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3 of my prompts claimed at [ profile] slashfest!


My euphoria dims a bit when I suspect one may be art (because I'm picky about that stuff) instead of fic, but still--THREE of them!


I want to glomp my claimers until they turn a lovely bluish-purple color. <3
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New chapter of XXXHolic is awesome! We get to see Watanuki wearing another neat-o costume and this time, Doumeki looking all hawtly professional! <333

Now, why, oh why hasn't 07 Ghost been scanlated lately? T_T Is the manga-ka on a break or something?

Also, finally satisfied my years-long (I kid you not: 2) craving for good gingerbread by purchasing some of Tollhouse's pre-made dough and baking those suckers myself. Mmmmm--so soft and chewy! Just like gingerbread SHOULD be!

Killing too much needed time on
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  6. For those of you who, like me, can never make heads or tails of the typical rap song, here's a translation

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  9. My high school valedictorian would NEVER have said this. NEVER.

  10. scary

  11. Ever realized the similarities of Wall-E, and I Am Legend?

And for any SPN Wincest writers who are currently lacking inspiration:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Dean protectin' Sammy? ;D
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Again from

Fighting Fire With Fire

Restaurant | Belgium

(A father is letting five kids make a complete mess of the restaurant. They’re ripping napkins and using it as confetti, breaking chopsticks and screaming their little heads off.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to tell them to stop doing that. They are disturbing the other customers.”

Father: *beaming* “No.”

Me: “No, as in, no you won’t tell them to stop it?”

Father: *still beaming*“Yes.”

(I have to get back to work at this point and sure enough, the kids keep misbehaving. Several customers complain to me but I have no authority to throw them out. The last to complain is a table with about eight young guys.)

Customer 1: “So there’s nothing you can do about them?”

Me: “I’m so very sorry sir, but no. I can get you a drink from the house to make up for it.”

Customer 2: “No, that won’t do.”

Me: “Well, I can see if I can get you a free desert…”

Customer 2: “Not what I meant. Can’t you get your boss?”

Me: “I’m afraid he’s not in, sir.”

Customer 1: “Well we won’t accept any free stuff. I bet that would come out of your pay.”

Customer 3: Hold on…”

(The customer gets up and the others immediately follow him to the noisy, messy table. They’re now surrounded by eight tall young men who look mighty pissed.)

Customer 3, to the father: “Tell them to stop it.”

Father: *still beaming* “No.”

Customer 1: “You’re upsetting the waitress.”

Father: “Do you guys even work here?”

Customer 1: “No, we’re from that prison up the street. We’re out on parole. Funny coincidence, we all served seven years for kidnapping and murdering a bunch of noisy brats and a jerk who made minimum-wage waitresses cry.”

(At this point the kids become very, very quiet and the other patrons start giggling and staring.)

Father: “You’re lying.”

Customer 4: “Wanna take that chance, buddy?”

(One more lecherous grin was enough to send the whole bunch of misfits scurrying to the exit. My knights in shining armor actually got applause from the other diners and a free meal from me.)

Change waitress to waiter and it's my dream scene. Still, this addition is a lot better than my freshman obsession with those meme quizzes. XD

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I am in LOVE with, since two of my past jobs involve the fast food industry and calling. As I'm working my way back through the archives, I come across the most PERFECT and most slashable anecdote EVER.


(Note: I’m about five-seven, one-hundred forty pounds and work at a video game store. My best friend is a foot taller, and about a hundred pounds heavier.)

Me: “Thank you for calling ***, can I help you?”

Customer: “Uh yeah, I bought this stupid hockey-game, and I wanna return it ’cause I don’t like it.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry sir, but you can’t simply return a game because you didn’t like it.”

Customer: “Uh… I mean, the game doesn’t work right.”

Me: “Sir, you just told me that you didn’t like the game, not that it was defective.”

Customer: *click*

(Thirty minutes later, I’ve just opened the store and my best friend stops by. The same customer storms in with a game.)

Customer: “Uh, yeah, I just called about thirty minutes ago, and some guy said I could get my money back because I didn’t like this game.”

Me: “Sir, the person you spoke to was me. I’ll tell you now, as I told you then, you can’t get a refund for a game if you don’t like it. Nor can you get an exchange.”

Customer: “Well, I’m just gonna have to come across the counter and kick your a**, you son of a b****!”

My friend: “Hey, really quick, could I get your name and if you have any severe allergies to pain-killers?”

Customer, to my friend: “Who the h*** are you, and what the h*** are you doing?!”

My friend: “I’m his wrestling and sparring partner, and I’m calling you an ambulance.”

(The customer leaves, quickly. And yes, my best friend is also my wrestling and sparring partner, for the past 3 years.)


I'm not the only one, right?

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Argh! Argh! Why do ignorant fanfic writers persist in shortening the names of Japanese characters? Do they now know that names like Sakura and Haruka are romanji of kanji? You pick the one of the kanji, not chop off syllables wherever your westernized ear thinks sounds "cute"! For the informed, it is TORTURE. You are murdering a beautiful and symbolic language and there should be guides for this. Examples? Byakuya from Bleach becoming "'Kuya". Worst? He's a noble character and of a senior rank. The one calling him that atrocity is his underling, and lower class and not even that familiar with him! The most prevalent one, however, is Kakashi. Would someone of Iruka's character start calling a genius, eccentric jounin "Kashi" or, dear God, "Kaka"? And it just sounds WRONG!

If anyone's Japanese that reads this, from what I know of Japanese culture, only parents might call their children, close-close friends, siblings, and children would ever use shortened names like this. True, or false? My impression that formality, etiquette, and respect is much more important than "cutesy" and when they do, it's just the first name with a -chan suffix.

Hey, [ profile] darkestnight12, you're taking Japanese right now--what of it? Did I totally get this all wrong?

-------------------------- Another note
Nevermind the Merlin prompt. [ profile] slashfest is only holding a half round, so aren't accepting new requests at this time. *pouts*
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The instant prompt for [ profile] slashfest opens up, I'm copying and pasting this so I don't forget. Previously submitted to [ profile] merlin_bigbang, but I don't think anyone claimed it.

Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, human!Slash Dragon/Uther

The dragon, through some wyrd magik or what-have-you, turns into a young man who looks similar enough to Merlin to be mistaken for his brother but acting more like Gaius. He runs around the castle doing his darnedest to get Merlin and Arthur together, recruiting the usual suspects to his scheme. I suggest ploys of jealousy, putting Merlin in a skirt and tossing him at Arthur, locking the two boys somewhere together, but the final plan that works is up to the author's discretion.

At the same time, he schemes to make Uther's life miserable in many little, but annoying ways. Fluffest, essentially, with a side of crack. Probably AU as I hope the dragon can be free again.

Please? I will pour love, encouragement, and daily fangirling to the kind soul who picks this up!

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Today was NOT a fun day. Due to project deadlines and nerves left over from the hectic-ness of the entire week, I ended up getting two hours of sleep last night, if even that.

I dragged myself out of bed early to continue working on aforementioned projects and somehow, my sleep-deprived brain thought that the 7:40 bus that I usually took would arrive at 7:50. Needless to say, I was half an hour late to photo and missed the beginning of a critique. Not so late that I actually missed anything else or that I couldn't put up my own prints, but late enough to make my usually punctual self cringe.

This has been the first week I succumbed to buying over-priced coffee at the Silo for the fact that it contains caffeine. I spent the rest of the day suffering nausea, an inconsistent headache, and slightly unbalanced. I vow to get my full ten hours tonight. I was doing so poorly today that not only did I misremember the schedule of a bus I've been taking pretty much the entire summer, I couldn't do basic arithmetic, took a whole HOUR AND A HALF to measure out a mat and then wasted all that by cutting RIGHT THROUGH THOSE LINES. I swear I was nearly going to cry at that point. That makes twice in one week I've wanted to just drop everything, crawl into bed and have a good cry. Previously being when I ended up crossing campus twice just to print three color copies of a document for that group project. And in the morning, I completely forgot to sign the "Thank you" card Professor Molloy had gotten for us to send to the sacbee. *cringes in absolute shame*

On the up-side however, the euphoria from my almost perfect grade has not faded! There was another group presentation today, but when I asked the professor what she thought after everyone else had left, she said our's was still the best. >.< This was during the hour-long conversation I had with Professor Wood, centered almost entirely on design and college. It was INCREDIBLE. This is the first time I've felt so comfortable around another professor to babble so much. I learned loads from her and it was very, very cool. I usually can't get over my awe of my professors to talk to them so freely.

Continuation of the downside? TWO HUGE FINAL PROJECTS DUE FRIDAY NEXT WEEK. *runs around like headless chicken* It's a COMPLETELY HANDMADE POP-UP BOOK and FOUR SILVER PRINTS.

Than again, in the typical see-saw of moods today has put me through, I have happily submitted three prompts to [ profile] slashfest! I only hope I don't scare authors away with the extensiveness of them. I got in the Harry Potter characters in James Bond 'verse prompt I was a minute too late to submit in the last fest and two more.

The requests, should anyone be interested. )
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Prompts I've given out to [ profile] crossover_hp, must check to see if any are ever claimed.

1. Fandom: Good Omens
Pairing: Adam/Harry
Prompt: While on the run in Muggle London from some Death Eaters, a wounded and desperate Harry Potter stumbled into a bored Adam Young. Whatever the reason, the anti-Christ helps our Boy Wonder and gets embroiled in the war. Of course, this IS Adam Young, son of the baddest bad guy there is, so Voldemort? Nothing worth sweating over.

2: Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Mamoru (Darien)/Luna
Prompt: Usagi (Serena) died saving the world from some dark force or other shortly before she was to marry her prince and for the past three years, Mamoru's been trying to get over her absence in his life. Then, studying in England, he bumps into another blonde who reminds him of her but as their sudden friendship turns to love, he realizes that Luna isn't Usagi, and he loves them both.

3. Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Kakashi/Snape, maybe side Harry/Draco (plz?)
Prompt: Kakashi's come to guard Harry through one of Albus's more obscure contacts and loves to irritate the stern Potionsmaster when he's not checking school security and training the Boy-Who-Lived to use his magic like chakra.

4. Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: Bond/Luna
Prompt: Bond always loves 'em and leave 'em, right? So after a one-night stand during an assignment in Scotland (Hogwarts is there, right? So that's how Luna meets him), he's surprised to see her turn up as his newest co-workers in an obscure, super-secret department (something to do with the Voldemort-threat to Muggles) and while she's perfectly fine for leaving that one-night stand as it was, James finds that his respect for her strange intelligence is drawing him like a moth to the flame.

5. Fandom: Artemis Fowl
Pairing: Draco/Artemis
Prompt: At one of his mother's soirees, Artemis meets an intriguing blond aristocrat.

Prompts given out to IJ's phoenix_flies

AU: Draco is Harry's guardian angel, but Harry's still the Boy-Who-Lived. (Requited love, please.) (prefer Harry/Draco)

Bill Weasley meets his little brother's friend, the Longbottom boy, and something about the boy's quiet, steadfast mien attracts the suave curse-breaker. (prefer Bill/Neville)<---OMG, ria_awesome on ij claimed it! >.<

Percy's working himself to near-death at the Ministry and the twins are complaining/mocking him to their buddy Oliver. Oliver decides to drop by one day to convince Percy to go out to lunch and is horrified by what he sees. Part of Percy's immense workload is due to his co-workers walking all over him. (prefer Oliver/Percy)<----Claimed by benebu! <3
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Yay! Technician van outside the apartment complex when I got off the bus today!

Besides this momentous news, today was also the first day of winter quarter. I had three classes today and I think I can handle my workload this quarter.

First was Spanish 1 at nine in the morning, meaning that I'll have to catch the 8:30 bus every morning for the next three months. The professor had lots of energy so despite the early hour, I think I'll stay awake throughout class. I was, however, expecting an actual professor and the woman who showed up was a grad student. I'm a little disappointed because the name on the register had great reviews on Then I found out that since I already have two years of high school Spanish under my belt, I can only take this class pass/no pass. Terrible, as my GPA could definitely use the A I could get. Since there's no letter grade, I'm going to concentrate more on my other classes and just make sure I don't get below a B here.

Next was English 137N with a professor who had just a hint of an Irish accent. He spoke rather fast though, and combined with the dim, warm room, I know that if I don't watch myself, I'll nod off. Today however, we watched a pretty cool music video the professor said illustrates Yeats' "Stolen Child" nicely. It was Sigur Ros's Glosoli. Haunting foreign music with spectacular scenery and some eerie, but gorgeous children.

Last, after a three hour wait, was English 46A where the professor read the entire syllabus aloud and gave us a twenty-minute briefing on the English language and the history of Great Britain. It appears that Anh, one of my high school friends is also taking this class, but since I was never really more than acquaintances with her, we didn't speak.

I'll have Spanish again tomorrow, then my first day in English 45. After that will be discussion sections for my lower division English classes and I'll be home free!

I'm currently doing my Spanish homework and before I sleep, get a head start on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. I hope you're working your butt off too, [ profile] darkestnight12, you with your piddling AP English and multitude of ART classes! Grrrr...

Edit: Nooooo! I was too late! By four minutes! Now I won't ever get my Harry Potter as James Bond fic! Nooooooo~~~! Curse the time zones! Curse theeeeeeemmmmm!

Copy+Paste my next chance at [ profile] slashfest...
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry Potter as James Bond! Draco Malfoy the mysterious femme fatale! Hermione or Ron as M or Q(the guy with the cool gadgets if I got the name wrong)! Harry's top, please and bonus points if Ginny's the villain.

Well, there's always next year... T_T Then, I will also request PotC with Norrington and Gillete. LMGriffin's spoiled me.


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