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Okay, so I haven't posted anything substantial in the past two months or so and it's because my life has just been that incredible busy.

Early June:
  • Finals

  • Finishing up my last quarter of undergrad

  • Taking care of financial aid (which I'm STILL not finished with)

  • Finding work in the summer

  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

  • Graduating


So yeah, I'm the proud owner of two Bachelors of Arts; one in English, and one in Design.

Late June-Early July:
  • TAing for DES 117, a web design course

  • Logo clean up for the Yolo County Visitor's Bureau (unpaid)

  • Scrambling to create a departmental brochure, conference program, and flyer for Food Science when no one would e-mail me back in time or kept sending me corrections after corrections from the copy THEY gave me

The last one I did for $8.50 an hour, the university so takes advantage of its student assistants and has caused me the most grief. I even worked through a weekend vacation with my family to Lake Tahoe, that was how tight this project was. Honestly, I asked in early June, May even, if there were any projects and they slam this all at me late June and it's needed for the IFT conference this past weekend. Design should be made at the drop of a hat, my God!

But the whole reason I got off my butt and posted pertains to
  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

because guess what? I GOT IT! I'm going to go to Korea (South, needless to say) for a year in testing my teaching abilities. Salary is a modest $2k per month, but housing is included and I never had a chance to study abroad. In addition, this ESL job will help me learn whether teaching is a possible career for me.

Of course, I only found this out yesterday and that I'll be leaving the States August 17th. This means giving my notice to two of my obligations, clean and move out of apartment, and pack for it. I need to get a laptop with video capabilities (Skype! and sys reqs for CS5) and maybe a new camera as my point-and-shoot is about 5-years-old. Any one ever been there and have suggestions and/or advice for this Asian American, recent college graduate girl? I normally find lectures tolerable at best, but any ranting/essays you have would be awesome!

To DO:
  • Finished 27 sketches to be finalized for a small company

  • Finish laying out health journal issue

  • Call Aunt L for advice on airfare from SFO to ICN

  • Eat all the food in fridge and freezer

  • Go see Inception and/or Toy Story 3

  • Aforementioned stuff about apartment

  • Wait for contract/info packet and then apply for E2 visa
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Took a break from crunching deadlines to address a rant long in the making:

Dear June Manga,

Do you do any research on your reading audience besides their gender? Specifically: their age?

I am mainly inquiring about the ridiculously childish cover designs you have for over 75% of your manga. If you were to do an online poll or take a look at the shelves in the bookstores that carry yaoi graphic novels, you will discover that all readers are at least of high school age. The main reason I do not buy your books because I cannot bear to look at the horrible typography on the cover? You should already be designing to appeal to an older crowd anyways as yaoi is usually explicit and reserved for 18 and older. When I buy a book, I place it on my book shelf as a display and what else of a book gets displayed but its cover?

How many 18-year-old women would buy the fluffy pink book you portray as yaoi manga? You're only hurting your own sales in not taking this into account. Have you not seen the original Japanese or Korean covers? Why do you go such lengths to make a totally different look and then FAIL so terribly at it? Are you actually trying to attract 10-year-old readers with the cutesy look?

Also, whoever does the current designs needs to take a course in basic typography and color theory immediately. The Ai no Kusabi titles are a particularly eye-searing example. Way to ruin beautiful cover art. There's also no need to make the font in each series look so drastically different. It's actually gotten to the point where I often have to squint or tilt my head in order to make out titles. Have you never heard of the phrase, "form follows function?" Ask your graphic designers--their intro courses should have covered this.

In conclusion, June Manga, please actually design your covers.

In Brute Honesty,
A Reader Heartily Sick of Garish Covers

The garish covers at which I shudder. I also did send this to them. XD
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I loved Glee when it came out, but due to school and other rl issues, I haven't been able to watch the most recent season. It appears I'll be disappointed, if this article posted by [ profile] apocalypsos is even an iota true.

To summarize: One of the things we loved in the first season was how relevant money issues were, since it's an issue so close to our practical hearts yet rarely mentioned in most television series. The new season doesn't really have any issues, what with the numerous costume changes and other things that have happened.

And is Glee falling into the trap of a the cliche, choir v.s. cheer battle?

A lot of the more interesting characters, the ones teen television series rarely include or devote much attention to, seem to have also fallen into cliche (Mercedes, with her awesome personality becoming the stereotypical "soul" contributor and a way to convey body image lessons) or completely sidelined (Puck, the "Lothario" of the group, whose voice just absolutely wowed me the vol 1 soundtrack).

Continuity, too, seems to have been lost as the writers and directors try to cram as many story lines into every episode as they can, leaving us with only more questions.

All of the above is what I gleaned from the Atlantic article, but I have listed to the new season's soundtrack and it doesn't measure up to volumes 1 and 2.


Also from [ profile] apocalypsos, an article about ten television stars who might have the chops to become movie stars, and JENSEN ACKLES is on it!
Also John Barrowman, but the tales of what he does kind of intimidates me. the 5 most unintentionally offensive comic book characters
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[ profile] apocalypsos notified us about another author who hates fanfiction and man, oh, man, Diane Gabaldon takes the cake. Of course, I'm biased, but so is everyone else. In case you missed it, that's my disclaimer.

In the blog post, Ms. Gabaldon patronizes, condescends, and essentially does her best to portray fanfiction writers as the worst thing that has happened since Lucifer fell and Hell was created. I've actually read one of her books (not her Outlander series) and while I loved her descriptions and characters, it's a bit Mary-Sueish, to use a fandom term. It's a grown-up, better written, slightly less crazy version of the more well-known Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. 

She begins with this lovely paragraph:
"OK, my position on fan-fic is pretty clear: I think it’s immoral, I _know_ it’s illegal, and it makes me want to barf whenever I’ve inadvertently encountered some of it involving my characters."

She "knows" it's illegal and it makes her want to "barf."

As a fanfic reader, sometime writer, and a member of the fanfiction community, I know just how gray fanfiction is, legal-wise. It's a huge debate among writers of fic that resurfaces every year or so. But really, some of my absolute favorite writers (Jim Butcher, Mercedes Lackey, and even the venerable Anne McCaffrey) are absolutely awesome about it: Creative Commons license, don't profit from it, and don't tell me about it.

I'm a bit more conciliatory about her points in the post, but seriously, no matter what happens, fanfiction won't disappear because you disapprove of it. That's the danger that comes from making anything public (and this makes me realize if I ever manage to get clients, locked layers, pdfs, and jpegs only!).

The comment I wrote )

While some comments were posted by people who have no idea what fanfiction is and were just really incensed about this illegal writing, there are lots of good ones for and against fanfiction that I had fun reading from a purely academic standpoint.

Fantastic! It's been 6 hours since I've posted and the 72 comments have ballooned to over 360. If nothing else, Ms. Gabaldon should now realize how much online power fanfic writers have.

Another user, Lanna-lovely, posted a comment that sums up the rest of my reaction to this post:

Cut in case you're not really that interested )

And this lovely lady, Apteryx, brings up another incredibly relevant point! Uncut for the sweetness.

"Diana, I have to say I think you're being really precious about this.

I have never read fan fiction but it seems to me to be a completely natural thing for FANS to do. It is simply an adult version of children dressing up as their favourite characters from books and tv shows and role playing with those characters using their imagination and love for them.

And it is something that only the truly fanatical would do. These people are your biggest fans and you are crapping all over them. Fan fiction is produced from love.

I would also like to remind you that you have stolen other author's characters and put them in your books. Admittedly they are usually in cameos and I can't remember them all but one example is Dorothy Dunnett's 'Comte de Sevigny' who appears in Dragonfly in Amber. I assume you did this out of respect and admiration. I would suggest to you that writers of Outlandish fan fic are motivated by the same reasons. Although maybe not anymore after this blog of yours."

I wonder if Diane Gabaldon expected such a furor? And now that it's happened, whether she'll take the coward's way out and simply delete her post?

Also, I love you guys. I love how fanfic readers and writers all unite in the face of adversity despite our OTP wars and such.

UPDATE: Take 2
Okay, what? When I click on "oldest" for comments, I see 360. When I click "newest," I get 237. Why can't I read everything?

Lulz--also just realized I participated in my very first fandom wank.
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Just realized that the Holmes/Watson modern adaptation pops up in Psych and omg, if Shawn is Sherlock, the Lassiter must be Lestrade.

I, essentially, ship Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade.


And yet, I can't handle Gus!Watson because to me, he's the asexual straight man in both meanings!

On an irl note, went to the Spring Internship and Career Fair and out of the 50 people I talked to, only 3 had job openings for an English/Graphic Design major. One of the jobs was a secretarial-type position anyone with a brain could do. All they want are economists, scientists, and engineers!

The only redeeming factor were a few neat freebies I got. XD

Later tonight I saw a free screening of The Cove. It was after an hour's performance by Ernie Haltar (who sounds a lot better than his myspace live songs), who I drew from my spot halfway up the lecture hall while he strummed his guitar and sang. I think I'll scan it in and e-mail it to him as a thank you for showing up at my uni. He gave us a rundown of his near future plans and that man's racking up a TON Of frequent-flyer miles.

The Cove... I can't really describe it. It's a heart-rending documentary that had me in tears, fuming in rage, squeeing at the cuteness, gasping at the horror, and crying again in sheer happiness because the making of this documentary has already made a difference. I recommend it immensely! It was violent, but hugely eye-opening. It's not a movie for children who just want to see the pretty dolphins, okay?
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What is UP with LJ security? In the past 15 minutes, my Avast! has aborted THREE--count 'em, THREE--trojan horses that have popped up form LJ links. What worse is that one of the links I've visited without problem previously!

What the EFF, Livejournal? Get off your butts and SOLVE this thing.

Also guys, be careful!
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I haven't ranted about Taylor Swift yet, have I? After watching her music video for "You Belong to Me", I was spitting flames. "Love Story" was cute and I adored her dress, but the mutilation of the Shakespeare play was barely tolerable.

"You Belong to Me" is unrealistic and is a contradiction unto itself. Here she is, this "geek" (yes, because geeks have glowing make-up and artistically tousled blond hair) whose entire high school career is spent pining for the boy-next-door, who, besides being blandly cute, doesn't portray any appealing characteristics besides being a fit jock, proximity, and an inability to sense emotions and culminates on prom night. Never mind friends and college acceptance--dude, did you see her house? That's upper-upper middle class right there.

Yet, when she appears in a glowing white dress, like some demented Cinderella, and he immediately ignores his current girlfriend? And the "bitch" just takes it while geek and jock waltz? That's the whole basis of there relationship? That's how his "eyes are opened"? By seeing how pretty the girl-next-door can be? Her being herself isn't enough? WTF, mate?

This article sums up some more very salient points of contention: Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists, and Weirdos. AKA, Why TS Offends anyone with a brain and personality.

Some of my favorite quotes/summations:

  1. Rather than choosing an established/evolved talent (Beyoncé) or a revolutionary (Lady Gaga), the Grammys chose someone who, according to her lyrics, has spent her entire life waiting for phone calls and dreaming about horses and sunsets.

  2. Swift simply hasn’t had the life experience and doesn’t inherently possess the emotional maturity to create great art.

  3. Here’s the rub: actual freaks make really awesome music. It’s edgy and complicated and it comes from a yearning, desperate, mixed-up place where pain & happiness have existed in equal parts for almost entire lifetimes. It’s not safe or sexless — it’s ugly, hopeful danger.

Beyonce or Lady Gaga are so much more deserving of the award than this little pink princess. It's like a modern version of Barbie personified. All plastic illusions. I liked her songs for the sugary-fluff bits they are, but when that wins an award like album of the YEAR--NO. Just, no. None of her albums deserve to be identified as the BEST out this year. Not when Lady Gaga put out something so much more awesome and Beyonce has been churning out incredible songs year after year!

Ah... That felt good.

On the other hand, watch this awesome "Logorama", an animated short film by a French firm H5:

It's kinda awesome.
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I think I've captured under a tupperware container a cockroach. Is there a difference between waterbugs and cockroaches? Should I deal with this on my own or let the apartment management know?

Argh~~!! Unneeded additional stress! T_T
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One day, I'll tell my grandkids, "I learned more from than my four years in college" and it will be the absolute truth. XD

6 Life Saving Techniques From the Movies (That Can Kill You)

Also, for my Global Cities seminar, tonight's reading is this flash website on Parisville, the Invisible City by Latour and may I complain of bad Flash? My poor eyes! The speed at which the images bounce is strobe-like in effect. *weeps* I have to read 16 of these plans. My poor head.
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So, as a little Christmas/birthday present to myself, I bought a 2 GB Sandisk Sansa Clip during's black friday deal ($25!). Today, I finally finished complying a hour-long "jogging" playlist in iTunes, found out the the little sucker would only work with Windows Media Player, recompiled the list in WMP, then proceeded to sync them up following a google doc user manual.

All the songs end up in the "music" folder rather than a separate playlist in the "playlist" folder. I tried creating a new folder to drag and drop the songs myself, but I apparently don't have permission!

What? Why? This thing has soooo many positive reviews (cnet, private blogs). Is it just me? This is my very first mp3 player EVER and I have no clue how it works, simple as it may appear. T_T

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Gacked from [ profile] ras_elased:

Such truth!

And for the times when you just want to cry and find yourself a nice hole to die in:, where people post stories about the better part of humanity.

All you McShep fans know about Keira Marcos and her incredible, sensual and snappy fics, right? She'd tweeted that the next part of Ties That Bind might be done on Dec 1, and every day since then, I've have almost compulsively checked her site for the promised update. Sad, innit? It's because her fic is just. That. Good.

Rant of the moment: DEFIANTLY =/= DEFINITELY. No way, no how.
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So, uh, I used to chuckle in amusement whenever one of you lovely people cried from lack of internet access.

I will never giggle like that again.

This weekend, when trying to hook up a wireless printer to my 6-year-old router, I somehow messed up my Vista laptop so badly that while it connects to other wireless networks (my friend's, the campus), I still cannot browse the web. I can only log on at school in between classes and that's really not enough. T_T

I haven't played Bejeweled Blitz in more than 48 hours! I haven't been on Gaia even longer!

*shakes fist at [ profile] darkestnight12* You HAD to get a wireless printer, did you? Did you just let my numerous rants of my craptastic router wash right over you? T^T
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Saw a n00b post in the [ profile] harrydraco comm today. Instead of replying to the comments on it, she'd replied to her own entry. Sadly, this has not been the only instance of such stupidity. Do I need to add a FAIL tag?

Saw another trailer for Fame today. It looks to have a black and white cast (with token Asian, but then, it IS an art school-based film), but no bi-racial couples. Lots of harping on and on of equality and such, but no evidence of it in relationships on the big screen. Kind still stick to kind.

I have a cockroach trapped under an upside-down plastic container. It's scuttling around. How do I get rid of it? T_T

Got Carl's Junior 'shroom burger for lunch. Came home, got the mail, and found a $1 off coupon for it.

Got new citibank credit card. Their website is a navigational NIGHTMARE. Oh CapitalOne, how come you don't have awesome cards?

I feel like I've gained weight.

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So I FINALLY got around to printing my free birthday scoop coupon for Baskin' Robbins at work, since I don't have a printer at home, but when I got of the bus and walked the walk, the store was dark, the doors wired shut: they had closed up shop permanently. T_T I'd also printed out three of the $1 off Cappuccino shakes. They're all absolutely useless now. Not to mention, the two "free pints for a pint of blood" I have from some blood drives. I'll probably ask my parents when they come up to drive me down town to cash them in. If I take the bus, I'll come home with a pint of sweet soup. XD

On another rl note, [ profile] snahjerblah has moved out, though her name's still on the lease as she looks for her replacement. The apartment looks so much larger and emptier now! The bathroom is practically bare of all things! Except for some Nyquill, which I think she left behind 'cause I've never used that brand in my entire life before. She also forgot her toaster and for some reason, one of her soup bowls. Where on Earth could a soup bowl be if not the cabinets or the drying rack?

There's been some responses to the Craig's List post she put up and I must remember to interview these people. They need to tell me why they're looking for housing a bare week before the new school year begins, bring at least one reference who isn't family, agree to my "no pets, no boyfriend without warning" rule, and be willing to share the living room and bedroom due to crappy wireless. Then there's the issue of formalizing it with the apartment management, getting some kind of safety deposit, changing the internet from [ profile] snahjerblah's name to mind, and slowly moving some of my stuff back home. All this on top of finalizing my schedule for the fall.

There's a fashion illustration class that I've been absolutely DYING to take, but even though I'm already registered for it, my advisor informed me that there are THREE (enormously stupid) graduating seniors who need the class for their majors. As the class limit is 22 or so and isn't required for my major, there's a strong possibility I'll be booted off. I don't want to drop it without attending at least the first day--maybe other people might have dropped out? I'm a senior too! T_T I don't know my chances of getting into this class in the next two quarters because there's a possibility of time clashes for the remaining three design classes that I need for my major. T^T

Still, at least I got into the English class I wanted: ENL 149--Homosexuality in Literature. *fistpump*

On a Gaia-related note, I've opened an art shop!

I'm currently obsessed with this song and kind of wary of it. When V was visiting this past weekend, they enlightened me that many of the songs I like to sing along with are filled with innuendos. It was also that same weekend where we went for Italian in celebration of my b-day/V's last day in town and I discovered that sourdough bread with olive oil is DELICIOUS. I love it so much, I went to Savemart and brought a loaf today since I couldn't have my Pistachio scoop.

Heh, at the urging of the same two friends, I also got a cocktail called Celeste, a mixture of Irish creme, blueberry vodka, and chocolate, with my pasta. I hate vodka with a passion ever since my parents went to happy hour at an Embassy Suite and took one of everything back to our room. I'd hoped everything else would change it, but no, I wasted $9 on something that tastes like the dentist would give you. In the end, my friends told me to start small, with wine coolers. I've already tried beer, vodka, rum, champagne, wine and tequila. I could only tolerate the champagne. I'm interested in trying port, brandy, amaretto, and gin, hoping that at least one of them will be tolerable.

On a fandom related note, I have recently reignited my passion for Jeeves and Wooster fic thanks to [ profile] triedunture recent swag of great fic. I have also... *pauses for dramatic effect* ...DISCOVERED A NEW FANDOM.

OMG, y'all need to check out Generation Kill. It's a HBO mini-series based on a book of the same title that takes place during the first Iraq war in 2003. It's about the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, who are the Marine's version of the Navy SEALS. As in, some very hot, very capable men and in particular their commander, Nathaniel Fick (who has also written his own book!) and Sergent Brad Colbert. The latter's nickname is "Iceman" and looks like a modern day Viking. Or he's played by an actor who looks like one anyway. XD [ profile] hackthis has written a whole SLEW of stupendous AU fic, but the one that got me into this in the first place was [ profile] tevere's Sixteen Days in September, also an AU. [ profile] romanticalgirl, [ profile] shoshannagold, [ profile] sparky77, and [ profile] alethialia have also written great fic.

So, uh. Rambling post is rambling? ^^;;
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It's rather sad when fanfiction have been beta read and I STILL spot many, great, gaping errors in the writing: huge, obvious ones like "your" for "you're" and fragments that don't really add any impact to character voice or atmosphere at all.

In RL, V, a pal from HS, is visiting! There's not much to do in Davis at ALL, but we managed to all get the annual free t-shirt at the first home game of the season and it's beautifully designed. I got to see the new stadium, but instead of staying for the game, we went to a popular sushi buffet and gorged ourselves. Afterwards (and before, actually, after we'd gone to the farmers' market), we played many, many games of Bang!, an Italian creation featuring cowboys. Last night, when V arrived on the bus, we ate at Crepeville, they of the delicious Fuji salads and garlic potatoes. After which we (surprise, surprise) had ALSO played Bang!. I prove to be a poor player with a few brief moments of brilliance. I died early, if not the first, every single time.

So, uh. Happy birthday to myself since it's 2:13 am already over here. Later today, we'll go bowling and play pool (billards, snook, whatever) at the campus's game center, have lunch downtown, and then walk V to the Amtrak. Fun times. It's all there is to do in our little college town!

It's cool, I already celebrated the four-day, Labor Day weekend before, when I'd returned home. I got to see all the people important to me and got awesome gifts from my parents. Dad got me a portable external hard drive (500 GB, Digital Western) from Costco, and Mom and Aunt L took [ profile] darkestnight12 and I shopping at the Macy's in S.F. Unfortunately, Dad's right arm, which he was supposed to be resting, got worse after his weekly gym visit. Of course, swinging a badminton racket like he does (aka, hard enough to de-feather the birdies and break the strings sometimes) only exacerbates what has only JUST begun to fade. It was so bad before that he had to drive one-handedly. Scary. Now he's back at work and supposedly taking it slow and easy. Kind of hard when you're the only day custodian of an entire elementary school. I've seen first-hand the kind of messes those kids leave and the kind of heavy lifting he's expected to do. Argh! Stupid Asian macho-stoicism. He has more leave time available!

Rec wise, I had spotted a gorgeous piece of fanart [ profile] darkestnight12 had bought from Fanime when I was home. So, uh, if you guys like kind, cool pretty boys who aren't loners by choice with a lucky cat bodyguard who can see traditional Japanese spirits, read Natsume Yuujinchou. If you love CLAMP's XXXholic, you'll adore this series. It's a lighter, sweeter version.

Glee's version of Take a Bow was breathtaking and heartbreaking:

Fastest Korean rapper EVER. Please ignore the weird video and just LISTEN to the tongue twisting:
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Watch this guys:

Boycott the movie and make this atrocity infamous for being the lowest sales in box office for the budget it got.

Also, there was wank over a request at the awesome [ profile] st_xi_kink meme about anti-Uhura fans being racist and misogynistic. I don't get why they have to take it to such serious lengths. I'm sure half the people who dislike do so for the far less rational and important reason that she's Spock's canon love interest. In my case, if she were white, I'd actually move from dislike to hate. It's probably all my really poor experiences in two years I spent in the service industry. In the college town McD I worked at, the most illogical, irrational customers were pretty much all, with a few, rare exceptions, middle-aged Caucasians, usually male.

It's kind of really sad. In any slashable fandom I tend to really dislike the female characters, but in literary universes centered around a heroine I'm actually normal! Sort of. As normal as I ever get anyways.
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"Creamy" used to describe skin or eyes. Generally, doesn't creamy invoke texture and taste?

Peak, when it should be "peek".

OMG COMIC SANS AS BODY COPY. aka this journal

Male characters who do not act male or don't look even remotely male. Camp, I can believe, but recently, I have stumbled upon some very bad fic. *claws eyes*

The horrible, horrible covers of June's yaoi manga. Any design student can do better in 5 minutes.
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And it makes me cry.

Colin Morgan as Merlin and Bradley James as Arthur are brilliant with a great chemistry. The actor who plays Uther and Angel Coulby as Gwen are no slouches either: I can BELIEVE in them. But beyond these four and the gorgeous scenery, the show has been disappointing so far.

It may be because I've read Malory's Arthur, studied life in the medieval times, and watched Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter, but the writers of this show are terrible. The number of plot holes and moments of cliche actions and words pain me. The poor character development and pacing don't help either. The clothes are another irritation--they are inaccurate, gaudy, and UGLY. Do the costume designers know that shiny indicates poor quality? Morgana looks like she's wearing synthetics all the time! I clutch my seat when I watch; not in joy beyond words, but in terrible disappointment.

Morgana's character is ILLOGICAL, underdeveloped, and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Her smile scares me and besides needling Uther like a sissy girl in stupid sounding arguments, is that her sole role in the show? She looks like a gremlin! Gaius is a stereotype (Dumbledore's next great adventure is to be mentor to Merlin!) and only saved by the incredibly amusing facial expressions of the actor. The dragon needs to be put down. Actually, all the monsters do--I've seen smoother CGI work in the cheap, Chinese, kung-fu historical dramas my parents like to watch. And ss it just me or does Nimueh look a lot like that singer, Helen? She's LAME. The acting in her case is completely overdone and makes me cringe. Less is more in this villain's case and the actress is a huge case of FAIL.

Of course, I've only watched the episodes that nbc has aired, so my fingers (and toes) are crossed tight in hopes that the next episodes are better.
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If you are reading this right now, you have more luxury than someone in Iran could ever hope for right now. If you are watching TV or a video on youtube, updating your status on Facebook, Tweeting, or even texting your friend, you are lucky. If you are safe in your home, and were able to sleep last night without the sounds of screaming from the rooftops, you need to know and understand what is happening to people just like you in Iran right now.

They are not the enemy. They are a people whose election has been stolen. For the first time in a long time, a voice for change struck the youth of Iran, just as it did for many people in the United States only seven months ago. Hossein Mousavi gained the support of millions of people in Iran as a Presidential candidate. He stands for progressiveness. He supports good relations with the West, and the rest of the world. He is supported with fervor as he challenges the oppressive regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

On Friday, millions of people waited for hours in line to vote in Iran's Presidential election. Later that night, as votes came in, Mousavi was alerted that he was winning by a two-thirds margin. Then there was a change. Suddenly, it was Ahmadinejad who had 68% of the vote - in areas which have been firmly against his political party, he overwhelmingly won. Within three hours, millions of votes were supposedly counted - the victor was Ahmadinejad. Immediately fraud was suspected - there was no way he could have won by this great a margin with such oppposition. Since then, reports have been coming in of burned ballots, or in some cases numbers being given without any being counted at all. None of this is confirmed, but what happened next seems to do the trick.

The people of Iran took the streets and rooftops. They shout "Death to the dictator" and "Allah o akbar." They join together to protest. Peacefully. The police attack some, but they stay strong. Riots happen, and the shouting continues all night. Text messaging was disabled, as was satellite, and websites which can spread information such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the BBC are blocked in the country. At five in the morning, Arabic speaking soldiers (the people of Iran speak Farsi) stormed a university in the capital city of Tehran. While sleeping in their dormitories, five students were killed. Others were wounded. These soldiers are thought to have been brought in by Ahmadinejad from Lebanon. Today, 192 of the university's faculty have resigned in protest.

Mousavi requested that the government allow a peaceful rally to occur this morning - the request was denied. Many thought that it would not happen. Nevertheless, first a few thousand people showed up in the streets of Tehran. At this point, it is estimated that 1 to 2 million people were there. Mousavi spoke on the top of a car. The police stood by. For a few hours, everything was peaceful. Right now, the same cannot be said. Reports of injuries, shootings, and killings are flooding the internet. Twitter has been an invaluable source - those in Iran who still know how to access it are updating regularly with picture evidence. People are being brutally beaten. Tonight will be another night without rest for so many in Iran no older than I am. Tonight there is a Green Revolution.

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Tell the world how they have stolen our election

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Yesterday, I was doing my laundry around midnight. When I went to take it out of the dryer, the dryer was empty and I went to sleep depressed and curious: why would anyone want to steal my spring wardrobe? Out on a limb--perhaps it was a mistake and they returned everything to the laundry room?--I returned there in the morning. And realized that some bastard or bitch had taken offense of my 5-minute-tardiness in taking out my clothes for everything was on the ground outside the window. There was dirt, pebbles, and a freaking SPIDER in my formerly clean laundry. All I cam hope is for karma.

On a similarly disheartening note, I have many, many deadlines next week. On Monday, I have a CSS/coding/internet protocol quiz, a short history paper, and a longer English paper due. On Wednesday, I have a history final, a web site redesign final project, and a huge English paper due. On Thursday, I have TWO huge design projects due. Let's see... That makes EIGHT deadlines in FOUR days. Kill me now?

On a more entertaining, completely unrelated note, I have gained a new 'ship! Hurrah for the awesomeness of Sulu/Chekov-love! Too bad I won't be able to really explore this pairing until after this week. T^T

Oh, and I was rejected from a job and club officer position these past few days too.
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