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Title: (I'm thinking about one)
Author: [ profile] animeartistjo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Arthur's lost his memories and taking care of him fall to Merlin. Oh, and he's reverted back to his six-year-old self.
Spoilers: Read at your own risk. I've only watched the first two episodes of Merlin, but have read so much fanfiction, I might use things from later episodes too.
Warning: Unbeta'd and written on a whim.

Merlin's out in the stables, oiling Arthur's tack in preparation for tomorrow's hunt when Gwen finds him. He looks up at her abrupt entrance, blue eyes wide, "What--? Gwen, what's wrong?" The bottle of oil and saddle lies forgotten on the dusty floor as he rises to meet the sweaty, disheveled-looking girl.

Gwen clutches his upper arms and still panting harshly from her frantic run, but she manages to gasp the gist of her message, "Arthur... Great hall--"

Merlin takes off running. It's Arthur; there's nothing more he needs to know.

By the time Merlin's made his way to the large hall, only the chaotic aftermath of what's happened remains. Nobles and servants stand in class distinct huddles, whispering behind raised hands, eyes darting suspiciously and worriedly around the hall. Twice the number of knights are in attendance, most of them standing guard and facing out the various exits. The most senior ones, however, stand near the dias in the front of the room, conferring with the nobles that make up Uther's council. Uther Pendragon stands amongst them, but his stony gaze is fixed on Morgana.

Merlin freezes in place.

A little boy clutches Morgana's hand. A very familiar looking little boy with a head of golden hair and blue, blue eyes.

"Arthur," whispers Merlin. As if he heard him, the little boy lifts his solemn gaze from his small feet and fixes upon his manservant.

tbc, yes/no? Suggestions?
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And [ profile] pandarus does a mighty great job in crossing it with Supernatural and a wee bit of Buffy/Angel. Though it is a wip, it is highly amusing and makes so much sense!

Then there's the always dependable, who have distilled the books to their barest bones and even rewritten the screenplay.

I split my sides laughing.
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You know what I love about fandoms? I discover a new 'ship in a new fandom and going back to some of my favorite authors in my old 'ships, I discover they write in my new fandom! Also, I love rec lists. Especially the rec lists of good authors. Fics they rec are usually well-written too, although, unfortunately, it's not true 100 percent of the time. ^^"


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