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Awesome cutting and formatting work here:

Hm... I'm due for a rant sometime soon, aren't I? I haven't posted anything really meaningful recently.

But, oh well! On Sunday, a co-worker and I will watch How to Train a Dragon after a lunch of Thai and a stop at the local confectionery for FUDGE. With plans like this to look forward too, I'm feeling too good to rant.

The quarter's only started as well and every single class is fun and interesting! I'm doing well at work and while updating my resume so I could apply for that teaching ESL in Korea job, I've realized I've had enough jobs to merit a TWO-page resume! *beams*
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I have no clue what's going on--is this an anime to be released, an anime that HAS been released, or just an over-the-top promotion of what I KNOW is a DS game?

I don't know, but the graphics are lovely, and the voice-work for it even more so. <3


On an rl matter, I, Jo, am incredibly stupid and thanks to a combination of procrastination, misremembering of due dates, my mother had to intervene and call citibank so I don't loose $48.

*slams head repeatedly onto wall*

Also, I just plugged in my laptop to charge and the battery icon, instead of filling like a status bar, has a red "x" over it and when I click for more information, it tells me to consider replacing my battery and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly".

omg, how am I supposed to take notes in English? Hopefully, as long it it's plugged in, my laptop won't die one me. I've barely had this thing for a year! T_T
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My current angst, now that I know I'll have no problems finishing my dual English and Design-visual communication Bachelors, is WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AFTER? The majority of the verbal freaking out and physical panic has receded to a deep-seated dread and uncertainty: what if my decision turns out to be the WRONG ONE? As such, I've been bothering all my relatives, professors, friends, people who I end up talking to in line at grocery stores for advice, opinions, and their personal experiences post-college.

I have two major routes to choose from: should I teach English abroad for a year, or move back home and look for work as a graphic designer? Note that I'll be doing the latter no matter when--teaching abroad will only be a year.

See, the issue at hand is that I did not realize that there was an Education minor until too late to actually take it and my grades aren't pure enough to enter grad school for the Master's in it. Also, illogical children baffle me for all their cuteness and I had no illusions about myself as a teenager, so a teacher for life I am not.

Why, you might ask, would I consider teaching abroad then?

It'll only be a year, including a 6 week summer break, and I'm torn between South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong. I'm wondering if my inability to interact with children extends to ALL of them and if cultural backgrounds really make any difference.

I've also never been outside of the States, and a week-long vacation isn't the kind of experience I'm yearning for. I want to experience another country in all its aspects, which means interacting with people beyond the level of a tourist asking for help, and I want to be able to take as long as I'd like. I want to experience life as how a native of the country might, which means a job and all the little things about daily life that no one truly pays attention to until they undergo it themselves.

Teaching will not be my life's vocation, so in my free time, I'll still be working on my portfolio, maybe try to freelance work overseas, or see if the language barrier will be an immovable obstacle for design work in which ever country I end up. Of course, no matter where I am, I always observe color, form, and function. If I go to Seoul or Taiwan, I would go with a designer's perspective of the environment. What influence might a foreign culture's design work have on my own?

Or would it be better to immediately begin job searching for designer positions after school, when my connections with professors and friends are still fresh? Especially as I'm not the most social creature?

Teaching abroad means another year of job security as I'll be applying through Teach Away Inc, with estimated salaries of approximately 2k a month. In this economy, that's a truly lovely thing. But after that year, will the job scarcity have improved any? Or would I just be an out-of-touch graduate competing with recent design students just as desperate for work? Would my foreign experience count for anything?


If I DON'T teach abroad, I'll be moving back home and looking for design work in the Bay Area. Or else, since my mother has not stopped urging me, attending a master's program of some sort for graphic design. If I apply and am accepted.

I'm twenty-one, and I don't feel like an adult at all. Ninety percent of my life has consisted of schooling and I've never been independent from my family. Would teaching for a year in another country be away for me to grow up? Should I force myself out of my comfort zone... For a whole year?
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One day, I'll tell my grandkids, "I learned more from than my four years in college" and it will be the absolute truth. XD

6 Life Saving Techniques From the Movies (That Can Kill You)

Also, for my Global Cities seminar, tonight's reading is this flash website on Parisville, the Invisible City by Latour and may I complain of bad Flash? My poor eyes! The speed at which the images bounce is strobe-like in effect. *weeps* I have to read 16 of these plans. My poor head.
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Next year, come spring, I'll be going though lots and lots of job interviews if I'm lucky. As such, I'm thinking about joining my local toastmasters club.

Anyone have personal experience they can relate?

Too busy right now, but maybe next quarter, I'll look into it.
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My college is finally offering a summer abroad program featuring design! However, it's going to cost me upwards to $4,000 (not including air fare and dinners), so before I say yay or nay, and argue it out with my parents (who don't see the need or point of studying abroad AT ALL), could I get some personal opinions/experiences of York?

The program will have me spending a month there, then the last week at London and Edinburgh. I don't need a hoppin' night life, but something besides another small, college town would be great. Here in America, I am living in THE small college town in the middle of farm land and I am sick of it. It's all yellow fields and gray concrete and the trees exist only in a few residential streets and the campus.
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Yesterday, I was doing my laundry around midnight. When I went to take it out of the dryer, the dryer was empty and I went to sleep depressed and curious: why would anyone want to steal my spring wardrobe? Out on a limb--perhaps it was a mistake and they returned everything to the laundry room?--I returned there in the morning. And realized that some bastard or bitch had taken offense of my 5-minute-tardiness in taking out my clothes for everything was on the ground outside the window. There was dirt, pebbles, and a freaking SPIDER in my formerly clean laundry. All I cam hope is for karma.

On a similarly disheartening note, I have many, many deadlines next week. On Monday, I have a CSS/coding/internet protocol quiz, a short history paper, and a longer English paper due. On Wednesday, I have a history final, a web site redesign final project, and a huge English paper due. On Thursday, I have TWO huge design projects due. Let's see... That makes EIGHT deadlines in FOUR days. Kill me now?

On a more entertaining, completely unrelated note, I have gained a new 'ship! Hurrah for the awesomeness of Sulu/Chekov-love! Too bad I won't be able to really explore this pairing until after this week. T^T

Oh, and I was rejected from a job and club officer position these past few days too.

srs bsns

Feb. 7th, 2009 12:54 am
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Since I got roughly 6 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, I slept 14 to make up for it last night. XD

Yesterday, when I was running around like a headless chicken, in that wide-awake state of the numbly exhausted, I saw a guy roll a joint behind the driver's back in the bus. Lamelamelame.

Also, my DES 115 class: typography and letters is getting to me. I was looking at my roommate's Twilight poster featuring Edward and Bella and immediately noted the shape of the lower case "a" with it's odd x-height and the  tops of the the "l." Immediately, I thought, "That looks sort of like Caslon, except for that dratted a".

On a minor, more resigned note--our router has crapped out again. What's the typical life-span of a linksys router anyways?
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Remember the post of DOOM a few days back? Lucky for me, two of my projects had been saved to my laptop at an earlier stage so it was only an hour or so more of work to catch up. One of my type projects had been totally erased though, and there were three variations. But I should get the hard copy back from the professor soon and since I've done it once before, it shouldn't be too hard to replicate should I ever need to send an electronic copy to any possible employers. XD

Lost a lot of my pictures though, so I had to comb through my thousand again to find the deleted twenty-five or so best shots. Took me about three and a half hours that did.

I'll have to redownload a lot of the pdfs my professors sent out, but all and all, after I got over the depression of loosing so much info and stressing over printing problems, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

But for more recent news, I'm applying to a summer internship. If I'm lucky enough to be selected, I'll be teaching three kids in two classes one core subject. Essentially, I'll be a small time teacher. It sounds AMAZING, thought rigorous. I've been blessed with many, many awesome teachers and they've been my inspiration. I hope I can follow in there footsteps. Then too, this will be a valuable experience to test the grounds of a possible career. ^^;; Anyone ever hear about Breakthrough? It was known in the past as Summerbridge. I'm hoping to be selected by my hometown and therefore not have to worry about living costs, but as long as I can part take in this, I'm good anywhere.

The application consists of two essay questions and a sample lesson plan. It brings back college application memories. XD

On a more negative note, my router's not working. XP Wireless AND ethernet is "connected with limited connection", but the modem works fine.
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I went to Pixel, the campus club for graphic designers and discovered something dismal. Due to the design major's lack of portfolio requirement to enter, we're now an impacted major and half of us aren't getting the classes we need. As a result, admin's shoved the grading curve way up, so a 93% would be an A friggin' MINUS and so on and so forth.

Why can't we simply require portfolios? The state college in my hometown does. Apparently, says one of the officers, ever since Design moved from The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (what the heck was it doing in there in the first place?) to the College of Letters and Sciences four years ago, it can't, due to some restriction in the L&S.


Anyways, Pixel's interesting in that they will provide transportation to several design events in San Fran and provide information on design related events on campus. They're big supporters of AIGA, but annual student fee for that is $75 and $375 every year after graduation. Hmm...
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I dropped that suckah like a hot potato! Thanks for all your guys' help and kind words, but this girl isn't going to quilt anything at all. *is hopeless with fabric*

Got up at 9, took a shower, went to school, talked to the design advisor (yay! no line!), and found out I have enough units to be of senior standing. \o/ I'm in my third year, all DES classes are crammed full with looooong wait lists and with my standing, I get a pass time earlier than everyone else! I can get in the classes I want and finish on time! Oh yeah, those $80 AP tests were worth it. ^____________^

From 11 to 3:40, I worked on sketches for a type project in the library. At class critique the teacher complemented my progress: success! And after class, I actually BONDED with the prof! \o\ /o/ *flails* This rarely happens as I just don't tend to talk about myself much, so it was very cool. It turns out that my graphic designer/professor teacher has a B.S. in mechanical engineering. o.O Then did a Masters in design at YALE. Seriously, with people like her floating around by the millions, do I even stand a chance? ^^;;

Oh, so right now, I'm scoffing down yummy toast with my mom's tomato-beef, but all day, all I had were two granola bars and a bottle of water. It's 8 pm. XD


Jan. 4th, 2009 05:45 pm
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I just logged onto my uni-mail after a two-week vacation, and they're offering a class I thought I would have to take during summer session one during spring quarter! That means I can either do an internship or travel abroad during the summer instead! Question is, which one in the long term would benefit me? T^T Decisions, decisions.

Travel abroad would mean England, or somewhere in Europe for English classes and it costs money, but the exotic! The chance to visit somewhere outside of the US for the first time!

But internships, either a teaching one or a graphic design one if I get accepted after applying, would look really awesome on my resume after I graduate and I wouldn't have to wait until the summer after my senior year to do it...

*sigh* Should I be responsible or selfish? Is it really a choice? -_____-
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Ow, dang it! First final project turned in late by 13 minutes because the online submission took so long to process. Then discovered template for design brief AFTER I'd already submitted it. Think I wasted time by cleaning roughs up too much in Photoshop.

Am sad. Am trying to repress horrible job done. Am getting depressed.

I love my major, honestly, but I hatehatehate this professor so much. So anal beyond belief in the silliest, stupidest of ways. Is sad.

Cram time!

Dec. 1st, 2008 09:29 pm
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This week, I have:
  1. Spanish reading quiz
  2. Spanish oral test
  3. Spanish composition
  4. Spanish final
  5. 40+ sketches
  6. Two concept boards
  7. Six thumbs
  8. English quiz
  9. English take home final
  10. Short story, revised with explanation
  11. Shorter short story, revised
I r sooooo ded.

Especially since I'm compulsively refreshing the most recent entries in [ profile] merlinxarthur and [ profile] aggybird.

But! At least I haz me a chocolate orange! *whack* And lots and lots of yummies from Hing Lung in Chinatown. Finally, two cravings satisfied!

Thought of the week: Exploding penises in PWPs. Painful and gory.
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So I'm taking TWO short story writing classes right now, but while one of them's a pretty serious one where most the stories I'm peer reviewing are aiming to be the next GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL and failing miserably, the other's a dinky little frosh seminar that I don't take really seriously. Thing is, I have about a page of about 4, 5 different stories written and can't think of which ones to continue.

Anyone have a free half an hour or so and might be willing to give my snippets a look and then give me an opinion?

Also, I have rediscovered Due South thanks to an icon featuring the BEAUTIFUL PAUL GROSS.

To do: FIND MY GLOVES. Fingers of ice do not make typing easier.

Loving MY 92.5 FM right now because I can listen to Nickelback, Pink, and David Arculeta's new albums without paying a cent. <3

"This used to be a funhouse,
but now it's full of evil clowns.
It's time to start the count down.
I'm going to burn it down, down, down."


Nov. 4th, 2008 03:51 pm
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The suspense of the elections is killing me! *jitters in seat* After I get out of class at 8 PST, I'll be checking yahoo!news for info. Will the results be out by then?

But today, I gave blood! In about five minutes! And after I went to the refreshments tables, a girl reached for something and almost fainted. It was seriously scary how limp she was even though her eyes were still half-open. She had to lay on the floor with cold compresses over her forehead and arms with a nurse keeping track of her blood pressure! I was lucky, the whole thing took me less than half an hour because I arrived before the rush--there were NO LINES when I went. Missed [ profile] snahjerblah though, since cell phones lose reception within Freeborn.

On the bus today, I heard two girls discussing Prop 8, which was awesome. What wasn't was that the white one was arguing AGAINST IT and her argument was just about the WORST I've ever heard: NO, CIVIL UNIONS AND MARRIAGE ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. THEY ARE NOT SIMPLY DIFFERENT NAMES FOR THE SAME INSTITUTION, YOU IGNORANT TWIT. Her analogy was even worse. She was saying how she's labeled white and her friend labeled Asian and if they were both labeled one or the other, that would be wrong, right? Just like labeling marriage and civil unions one or the other is wrong, which, okay, is, but her argument's base is ALL WRONG. And this was between two students getting an high education. If one of them is THIS ignorant, what about the million other average Joes? *despairs*

Also, Jason Mraz played on campus last night but had not tickets and could not goooo~! T^T
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NEW FANDOM that is so full of awesome that I cannot give any measurement. BBC's Merlin with the hottest Prince Arthur in just about FOREVER and the subtext is so prevalent it's like OBVIOUS. *squishes the two boys* Thanks to [ profile] elandrialore for writing an A/M fic to get me into this in the first place. My current source is [ profile] merlinxarthur and at the rate this fandom is growing, I have a good feeling it's the next big thing. Maybe even bigger than Torchwood! XD

Also, the engineering office got their logo-printed sweaters this week and my roommate, the peer adviser got me one. They're like, official school gear and ONLY $20. XD I'll walk into my upper division English class tomorrow wearing an Engineering sweater, because it's now cold and wet enough that my normal jacket just doesn't cut it.

Also, everyone should read Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler) because not only is the art GORGEOUS, but the story is INTERESTING.
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Got my absentee ballot in the mail today and OMG, there's so many THINGS to vote for! People who I've never heard of for issues I didn't even know were raised! I have so much researching to do--it'd be pretty stupid of me to vote purely by party, wouldn't it? About the only things I'm sure about is NO on Prop 8 and Obama/Biden for president. *clutches head* No WONDER some people won't vote at ALL--it's pretty scary and intimidating. And strangely enough, pretty with all the blue, purple, and white. XD

On a lesser note, ANOTHER fandom! I finally caved from lack of any good fic to read and read [ profile] astrolat's David Cook RPS fic. I read all five, I think of them, promptly watched the accompanying video for one of them (which is a WORK OF ART, okay? The graphic designer in my is despairing), joined [ profile] cookleta, and am now, instead of going to slept like the sane, am REREADING one of them. *facepalms*

Hee, high note of the day--my fictional time writing exercise for my lower div English class got read aloud by the T.A. and she praised me for choosing it as opposed to fictional place, which everyone else had done. Plus, get this, I hadn't even properly finished it! XD

Note from yesterday: At my shift tonight, I managed to get a $250 pledge! \O/ Of course, fulfillment is another thing, but \O/. I love this job so much more than the McD's one. *happy sigh*
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In no particular order of importance:

1. I have discovered the total hotness that is NCIS's Dinozzo/Gibbs. Methinks I'm developing a military kink.

2. UC Regents will be voting this year on whether to lower admission standards or not, WTF. From requiring a 3.0 to a 2.8. From needing an SAT II subject test to not. After all my slaving away to get into my university, I'm not giving some slacker the easy in! HELL NO! They should be rising to meet standards like the other millions of us have. The UCs shouldn't need to lower to their level. Honestly.

3. I really, really hate my DES 1 teacher. Housefield wastes about half the class time EVERY SINGLE lecture on trivial, unimportant things. He's patronizing and teaches this basic, core class like a freshman seminar and assigns the most ridiculous projects. I'm not the only one who thinks so. In a class of over a hundred people, he ALWAYS, in EVERY lecture, ask for hands.

4. [ profile] maderr sent me some awesome ebooks. I can't wait until this weekend!
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Prolific authors who CAN'T bloody write shouldn't be prolific. I keep on seeing these two names on my flist who can't write very well, but post in communities and post so often it just clutters my flist! Anyone know of a way I can specifically block people, whether they be in communities or not?

*headdesk* Why do they persist in posting crap examples of their work? Can they not tell, from reading well written examples, that their fiction could use vast improvement? I would be ashamed to have people read anything not written well! What's worse is that no one calls them up on it; just heaps and heaps on the praise, so of course they won't try to improve their writing! And when I comment with suggestions I feel like the harbinger of DOOM. Though it is funny because those great comments? Also poorly written. XDDD

I'm cranky because my Design 1 class has an annoying professor. I wish D.R., the original professor, was teaching it because while I've heard horror stories of his grading, this one? Wasted half the class time today with some pretty stupid activities. I learned NOTHING in the two hours of class. His name is Housefield, which took me approximately three minutes to remember, but he took ten minutes in class to use images and clever words to "help". *facepalm* Why, oh why, am I stuck in these freshmen classes this quarter? I sincerely hope that the seminar and DES 1 were terrible only because they were the first days and nothing really ever happens on the first day. But thank god for ENL 135 and my Spanish class.

Heh, about the frosh seminar, the teacher said we could bring our laptops. I think I will, but will I be prevented from typing if she's lecturing on stuff I already know? ^___________________^ <---evil grin Maybe if I move into the hallway so I can hear her, but the clicking of the keys won't distract too much?

Also, just googled my name, and its numerology is "If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are motivated by material success and have an aptitude for business, managerial and financial matters. This comes through your uncommon discipline and persistence." And, get this: my name's pretty uncommon. The site estimates that 25 out of approx 300 million Americans might have my name (first AND last).


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