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I'm eating Sour Patch Kids. I have bitten off the body of a green one and the head of an orange one and stuck the remainders together.

I AM DR. FRANKENSTEIN!!!! ph33r me!!!
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I'm on page 53 of and there is so much awesome that I need to save my favorites.

The pwnage )

Ahhh... Now I'm on page 92. ^_______________^
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That tonight's gonna be a good night

And I was was right! A GIANT lip sync project to my current music obsession:

Video quality's not that great, but OMG. It appeals to the dork in me very, very much. This made me want to dance along too! XDDD
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Unbeatable crack and HOMG, I never knew Cho was so tall. Be still my heart! Do you know how embarrassing it is to be a TALL, Asian girl? I tower over pretty much ALL my friends, as they're all Asian too.
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I adore Star Trek fandom. Why? Because EVERYONE, no seriously, EVERYONE loves Sulu. He is, without fail (well except for .01% of the time) portrayed as PURE WIN. Honestly, there is no other way to describe it but FTW!

And I really need to get around to posting about my awesome weekend at Berkeley a while back before I completely forget. XD
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Because [ profile] keleosnoonna can find the most AWESOME things and Japanese/Korean boy bands will do CRAZY things on game shows in the name of publicity.

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Again from

Fighting Fire With Fire

Restaurant | Belgium

(A father is letting five kids make a complete mess of the restaurant. They’re ripping napkins and using it as confetti, breaking chopsticks and screaming their little heads off.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to tell them to stop doing that. They are disturbing the other customers.”

Father: *beaming* “No.”

Me: “No, as in, no you won’t tell them to stop it?”

Father: *still beaming*“Yes.”

(I have to get back to work at this point and sure enough, the kids keep misbehaving. Several customers complain to me but I have no authority to throw them out. The last to complain is a table with about eight young guys.)

Customer 1: “So there’s nothing you can do about them?”

Me: “I’m so very sorry sir, but no. I can get you a drink from the house to make up for it.”

Customer 2: “No, that won’t do.”

Me: “Well, I can see if I can get you a free desert…”

Customer 2: “Not what I meant. Can’t you get your boss?”

Me: “I’m afraid he’s not in, sir.”

Customer 1: “Well we won’t accept any free stuff. I bet that would come out of your pay.”

Customer 3: Hold on…”

(The customer gets up and the others immediately follow him to the noisy, messy table. They’re now surrounded by eight tall young men who look mighty pissed.)

Customer 3, to the father: “Tell them to stop it.”

Father: *still beaming* “No.”

Customer 1: “You’re upsetting the waitress.”

Father: “Do you guys even work here?”

Customer 1: “No, we’re from that prison up the street. We’re out on parole. Funny coincidence, we all served seven years for kidnapping and murdering a bunch of noisy brats and a jerk who made minimum-wage waitresses cry.”

(At this point the kids become very, very quiet and the other patrons start giggling and staring.)

Father: “You’re lying.”

Customer 4: “Wanna take that chance, buddy?”

(One more lecherous grin was enough to send the whole bunch of misfits scurrying to the exit. My knights in shining armor actually got applause from the other diners and a free meal from me.)

Change waitress to waiter and it's my dream scene. Still, this addition is a lot better than my freshman obsession with those meme quizzes. XD

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I am in LOVE with, since two of my past jobs involve the fast food industry and calling. As I'm working my way back through the archives, I come across the most PERFECT and most slashable anecdote EVER.


(Note: I’m about five-seven, one-hundred forty pounds and work at a video game store. My best friend is a foot taller, and about a hundred pounds heavier.)

Me: “Thank you for calling ***, can I help you?”

Customer: “Uh yeah, I bought this stupid hockey-game, and I wanna return it ’cause I don’t like it.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry sir, but you can’t simply return a game because you didn’t like it.”

Customer: “Uh… I mean, the game doesn’t work right.”

Me: “Sir, you just told me that you didn’t like the game, not that it was defective.”

Customer: *click*

(Thirty minutes later, I’ve just opened the store and my best friend stops by. The same customer storms in with a game.)

Customer: “Uh, yeah, I just called about thirty minutes ago, and some guy said I could get my money back because I didn’t like this game.”

Me: “Sir, the person you spoke to was me. I’ll tell you now, as I told you then, you can’t get a refund for a game if you don’t like it. Nor can you get an exchange.”

Customer: “Well, I’m just gonna have to come across the counter and kick your a**, you son of a b****!”

My friend: “Hey, really quick, could I get your name and if you have any severe allergies to pain-killers?”

Customer, to my friend: “Who the h*** are you, and what the h*** are you doing?!”

My friend: “I’m his wrestling and sparring partner, and I’m calling you an ambulance.”

(The customer leaves, quickly. And yes, my best friend is also my wrestling and sparring partner, for the past 3 years.)


I'm not the only one, right?

So perfect.

Mar. 4th, 2009 01:56 am
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This made me tear up. And the last time I cried over media was watching Grave of the Fireflies.

Happy tears! I hope Ken Starr does not win and Prop 8 gets overturned.
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It inspired this awesome baby!Merlin fic and you should ALL read it--even if you have no idea who Merlin is (what? have you been living under a rock?).
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In the spirit of love's day, gacked from [ profile] nmalfoy,

Tell me it did not make you automatically "aaaawwww~~"!

Also, I was winnowing through the recent seasons of Britain's Got Talent and discovered some beautiful classical music. Problem is, I have no idea whether it's the band's unique take on a traditional piece or merely an imitation of something I can find right now rather than wait for eScala's album to come out.

The preview piece of their album, also the full length of the piece they auditioned the show with (esp. last minute or so--when the drummer appears)

Another lovely-sounding piece with the rather generic name of "Uninvited":

eScala's good, but I think Bond's image is better.


Feb. 9th, 2009 02:28 pm
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When something so UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD happens that you just have to post it: [ profile] rykaine's going to mail me access code for SUPERNATURAL SEASON 3!


(i'm guessing it'll be the legal, high quality dl)
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Remember that Sony Ericsson I was so glad to get? Instead of the Urban Gray one with blue buttons that I had initially desired, I got the black and orange one due to necessity (I was returning to my apartment the day the order actually went out to AT&T and the black was the only one in the store).

Black and orange automatically brings to mind Halloween, right? So I now own Sam, full name Samhain. XD It was going to be Eve, for All Hallow's Eve, but I was too lazy to press all the button.
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There's a Quickly opening right across the street from my apartment.

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So after reading much fic featuring (fictional) geniuses (Bruce Wayne, Rodney Mckay), I caved and took an IQ test. Question is, is this site valid or not? It made me go through 6 pages of ads before I could even see this. It also seems remarkably high when I remember that [ profile] snahjerblah took one not too long ago on facebook and got a 137. She's a biomed engineer and I'm majoring in the humanities. Consider also the fact that Einstein's IQ was 160, and I'm very doubtful of this:
Online IQ Test - Online IQ Test

Then again, I'd taken ANOTHER one before, which took me to a page that made it appear that I would need to pay before I could see the score, but checking my e-mail, it appears that I have an IQ of 130, according to

Is it just me, or am I particularly sad that I'm taking these things? ^^;

Also, I returned to McD's after two or so months of hiatus for summer school and they had Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls for girl children! The wicked witch looked so awesome, I snuck three out (moi, [ profile] snahjerblah, [ profile] darkestnight12). After some extensive digging through many Tin Man and The Lion dolls, I found ONE Wizard of Oz. Wasn't he supposed to be a wizened old man? The doll bearing his label was the most adorable looking blond boy with a top hat, a cape, and painted on, fair, curling hair that I have since dubbed "Draco Malfoy". Boy children get plastic Lego characters from Batman. The theme was awesome; the products I saw--not so much.

It was great, [ profile] snahjerblah came by at around 7 or 8 to pick up the doll and then vamoosed back to her boyfriend's place. XD


Sep. 27th, 2008 05:32 pm
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Saw an icon with so much WIN today. Text on plain gray background, last two lines in pink:
face it, girl
prince charming isn't coming.
He's living with

Now I'm thinking about writing a slash short story for the seminar. The teacher outright said that this will be an "A for effort" type class, so I doubt the subject matter will effect my grade much is she turns out to be homophobic. ^___^
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FINALLY saw The Dark Knight today and it was HARDCORE.

THERE WAS NO HAPPILY EVER AFTER. And that sentence deserved the all caps. THE ANTI-HERO DOES NOT GET THE GIRL AND THE WHITE KNIGHT DOES NOT STAY THE WHITE KNIGHT AND EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER FRIGGIN' ROCKED. The special effects were not completely crazily CGed to death like something Jolie might star in and the flipped truck and EVERY SCENE WITH THE BATMOBILE/CYCLE INSPIRE APPLAUSE. ALL THE ACTORS WERE HOT. BATMAN. MAYOR. GORDON. DENT. ALFRED. LUCIUS. Morgan Freeman as Lucius, whoever it was for Harvey Dent, and whoever it was for the Commissioner has been the best bit of casting I've seen seen in a while. The writers' reinterpretation of Joker's crazed smile as a scar was admirable, though I think there's another DC villain called Scareface. After watching this movie, I can just SEE Gotham's underground going crazy and spouting out more madmen like Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and many, many more.

I had to admit I was glad that Rachel was killed in the end though. I was extremely disappointed that the sole reason for Two-Face's madness was HER and she was Bruce's HOPE . She wasn't the typical weak-willed, swooning left-and-right female or sex-personified femme fatale (sort of), but a WOMAN being the root of all the main characters' cause irritates the Hell out of me. Couldn't the creators have thought up something more interesting?

Also, Alfred will forever remain in my mind the tall, thin, properly upright man with the droopy, aloof features and white hair in the '90's Batman The Animated Series. Not the grandfatherly man in The Dark Knight. He was so much less impressive than I'd hoped for. T_T

BATMAN PWNS SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN, THE HULK, AND THE FANTASTIC FOUR, have I missed any other movie-fied superheroes? I can't say anything about Ironman yet, as I haven't seen it. Yet. I have a weakness for geniuses fighting crime, yes.

Afterwards, dealt with the phone issue. Got me an urban gray, Sony Ericsson w580i heading my way.

Dinner with Maria, who looked almost frightfully thinner than when I last saw her. The Milan pizza (sans that nasty, nasty onion) at the CA Pizza Kitchen was excellent and I overtipped completely ($4 for a $19 meal), the entirety of which I talked shop with Maria. It was AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF to talk about my major with an old friend who was also in it.

So now I will comb LJ for some well written Bruce/Jim and Alfred/Lucius fic. ;D
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:( Day started off nasty with a visit to the dentist to replace my fillings. Half my mouth was numb, making my speech slurred and forcing me to fast until 3 in the afternoon.

:) Then I got to eat the chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake I had gotten yesterday. Sweet Heaven!

:( Forgot to water the lawn. Had to put on my coat and do so at midnight. Brrrr!

:) Made plans to see two friends I haven't seen in about a year almost! Including watching The Dark Knight and/or Ironman on Friday if either or both are still in theaters.

:( Tried logging onto the university website to check whether my final grades were up or not and discovered that my username and password DID NOT WORK! *runs around like a headless chicken*

:) Decided upon my new phone--Sony Ericsson w580i, either urban gray or black.

:( Updated to Mozilla ver 3 and lost my delicious add-on.

:) Found out one of my requests (guardian angel!Draco) at [ profile] slashfest actually got claimed!

Fluffy bunny hopped by: Doctor Rodney Mckay is to Clogsworth as Colonel John Shepherd is to Luminere! XDDDD
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Turns out [ profile] lexzilla also remembered my b-day, as did one of my old HS friends who I haven't spoken to in a year! Happyhappyhappy.

Got to play the Wii for the very first time today! Tennis was the BEST, followed by golfing, then baseball and bowling. I had so much trouble releasing the "b" at the right time for the latter game! XD My dad actually got into it too--I went from lvl 100 to 350 thanks to him playing my character in tennis!

Dinner was some take out from the Cheesecake Factory and my aunt, my sister, and I split two pasta dishes and a salad between the three of us. Scrumptious $56!

Also, back on that dying phone issue, I checked out cingular for the free upgrade options and have narrowed my cheapest, best quality phones offered: the Sony Ericsson w350 (flip) or w580 (slide). I really like the sliding one and most reviews support my preference. I don't have an mp3 player or an ipod, so the SE's Walkman capabilities have me over the clouds with joy. I can't wait to get my hands on it! Question now is, what color? >.> So superficial. The only negative of it is the low, 12 mb capacity--if I really want to listen to music on it, I'll have to buy a Memory Stick Micro card. Now I have to check out how much those cost!
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Best birthday in quite a while!

Lunch at TK Noodle, where I got fresh-squeezed orange juice and some scrumptious noodle/beef combo.

Then a couple hours at a new optometrist: everyone spoke Chinese in addition to English and I loved my lack of ignorance! They replaced my green nose pieces for clean, clear ones, and I chose two neat frames for my new pairs: Armani and Konishi. My entirely family got their eyes checked and chose new frames. Turns out my right remained 6.25, while my left only increased .25, staying around the 4 range. Excellent--my staring at a computer screen all day has not damaged my eye too much. *beams*

The whole family went out to eat at Hing Lung in Chinatown: there was cake, 15 different dishes, and fresh squeezed watermelon juice. When my relatives began singing happy birthday, the entire restaurant sang along--I was so red and just couldn't stop grinning in delight. There was half the cake leftover, so we gave that to the restaurant staff. We'd been going to the restaurant for so long and so often that my mother and her sisters were all good friends with them. Due to my lack of Chinese, I was mostly just known as Mom's kind in college. XD After wards, we went out for ice cream from Something or Other (Right?) Buy on Mission Street. I got salted caramel and toffee coffee, though the latter was tastier than the former, both were great. My grandparents, my uncle's mother, and one of the restaurant managers gave me red envelopes too! Hee, mostly twenty-dollar bills for my turning twenty. ^__________________^

I came home at the end of the day, logged on, and discovered that [ profile] enchanted_jae had found the time to finish a gift fic for me! *glomps*

Great day, all around. <3


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