentist would give you. In the end, my friends told me to start small, with wine coolers. I've already tried beer, vodka, rum, champagne, wine and tequila. I could only tolerate the champagne. I'm interested in trying port, brandy, amaretto, and gin, hoping that at least one of them will be tolerable.

On a fandom related note, I have recently reignited my passion for Jeeves and Wooster fic thanks to [ profile] triedunture recent swag of great fic. I have also... *pauses for dramatic effect* ...DISCOVERED A NEW FANDOM.

OMG, y'all need to check out Generation Kill. It's a HBO mini-series based on a book of the same title that takes place during the first Iraq war in 2003. It's about the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, who are the Marine's version of the Navy SEALS. As in, some very hot, very capable men and in particular their commander, Nathaniel Fick (who has also written his own book!) and Sergent Brad Colbert. The latter's nickname is "Iceman" and looks like a modern day Viking. Or he's played by an actor who looks like one anyway. XD [ profile] hackthis has written a whole SLEW of stupendous AU fic, but the one that got me into this in the first place was [ profile] tevere's Sixteen Days in September, also an AU. [ profile] romanticalgirl, [ profile] shoshannagold, [ profile] sparky77, and [ profile] alethialia have also written great fic.

So, uh. Rambling post is rambling? ^^;;
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I am a design major, yes? I work with layout and type, yes? I use COMPUTER programs like Adobe Photoshop, okay? Why, why, oh WHY does this HISTORY of Western Textiles class REQUIRE me to make a bloody QUILT? And out of USED textiles, by God! How on Earth is a VISUAL COMMUNICATION major supposed to find this stuff? I can't even hem a PILLOW CASE and now they want me to learn how to applique, piercing, and trapunto? I don't even RECOGNIZE those words!

I'm wigging out and crying hopelessly right now. I don't need this stress in what's supposed to be a LECTURE class! I'm already taking TWO other studios! And ANOTHER history class. T^T

You can bet I'll be waiting outside the design advisers' office first thing tomorrow morning hoping to drop.


Jan. 4th, 2009 05:45 pm
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I just logged onto my uni-mail after a two-week vacation, and they're offering a class I thought I would have to take during summer session one during spring quarter! That means I can either do an internship or travel abroad during the summer instead! Question is, which one in the long term would benefit me? T^T Decisions, decisions.

Travel abroad would mean England, or somewhere in Europe for English classes and it costs money, but the exotic! The chance to visit somewhere outside of the US for the first time!

But internships, either a teaching one or a graphic design one if I get accepted after applying, would look really awesome on my resume after I graduate and I wouldn't have to wait until the summer after my senior year to do it...

*sigh* Should I be responsible or selfish? Is it really a choice? -_____-
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Anyone remember that professor who's very unclear expectations I've been ranting all quarter about? He gave my final project a SIXTY-EIGHT out of ONE HUNDRED!!! T^T I've been scoring near perfect in everything else except for ONE POP QUIZ. This brought my A to a B+. This is DESIGN ONE, the most into class of all intro classes! T^T

On the other hand, that Spanish 3 class I thought I'd be lucky to get even a C- in? I got a beautiful, beautiful B-! <333
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Today was the second session of my ART 2 and a girl who'd miss the first day showed up. I really, really wish she would just leave. She sets herself up right between my friend and I without a "by your leave" and then proceeds to spend the entire session checking her phone--even answering it while the professor was lecturing! Then, during the exercises, she would disregard instructions and finish every piece in the most infuriatingly half-hearted way. She had the gall to put her head on the table and go to sleep when she finished much quicker than she should've! It was timed, blind (she looked) contour drawing. Why is she taking this class? Why did she have to sit next to me? Why, oh why can she not just take a hike?

On another note, it turns out those recent fires in California are only about a half hour's drive from my campus. The entire day, smoke hung so heavily in the air, it looked like fog. The entire sky was this intimidating white-gray color and what sunlight that filtered through showed up orange. Combined with the muffled effect of the smoke and the muggy temperature, the whole day was torture. I'm just relieved that the night remains cool.
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Interestingly enough, the Internet works when I'm on my roommate's computer, but not on mine. I'm just glad that I can use her laptop while she's away.

Also, I am simultaneously racing to finish two books at once--Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Flann O'Brien's At-Swim-Two-Birds. Both are very strange and amusing.

Tomorrow, I go to interview for a telemarketing position. Handling rejection pays pretty well should I get it!

On a fannish note, I've converted, along with 50 percent of my flist, to the love of jianto from torchwood. By myself, I've revived my Roy/Ed love.
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This year, my first year living off campus and second on my own (sort of), I'm rooming with an old high school class mate of mine, [ profile] snahjerblah.

I'm notoriously bad with washing the dishes. I leave them in the sink until the house starts to stink before I would actually take sponge and soap to task. Snahjerblah, on the the other hand, cleans the bathroom voluntarily. For me, it's a match made in Heaven, though I'm sure Snahjerblah would beg to differ.

As a result, it's usually my poor roommate who ends up doing the majority of the dishes.

Last month, while she was rinsing one of her ceramic mugs, the handle came off in her hands. It was a clean break on both ends, so the cup's still usable, but this was solid ceramic.

Just three days ago, she calls me after class in an apologetic panic. The plastic handle of one of the pots I'd contributed to our kitchen has come off while she was soaping the inside of the metal pot. It was strange, for the the handle was screwed on to the pot, yet it had not come unscrewed. Like the cup, the handle had simply cracked and detached into two parts.

I don't think my roommate quite knows her own strength. I take great fun in calling her The Hulk, yellow version. However, I also fear for the fates of the rest of our silverware, pots, and pans. Last Friday, we went to an event at the campus's Arts and Crafts Center and both Snahjerblah and I paid $10 for a ceramic plate and bowl, respectively, to paint. They're supposed to be glazed and fired by next Friday and after spending an hour and a half painting on the details of my bowl, I'd really like for it to remain in one piece.

Also to note, there was some delicious hot apple cider at the A and C event (2 cups) and some equally delicious white chocolate macadamia nuts and oatmeal raisin cookies. I had adroitly smuggled three of the former and two of the later into my backpack. I got my money's worth!

SMP treat!

Oct. 31st, 2007 08:02 pm
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Warning: This is going to be a post with excessive exclamation mark usage. Also features much wallowing in self-pity.

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It's hard to believe I was a science major. Now that I'm changing to English, and maybe doubling with graphic design, the list of possible careers that appeared after the 39 question survey makes much more sense.

Here are the top ten:

1.      Librarian

2.      Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

3.      Animator

4.      Critic

5.      Artist

6.      Desktop Publisher

7.      Technical Writer

8.      Director of Photography

9.      Computer Trainer

10.  Illustrator

Pretty apt, eh? Makes me feel much better, now that I have possible job prospects upon graduation. When (NOT if) it comes.

The survey was from Took about 70 questions to get my results.

RL rant

Aug. 22nd, 2007 03:12 am
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I've a lot to rant about it, and most of it mundane, but since my family doesn't share my conflicted feelings (my parents will call me a wuss), LJ is my purgery.

C, if you see this, it's a purge, okay? Bottled up anger and resentment. I just needed to get this all out. You know I'm not one to usually go on like this.    
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I think my subject line says it all.

It was very, very bad, even for my first day. Everyone was very helpful and nice, but I could tell that I messed up many, many times. I only worked at the register and cleaned the restaurant, but sad to say, I only did well in the latter.

See, ever since my mother went on a health food binge when I was in seventh grade, I have not had McD's since. Plus, with In-and-Out and Jack-In-the-Box so much tastier available, the last time I set foot in McD's was when I still took ice skating lessons at a local mall--in an ice rink that was torn down two or more years ago for a movie theater. As a result, I was ignorant of over three-fourths of the menu and kept forgetting to input the fries and drink in Happy Meals and regular meals.

On putting together the meal for in restaurant or to-go, I found myself forgetting either the fries or the napkin. Thank God for forgiving and patient customers. Most were kind and repeated orders when I asked once they figured out I was new, but one lady was rather disheartening on my part--her reaction to my speed made my hands tremble. See? I am pathetic!

And I haven't even assembled a sandwich or wrap yet. I am so beyond pathetic.

Anyone who knows of a place where I can get a copy of the McD menu with pictures, please, please, please let me know. Yes, this is a desperate plea or aid.
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So I started working at McD's and today was my first day. What I ended up doing was staring at a computer screen for 5 hours straight, I kid you not. The right side of my head is throbbing in pain.

Got my uniform--ugliest blue button-up I've ever had the misfortune to see and G, my manager who's really nice, is lining me up with a pair of pants and a hat tomorrow. Oh, joy.

I'm employee #11 for the time card and my schedule. Mondays 3-8, Fridays 2-8, and Sundays 2-9 at minimum wage. Not bad though, since I applied yesterday and this McD's is slow.

Tomorrow, I begin training. Wish me luck, all.
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I slept in a strange position last night, so the entire day, my ribs and general chest area felt miserably sore; like there was a vise around it. Ouch.


It rained. When it wasn't a steady drizzle, it was a pounding downpour. Left the dorm at 10:30, returned at 1 with my jeans soaked to the knee and my sneakers squelching with every other step. We (being snajerblah, my roommate, Flavia, Connie, and Bao)stopped for a quick recharge before heading out again. Thankfully, snajerblah had an extra pair of boots she loaned me, and I loaned her my extra umbrella in turn. We both needed it.

I ate liquid nitrogen ice cream, traversed a laser "maze", and watched the 37th annual Doxie Derby.

At the end of this year's picnic day, we were starving, but I got a pomegranate plant and some pretty neat experiences. Of course, knowing my expertise with plant life, the sprout's going to be gifted to Stephanie or Amy.

Later, at 7:30, I, snajerblah, Bao, and Stephanie went to watch Davis Dance Revolution. Ticket's were $5, but the performances made every cent worthwhile. Initially, we'd attended to support Janet in her group's performance, but there were so many other awesome competitors that the show never stopped wowing me. There were two grand prizes of $1k; one for the modern dances and another for the traditional.

SPICMACAY's, traditional, Southern Indian dance group, performance was, in my opinion the most impressive. The members managed not only to flawlessly perform the traditional dances but to also inject a modernistic style to the second have by combining two different dances. I can't wait to watch it again as Stephanie ordered the DVD.

LOVE was this amazingly choreography of ballet and break dance. Some of it was blatantly sexual, including a vivid kiss scene and grinding, but it was so expressive and impressive I was amazed it didn't receive at least second or third in its category. A girl danced on pointe and a boy performed pirouettes for the opening scene. Just... Wow.

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My throat hurts if I speak too much and when I laugh. My eyes ache, my limbs ache, and I have a headache.

And the rains have come to Davis. Started two days ago and besides an hour of sun the second day, it's been gray and dreary ever since.

And I received notice of possible dismissal after this quarter if my grades don't go up.

And yesterday, I, my roommate, S. , and Snajerblah got documented for being too loud. Which is absolutely unfair as we are rarely loud while S.'s roommate and friends blast their music after midnight. They figured out the R.A.s' patrol schedule, see, and we were too caught up in our conversation to think about the volume.

Evil, evil times.
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There a baby shrieking its head off across the hall, and it's bugging the hell out of me. Chemistry is already difficult enough to concentrate on without having the piercing cries of an ill content child to contend with!
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Just so I don't forget... Reminder to self: get a map of city of Davis. Map out all bus lines, imprt stores, potential apartments, how far all are form future home/ campus.

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For my first final, Community and Regional Development, I have not slept the entire night!

Van IMed me around 5:30. She's not sleeping for her Physics final.

Frankly, my sleeping habits are deteriorating rapidly, what with my roommate needing one of the lamps on when she sleeps and all. It's become so erratic that I stock up on sandwiches and salads from Trudi's since I keep missing the times that the DC is open.

I really, really miss apples. Apples.... Mmmmmm...

(Yes, university makes students crazier than they already are and finals make us even worse.)
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Today...dun, dun, DUN!...I have completely used up the $25 in my laundry card and now must refill it! Mwahahahahahahahaha!
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I hate the rain.

I hate Davis.

Right now, it's a toss up of which one I hate the most.

Wonder why?

My pants are soaked.

My beautiful UCD sweater is soaked.

So's the shirt underneath.

My shoes are soaked. And the socks.

My hair's a mess.

I just came back from a midterm with two essays.

I really don't know why I'm not crying yet...

I think the worst part was riding a wet bike through a deluge that made seeing impossible and finding out two inches from a braked car that rain makes the traction of my brakes virtually nonexistent.


How am I going to survive five months of this?

Cue the hopeless wail.


If you read this, give me your thoughts on this horrible, horrible, horrible thing that's supposed to be "life-giving".

Thank you for your time--I'm going to curl up under my blankets and cry now.
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I am sooooo coming back to this thing next year! I had the most fun I've ever had in a looooong time.... ^_^

Notes upon notes:

I was the first one in to go into all the rooms, followed by Cindi, who was clinging to my sleeve (I think she was faking it), and Amy, who appears to be fearless. Actually, I think Shevata and Janet were just faking fear too... No fun...

At the door of A building, this girl was asking for donations, but I had no money on me, and after all I saw, I feel really guilty now... They should've put the donation box at the end of the whole thing. People would be much more willing to fork over the cash.


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