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I'm on page 53 of and there is so much awesome that I need to save my favorites.

The pwnage )

Ahhh... Now I'm on page 92. ^_______________^
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So I FINALLY got around to printing my free birthday scoop coupon for Baskin' Robbins at work, since I don't have a printer at home, but when I got of the bus and walked the walk, the store was dark, the doors wired shut: they had closed up shop permanently. T_T I'd also printed out three of the $1 off Cappuccino shakes. They're all absolutely useless now. Not to mention, the two "free pints for a pint of blood" I have from some blood drives. I'll probably ask my parents when they come up to drive me down town to cash them in. If I take the bus, I'll come home with a pint of sweet soup. XD

On another rl note, [ profile] snahjerblah has moved out, though her name's still on the lease as she looks for her replacement. The apartment looks so much larger and emptier now! The bathroom is practically bare of all things! Except for some Nyquill, which I think she left behind 'cause I've never used that brand in my entire life before. She also forgot her toaster and for some reason, one of her soup bowls. Where on Earth could a soup bowl be if not the cabinets or the drying rack?

There's been some responses to the Craig's List post she put up and I must remember to interview these people. They need to tell me why they're looking for housing a bare week before the new school year begins, bring at least one reference who isn't family, agree to my "no pets, no boyfriend without warning" rule, and be willing to share the living room and bedroom due to crappy wireless. Then there's the issue of formalizing it with the apartment management, getting some kind of safety deposit, changing the internet from [ profile] snahjerblah's name to mind, and slowly moving some of my stuff back home. All this on top of finalizing my schedule for the fall.

There's a fashion illustration class that I've been absolutely DYING to take, but even though I'm already registered for it, my advisor informed me that there are THREE (enormously stupid) graduating seniors who need the class for their majors. As the class limit is 22 or so and isn't required for my major, there's a strong possibility I'll be booted off. I don't want to drop it without attending at least the first day--maybe other people might have dropped out? I'm a senior too! T_T I don't know my chances of getting into this class in the next two quarters because there's a possibility of time clashes for the remaining three design classes that I need for my major. T^T

Still, at least I got into the English class I wanted: ENL 149--Homosexuality in Literature. *fistpump*

On a Gaia-related note, I've opened an art shop!

I'm currently obsessed with this song and kind of wary of it. When V was visiting this past weekend, they enlightened me that many of the songs I like to sing along with are filled with innuendos. It was also that same weekend where we went for Italian in celebration of my b-day/V's last day in town and I discovered that sourdough bread with olive oil is DELICIOUS. I love it so much, I went to Savemart and brought a loaf today since I couldn't have my Pistachio scoop.

Heh, at the urging of the same two friends, I also got a cocktail called Celeste, a mixture of Irish creme, blueberry vodka, and chocolate, with my pasta. I hate vodka with a passion ever since my parents went to happy hour at an Embassy Suite and took one of everything back to our room. I'd hoped everything else would change it, but no, I wasted $9 on something that tastes like the dentist would give you. In the end, my friends told me to start small, with wine coolers. I've already tried beer, vodka, rum, champagne, wine and tequila. I could only tolerate the champagne. I'm interested in trying port, brandy, amaretto, and gin, hoping that at least one of them will be tolerable.

On a fandom related note, I have recently reignited my passion for Jeeves and Wooster fic thanks to [ profile] triedunture recent swag of great fic. I have also... *pauses for dramatic effect* ...DISCOVERED A NEW FANDOM.

OMG, y'all need to check out Generation Kill. It's a HBO mini-series based on a book of the same title that takes place during the first Iraq war in 2003. It's about the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, who are the Marine's version of the Navy SEALS. As in, some very hot, very capable men and in particular their commander, Nathaniel Fick (who has also written his own book!) and Sergent Brad Colbert. The latter's nickname is "Iceman" and looks like a modern day Viking. Or he's played by an actor who looks like one anyway. XD [ profile] hackthis has written a whole SLEW of stupendous AU fic, but the one that got me into this in the first place was [ profile] tevere's Sixteen Days in September, also an AU. [ profile] romanticalgirl, [ profile] shoshannagold, [ profile] sparky77, and [ profile] alethialia have also written great fic.

So, uh. Rambling post is rambling? ^^;;
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Obama won!


Now that that news has its own special white space, I did a very stupid thing. *facepalm* I totally spoiled the surprise present [ profile] snahjerblah had intended for her boyfriend even after she'd outright told me what she'd plan to do, so, um, if you see this, [ profile] snahjerblah, I very, very sorry and is there anything I can do to make up for it?

Also, why do my black pens die so fast? And Micron pens can't keep a steady ink flow for crap. And as usual, Housefield's a complete tool. DES 1 is for basic theory, not the history of design--that's DES 40A/B. I wish the dean or the previous professor had told Mr. I'm-not-a-design-expert-I'm-a-historian. Well, I WANT an actual designer to teach me, NOT YOU.
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Roommate left for a weekend in Reno with her boyfriend and his mother. I don't know whether to envy her or sympathize. My aunt called me to thank me for the free song, but had to end the call half way. No one picked up their phone today at work. I think I found my stolen bike--the tires, gears, and seat are completely shot.

Cool thing this weekend at work--one of the old alumni works for the USAF! I totally wigged at the really different voicemail message and almost hung up too late.

Another work story today: one of the other callers fudged up an area code and somehow called 911 instead. A cop actually came. XD Everyone had a good laugh over the sheepish boy, but he's one of the best, so the supervisors didn't give him any grief.

Also, due to my fiction writing classes, I'm lugging around my laptop on campus three days a week. I have a Li-something battery and I've been getting all sorts of different instructions on how to drain and charge it to best extend its life. Anyone got a definite answer? I got this Toshiba Satellite in July I think, so it's not that old.


Oct. 5th, 2008 09:46 pm
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First it was Evil-Empire, then Hochuuami, now it's Forever More and Doki Doki? O.O Yaoi-fans, DESPAIR!!! Perhaps the only good news in this area is that Nakamanga is now back up and slowly being updated, link-wise.

Got my new Konishi glasses. They're the first rectangular glasses I've ever worn and the lack of peripheral vision bugs me. It'll be another year I can get another pair, but oh well--they're pretty. *is superficial*

[ profile] snahjerblah's watching Disney's Hercules and a bunny hopped by... Imagine, Pegasus gets turned human by Aphrodite! Oh, and she and I made homemade sushi today! The shrimp and avocado rolls were good, but they could have used some cucumber.

Also, My dad and [ profile] darkestnight12 came up yesterday and we ended up gossiping about family and talking POLITICS! o.O
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Tomorrow, I begin my first day as an undergrad junior! Just Spanish and my Victorian English class, but English upper div after a whole summer of studio design classes! And lvl 3 Spanish after a whole summer of wholly English language!


1. Starting the telemarketing job at the Annual Fund Oct 6, by which I need my SSN card. Which is at home, a 2.5 hour drive away. Parents gave me much grief for not thinking I might need it.

2. Cell phone not working due to old SIM being deactivated and new one not to be activated until Mom gets out of work and take a nap tomorrow.

3. Have to look for internship and choose English or Design, though I am totally leaning towards the latter.

4. Crossing fingers in hopes of getting into 2-unit freshmen seminar in which I will be reading and writing contemporary short stories. Waitlisted as #2 out of 15 capacity with one opening. Hopefully, a freshman will think the work too much and drop!

5. Should I go to my friend's birthday celeb this weekend? She and her boyfriend will be going with a whole bunch of other engineering friends. Essentially, I'll be in a group of people in which I only know two. But it's her 21st. Argh.

Current song obsession: Leona Lewis's Misses Glass and I CANNOT find a free download of it ANYWHERE. I swear, I go to sleep hearing it in my head. XD
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So much love for my roommate, who thoughtfully made enough spaghetti for her and her boyfriend to have leftovers for when I came home half an hour ago. I forgot that the city buses don't have a 10 or 11 line on the weekends, so she even borrowed her boyfriend's car to pick me up! T_T <---tears of happiness, since I was carrying a full portfolio, a camera bag, and my backpack at the time.

As to why I only returned home an hour or so ago (11 pm)... I managed to shoot four rolls yesterday and today. Successfully wound two onto a reel and made them light-safe. Discovered the second tank was cracked and went to get a new one. In my absence, a classmate had opened the light-safe tank with my two rolls and quite effectively rendered them completely useless, as the white light was on at the time. T_T <---tears of sadness, because I took them on two pretty hot and sweaty days. She paid for the film and an extra five dollars and the shots weren't completely impossible to replicate, so I didn't really undergo the shame of breaking into tears in the busy darkroom. XD

I have some good ideas for my DES 15 pop-up book project though!
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this meme from snahjerblah )
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I've been back into the Clex fandom lately, after a brief, satisfying foray in Ocean's 11, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Angel, Jeeves & Wooster, and Heroes, and I've come up with a question.

If Superman's eye-lasers set things on fire, why are they red? The hottest flames in a fire are blue, and I think the most intense waves are the ultraviolet ones too.

On a work related note, the MacDonald's I work at recently has added the Iced Coffees to its menu. Did you guys know that every pot of coffee that goes into it was brewed using twice as much coffee grounds as the regular hot coffee? And for the Sweet Tea, the ratio of sugar to water in it is one pound for every gallon?

On a school related note, I totally pwned a charcoal self-portrait 18 by 25. It was one of the best in the class, in my not so humble opinion, and my exercise in draped clothe turned out more realistic and softer than I'd thought! Major win.

Then I find out my final project is an approximately 3 ft by 6 ft piece.

I want to do a combination of a portrait and landscape. Hopefully, I can get my roommate and/or her boyfriend to let me draw them while they're studying or something and then add an interesting background when they're not available. Problem is, the only paper that comes in that size is the smoother, Linux drawing paper and I plan to use black, soft pastels. I've been using them only on charcoal paper up until now, so I'm going to have to experiment and adjust myself to applying it to the different paper. XP

On a whining note, I WANT TO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT!!! My sister gets to lay around grandma's house all day, baking peach tarts and watching movies with my aunt at night while I'm pulling long hours in the lab or the studio. She never even went through the trials of a pounding out a proper personal statement for college apps, that brat! *mutter mutter*

... Yes, yes, it's time for me to break out the chocolate.
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My roommate's boyfriend is studying on her computer next to me.

And singing aloud along with his iTunes. I have headphones playing my own playlist but it is not loud enough! His deep voice can penetrate the voice of Juanes!

Last night, he also stayed over and I swear, his voice at normal volume could be heard from the bedroom. His snoring was also at an all time worse--my roommate thinks he may be sick. All I knew was that I woke up once at 3 am, after finally falling asleep at around 1:30, then again at 4. I had to be awake at 6:30 for work and last night was NOT a good night's sleep.

I'd hate to end up like THAT girl from my year in the dorms, but I cleared things up with my roommie. He could stay over only if I didn't have work the next morning.

*wipes brow in relief* I've already renewed the lease for next year with this roommate so I'd hate for things to become rocky after we've already committed ourselves. I'm pretty confident that these two aren't going to be splitting up anytime soon, they're so sweet sometimes, it's sickening. XD
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Today, I donated blood again. This time, [ profile] snahjerblah came with me. The lines to process the required paperwork were long and I had to go through them twice, being the great n00b I oftentimes am and thinking I did not need to. XD Seeing this, my blood-buddy went to go see her T.A. about a math question and left. When she returned, I was just finishing with my temperature check and such.

Unlike the previous time, when it took me half an hour to fill up the pint bag, I only took about five minutes. The loved my vein. Apparently, it's very easy to find. XD

Poor [ profile] snahjerblah took a little longer, but that wasn't the issue. Initially, she had doubts about the nurse finding her vein. Past experiences with I.V. and blood tests made her aware that her veins were particularly difficult to find. The nurse today had only a little trouble, but it was only after the bag was almost filled that [ profile] snahjerblah complained of dizziness. The nurse told her to keep her eyes open, inclined the chair even more so her feet were elevated, and put cold, damp paper towels on her forehead and neck. She told [ profile] snahjerblah to cough deeply a few times to get her blood pressure up and when she'd removed the pressure cuff and bandaged up the needle's entry point, made [ profile] snahjerblah remain in the chair for another few minutes. Another nurse gave my swooning roommate a cup of 7 Up. Later on, [ profile] snahjerblah scares me some more when she told me that at the time, she was not only light headed, but her ears were ringing so badly, she hadn't noticed the nurse taking the last blood samples, removing the needle, or bandaging the wound. She wants to do again in April, though.

After that little panic, we moved on to the refreshments and the selection this time far out-classed the meager offerings I had last time. This time, not only were there the usual popcorn, juices, cookies, and doughnuts, there were also turkey or roast beef sandwiches, brownies, and lemon bars! >.< We each had a doughnut and a turkey sandwhich. [ profile] snahjerblah also ate some goldfish crackers and cookies. We each took a beef sandwich on our way out for dinner. I guess we bartered our blood for a t-shirt, albeit a nicely designed one, and some food.
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Lolz. I have succumbed to another meme. Witness my amazingness! <--Pls note sarcasm.

free Touch typing

[profile] snahjerblah , wunderkind that she is, got 77 and she told me she went up to 90 in her elementary days. In my defense, my accuracy was much better. XD I remember I went up to 52 in seventh grade, though.
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So [ profile] snahjerblah is preparing her snickerdoodle for Chem 2a next quarter. As such, their conversations nowadays involve many chem references.

"So, if you were on the dating scene, what you rather be? A proton, electron, or neutron?"



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