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Hope everyone online had a wonderful Christmas and is still feeling the holiday cheer!

Over in Korea, a group of friends in my area (Gil-dong in Gangdong-gu) arranged a potluck and a Yankee Swap. On Christmas Eve, I watched Gremlins and Die Hard 1 with a few friends in my officetel. John McClane's reputation is deserved and I felt more stupid people should've died in the other movie. My Christmas morning went like this:
  • 3:oo am - go to sleep

  • 11:00 am - wake up XD

  • 12:30 pm - hop onto subway

  • 1:00 pm - after one transfer, arrive at Costco

  • 1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm - Wait 30 mins for 2 rotisserie chickens, hunt down the marshmallows so a friend could make her candied yams, and grab 4 bottles of sparkling cider. As this is Korea, everything ended up 37,000 won, and the marshmallows were the most expensive

  • 2:30 pm - drop off foodstuffs, grab my gift for the Swap

  • 2:45 pm - open the cider, relax/convo/games/carols with good friends

The next day was Christmas for the West Coast in the States, so I Skyped home and ended up watching presents get opened, spoke the most Chinese I'd ever spoken in 5 years with my grandparents, and enviously watched my sister eat three kinds of dessert. It was roughly 4 hours and for the family Christmas picture, my sister held her laptop up while I looked a the camera through my laptop camera and smiled hard enough for my cheeks to hurt. Who needs care packages when it's obvious I'm loved? <3

The next day, I found out my friend who I was going to spend my vacation in Tokyo from Jan 22~ Feb 2 with had to use her vacation funds for a family emergency and would not be going with me. Still ridiculously happy, but now worrying a bit how I might navigate the Tokyo subway by myself. XD

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year!
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I have no clue what's going on--is this an anime to be released, an anime that HAS been released, or just an over-the-top promotion of what I KNOW is a DS game?

I don't know, but the graphics are lovely, and the voice-work for it even more so. <3


On an rl matter, I, Jo, am incredibly stupid and thanks to a combination of procrastination, misremembering of due dates, my mother had to intervene and call citibank so I don't loose $48.

*slams head repeatedly onto wall*

Also, I just plugged in my laptop to charge and the battery icon, instead of filling like a status bar, has a red "x" over it and when I click for more information, it tells me to consider replacing my battery and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly".

omg, how am I supposed to take notes in English? Hopefully, as long it it's plugged in, my laptop won't die one me. I've barely had this thing for a year! T_T

Meme x2

Jan. 10th, 2010 05:19 pm
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

My father's aunt or mother died from breast cancer when I was ten or so. He doesn't talk about it and I only know because we had to go help pack up her belongings.

One of my aunt's mother has cancer, but as she can't get treatment because she refuses to stop smoking.


India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima. :)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo

Fans of Generation Kill, I am ashamed if you don't get this. *hinthint*
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I'll be heading out for dim sum with my mom's older sister and her family, then dinner with my grandparents because Gramps took offense at some little thing Aunt T's mother-in-law (who, against all preconceptions and stereotypes, is a total sweetheart), and can't be in the same room with her without making her cry.

I hope you all's Christmas celebrations are more about togetherness and forgiveness than my childish grandparent! May it also be filled with hugs, laughter, and lots of nummy food!

Ta, guys.

May be a bit late, but:
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Friday I signed my organ donor card (28 points). In May I caught a purse-snatcher who stole [ profile] nikerymis's purse (30 points). In November I gave [ profile] jeyhawk_fic a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last month I helped [ profile] insaneidiot see the light (8 points). Last Saturday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] lydiabennet (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4944 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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And after Christmas, we're going to Las Vegas, and then LA.

Mom wants to see one of the signature shows in Las Vegas, but as the last time I was there, I was 12 and most my friends go there o get drunk and/or gamble, I really don't know which one's the best deal for the ticket price.

Does anyone more familiar with the place have suggestions? We'll be there the 26, 27, and 28, I think. Poor Dad's going to be the one driving 11 hours from SJ. XD And apparently, we'll be staying at a hotel called Sahara.

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While talking with [ profile] darkestnight12, we're discussing fandoms and she lets slip the BEST Freudian slip I've ever heard: Spirk and Kock.


Status: scrambling to finish two papers and a project. The papers will most likely be late. T^T
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I'm homehomehome for Thanksgiving! Yesterday was spent half on the train, then in San Fran Chinatown loading up on delicious, delicious baked goods (esp. coffee crunch cake from a place in Japantown for today's festivities), and then THREE HOURS in Macy's after stuffing ourselves silly at some restaurant whose name I can't remember.

Note to self: Garden Bakery on Jackson has better goods than the famous Golden Gate Bakery (*cough*touristtrap*cough*).

OMG, Macy's was fuuuun~~! I can't believe how much I hated shopping back in high school. The presale is a thing of pure beauty. Example 1: Two Style & Co. shirts (Dad found one of them! XD) are originally $30+. With the presale, $4.50, I kid you not. In fact, I'm going to wear one of them tonight for the family brouhaha. The presale, for those who missed it (poor souls), is 40% off the marked price, with additional 25% off at register. The Union Square store was pretty empty, so there was no fighting tooth and nail like the typical Black Friday riots. Aunt L, Mom, and [ profile] darkestnight12 helped me find three gorgeous skirts, and another two flattering shirts. The store took the clothes and put them away. On Black Friday, we'll come back and pick them up, for an ADDITIONAL 5% off (I think).

Essentially, you're RESERVING CLOTHES to buy cheaper later. How incredible is that? ^____________^

Right before Macy's closed, we went to the perfume counter for see which Chanel scent Mom had fallen in love with at another Macy's a week ago. Unfortunately, Mom can't remember details and while the counter had all the lines, she didn't recognize any of them as the one she saw.

As we left, we passed the watches and all of a sudden, Mom's like, "Hey, do you like that watch? That's your graduation present." She pointed out a silver, round-face Fossil. I'm absolutely floored: a watch? I ended up choosing a silver Ann Klein with a black, rectangular face.

Best thing? My sophomore sister's getting one too. How's that for feeling like a unique snowflake?

Today, Mom took me to her gym and got me in with a 3-day pass promotion. She wanted me to go to her hip hop/zumba (?) dance class.

I have no sense of rhythm, coordination, or anything resembling grace. I was sweating, yes, but terrible enough that I almost cried. I gave up halfway through and ran two miles. I felt sooooo good afterwards.

On the other hand, the Monday I return to school? I have two English papers and a project due. T_T And in the car ride up back from SF, Aunt L and Mom terrified and patronized me with talk about preparing for job search and interviews. It was kind of half "duh" and half "OMG RLY?".

My family is awesome.
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So, uh, I used to chuckle in amusement whenever one of you lovely people cried from lack of internet access.

I will never giggle like that again.

This weekend, when trying to hook up a wireless printer to my 6-year-old router, I somehow messed up my Vista laptop so badly that while it connects to other wireless networks (my friend's, the campus), I still cannot browse the web. I can only log on at school in between classes and that's really not enough. T_T

I haven't played Bejeweled Blitz in more than 48 hours! I haven't been on Gaia even longer!

*shakes fist at [ profile] darkestnight12* You HAD to get a wireless printer, did you? Did you just let my numerous rants of my craptastic router wash right over you? T^T
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So I FINALLY got around to printing my free birthday scoop coupon for Baskin' Robbins at work, since I don't have a printer at home, but when I got of the bus and walked the walk, the store was dark, the doors wired shut: they had closed up shop permanently. T_T I'd also printed out three of the $1 off Cappuccino shakes. They're all absolutely useless now. Not to mention, the two "free pints for a pint of blood" I have from some blood drives. I'll probably ask my parents when they come up to drive me down town to cash them in. If I take the bus, I'll come home with a pint of sweet soup. XD

On another rl note, [ profile] snahjerblah has moved out, though her name's still on the lease as she looks for her replacement. The apartment looks so much larger and emptier now! The bathroom is practically bare of all things! Except for some Nyquill, which I think she left behind 'cause I've never used that brand in my entire life before. She also forgot her toaster and for some reason, one of her soup bowls. Where on Earth could a soup bowl be if not the cabinets or the drying rack?

There's been some responses to the Craig's List post she put up and I must remember to interview these people. They need to tell me why they're looking for housing a bare week before the new school year begins, bring at least one reference who isn't family, agree to my "no pets, no boyfriend without warning" rule, and be willing to share the living room and bedroom due to crappy wireless. Then there's the issue of formalizing it with the apartment management, getting some kind of safety deposit, changing the internet from [ profile] snahjerblah's name to mind, and slowly moving some of my stuff back home. All this on top of finalizing my schedule for the fall.

There's a fashion illustration class that I've been absolutely DYING to take, but even though I'm already registered for it, my advisor informed me that there are THREE (enormously stupid) graduating seniors who need the class for their majors. As the class limit is 22 or so and isn't required for my major, there's a strong possibility I'll be booted off. I don't want to drop it without attending at least the first day--maybe other people might have dropped out? I'm a senior too! T_T I don't know my chances of getting into this class in the next two quarters because there's a possibility of time clashes for the remaining three design classes that I need for my major. T^T

Still, at least I got into the English class I wanted: ENL 149--Homosexuality in Literature. *fistpump*

On a Gaia-related note, I've opened an art shop!

I'm currently obsessed with this song and kind of wary of it. When V was visiting this past weekend, they enlightened me that many of the songs I like to sing along with are filled with innuendos. It was also that same weekend where we went for Italian in celebration of my b-day/V's last day in town and I discovered that sourdough bread with olive oil is DELICIOUS. I love it so much, I went to Savemart and brought a loaf today since I couldn't have my Pistachio scoop.

Heh, at the urging of the same two friends, I also got a cocktail called Celeste, a mixture of Irish creme, blueberry vodka, and chocolate, with my pasta. I hate vodka with a passion ever since my parents went to happy hour at an Embassy Suite and took one of everything back to our room. I'd hoped everything else would change it, but no, I wasted $9 on something that tastes like the dentist would give you. In the end, my friends told me to start small, with wine coolers. I've already tried beer, vodka, rum, champagne, wine and tequila. I could only tolerate the champagne. I'm interested in trying port, brandy, amaretto, and gin, hoping that at least one of them will be tolerable.

On a fandom related note, I have recently reignited my passion for Jeeves and Wooster fic thanks to [ profile] triedunture recent swag of great fic. I have also... *pauses for dramatic effect* ...DISCOVERED A NEW FANDOM.

OMG, y'all need to check out Generation Kill. It's a HBO mini-series based on a book of the same title that takes place during the first Iraq war in 2003. It's about the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, who are the Marine's version of the Navy SEALS. As in, some very hot, very capable men and in particular their commander, Nathaniel Fick (who has also written his own book!) and Sergent Brad Colbert. The latter's nickname is "Iceman" and looks like a modern day Viking. Or he's played by an actor who looks like one anyway. XD [ profile] hackthis has written a whole SLEW of stupendous AU fic, but the one that got me into this in the first place was [ profile] tevere's Sixteen Days in September, also an AU. [ profile] romanticalgirl, [ profile] shoshannagold, [ profile] sparky77, and [ profile] alethialia have also written great fic.

So, uh. Rambling post is rambling? ^^;;
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It's rather sad when fanfiction have been beta read and I STILL spot many, great, gaping errors in the writing: huge, obvious ones like "your" for "you're" and fragments that don't really add any impact to character voice or atmosphere at all.

In RL, V, a pal from HS, is visiting! There's not much to do in Davis at ALL, but we managed to all get the annual free t-shirt at the first home game of the season and it's beautifully designed. I got to see the new stadium, but instead of staying for the game, we went to a popular sushi buffet and gorged ourselves. Afterwards (and before, actually, after we'd gone to the farmers' market), we played many, many games of Bang!, an Italian creation featuring cowboys. Last night, when V arrived on the bus, we ate at Crepeville, they of the delicious Fuji salads and garlic potatoes. After which we (surprise, surprise) had ALSO played Bang!. I prove to be a poor player with a few brief moments of brilliance. I died early, if not the first, every single time.

So, uh. Happy birthday to myself since it's 2:13 am already over here. Later today, we'll go bowling and play pool (billards, snook, whatever) at the campus's game center, have lunch downtown, and then walk V to the Amtrak. Fun times. It's all there is to do in our little college town!

It's cool, I already celebrated the four-day, Labor Day weekend before, when I'd returned home. I got to see all the people important to me and got awesome gifts from my parents. Dad got me a portable external hard drive (500 GB, Digital Western) from Costco, and Mom and Aunt L took [ profile] darkestnight12 and I shopping at the Macy's in S.F. Unfortunately, Dad's right arm, which he was supposed to be resting, got worse after his weekly gym visit. Of course, swinging a badminton racket like he does (aka, hard enough to de-feather the birdies and break the strings sometimes) only exacerbates what has only JUST begun to fade. It was so bad before that he had to drive one-handedly. Scary. Now he's back at work and supposedly taking it slow and easy. Kind of hard when you're the only day custodian of an entire elementary school. I've seen first-hand the kind of messes those kids leave and the kind of heavy lifting he's expected to do. Argh! Stupid Asian macho-stoicism. He has more leave time available!

Rec wise, I had spotted a gorgeous piece of fanart [ profile] darkestnight12 had bought from Fanime when I was home. So, uh, if you guys like kind, cool pretty boys who aren't loners by choice with a lucky cat bodyguard who can see traditional Japanese spirits, read Natsume Yuujinchou. If you love CLAMP's XXXholic, you'll adore this series. It's a lighter, sweeter version.

Glee's version of Take a Bow was breathtaking and heartbreaking:

Fastest Korean rapper EVER. Please ignore the weird video and just LISTEN to the tongue twisting:
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One of my wisdom teeth has been painful just recently, so today, I tried to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon to remove it. First, I call my dentist, who is currently out of town for a convention, but the receptionist refers me to three others. I pick one and call them. Arrange an appointment. Call my dentist to get referral paperwork faxed and for insurance info. Call oral surgeon to confirm insurance--THEY DON'T TAKE IT! Why? My dentist wouldn't refer me to another who doesn't accept the same insurance! But in a panic, I call option #2 and arrange an appointment. In the middle of that, my phone beeps call waiting. I check voicemail--OH, NOW THEY ACCEPT IT.

At this point, I'm so terrified about doing this wrong, I call my mother and let her know. And she reams me a new one. WHY AM I CALLING DENTISTS TWO HOURS AWAY WHEN SURELY MY COLLEGE TOWN HAS SOME? Very ashamed, I hastily look up the two dentists in my area and call them. No luck--neither of them have appointments until NEXT MONTH.

I call my savior again and Mom remembers that the surgeon who removed her teeth said that they can't be removed when only halfway out--I'd have to wait until it comes out all the way. At this point, I'm near tears because it's already difficult to eat and the tooth constantly digs into my cheek. I think my Mom gave up on me, because she took over.

THEN Mom calls back and says I should be able to get the extraction and to try, explaining my situation more fully, to call the local dentist again. Success! Fortunately for me, there was a cancellation for this Thursday and while I'll have to skip my second class, I can make it. But the lady cautions me about cost, obviously figuring out my student status and while insurance will pay for 80%, I'll probably have to pay about $100 out of pocket, right after the surgery.

Cue Mom. Who tells me to call the home referral again for their estimate so we can compare.

But now, everything is A-OK! Tomorrow, the local dentist will get back to me on insurance coverage and if it's 100% like it should be, I'll cancel the hometown appointment and go to that one. Hopefully, I won't be missing too much of my 2nd class that day.
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Eating Mom's curry with bread= Om nom nom nom <3

Also, got a spot of writing done:

For aggybird, in hopes of more Greg and Luce love. )

Finally saw the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire after finding out it won several Golden Globes (thanks, [ profile] affectingly) and the pretty colors and artistic camera work has me penciling it in for my next free three hour spot.


Jan. 4th, 2009 05:45 pm
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I just logged onto my uni-mail after a two-week vacation, and they're offering a class I thought I would have to take during summer session one during spring quarter! That means I can either do an internship or travel abroad during the summer instead! Question is, which one in the long term would benefit me? T^T Decisions, decisions.

Travel abroad would mean England, or somewhere in Europe for English classes and it costs money, but the exotic! The chance to visit somewhere outside of the US for the first time!

But internships, either a teaching one or a graphic design one if I get accepted after applying, would look really awesome on my resume after I graduate and I wouldn't have to wait until the summer after my senior year to do it...

*sigh* Should I be responsible or selfish? Is it really a choice? -_____-


Oct. 5th, 2008 09:46 pm
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First it was Evil-Empire, then Hochuuami, now it's Forever More and Doki Doki? O.O Yaoi-fans, DESPAIR!!! Perhaps the only good news in this area is that Nakamanga is now back up and slowly being updated, link-wise.

Got my new Konishi glasses. They're the first rectangular glasses I've ever worn and the lack of peripheral vision bugs me. It'll be another year I can get another pair, but oh well--they're pretty. *is superficial*

[ profile] snahjerblah's watching Disney's Hercules and a bunny hopped by... Imagine, Pegasus gets turned human by Aphrodite! Oh, and she and I made homemade sushi today! The shrimp and avocado rolls were good, but they could have used some cucumber.

Also, My dad and [ profile] darkestnight12 came up yesterday and we ended up gossiping about family and talking POLITICS! o.O


Sep. 18th, 2008 01:57 am
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One of the lamps in my room burned out. Dad came home after a full's day work, and even before changing out of his uniform, goes to the garage to find a spare bulb and changed the whole thing for me. The problem actually had to solved by replacing the lamp and the light, and in the process, Dad even found another, smaller lamp I could take back to the apartment. My dad is so incredibly awesome.

[ profile] darkestnight12 used my brand, spanking new credit card (Capital One Platinum) to purchase her fanime ticket-she's number 409. I ended up getting into an argument with Mom because I really wanted to go after an abstinence of two years. It's the 2nd to last weekend before finals week and now that I'm a design major, I have project deadlines instead of tests. Those are a little more flexible as I can make sure I finish early or get more done before playing, but my mother doesn't seem to understand that! T_T I'm at odds as to hoping I'm in an internship at that point or not. On one hand, I'm getting experience if I do. On the other, it's another thing preventing me from going to Fanime. Then, there's the problem of transportation. $22 at least by train, and that's only one way. But hey, it's why I chose the school I did! So if I needed to, I can get home!

Argh, I know I'm being incredibly selfish but it's not fun to talk to my sister about it as she's terrible at describing things and has a tendency to simply hang up on me if I start asking her questions she can't be bothered with. -_-; And I really, really miss the otaku stuff. T^T

To do for tomorrow: Wash windows. *sigh* Got out of school just last Friday and go back next Thursday. I guess I should be glad I even have the week, eh? XD
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Best birthday in quite a while!

Lunch at TK Noodle, where I got fresh-squeezed orange juice and some scrumptious noodle/beef combo.

Then a couple hours at a new optometrist: everyone spoke Chinese in addition to English and I loved my lack of ignorance! They replaced my green nose pieces for clean, clear ones, and I chose two neat frames for my new pairs: Armani and Konishi. My entirely family got their eyes checked and chose new frames. Turns out my right remained 6.25, while my left only increased .25, staying around the 4 range. Excellent--my staring at a computer screen all day has not damaged my eye too much. *beams*

The whole family went out to eat at Hing Lung in Chinatown: there was cake, 15 different dishes, and fresh squeezed watermelon juice. When my relatives began singing happy birthday, the entire restaurant sang along--I was so red and just couldn't stop grinning in delight. There was half the cake leftover, so we gave that to the restaurant staff. We'd been going to the restaurant for so long and so often that my mother and her sisters were all good friends with them. Due to my lack of Chinese, I was mostly just known as Mom's kind in college. XD After wards, we went out for ice cream from Something or Other (Right?) Buy on Mission Street. I got salted caramel and toffee coffee, though the latter was tastier than the former, both were great. My grandparents, my uncle's mother, and one of the restaurant managers gave me red envelopes too! Hee, mostly twenty-dollar bills for my turning twenty. ^__________________^

I came home at the end of the day, logged on, and discovered that [ profile] enchanted_jae had found the time to finish a gift fic for me! *glomps*

Great day, all around. <3


Jul. 27th, 2008 04:59 pm
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Working at a fast food joint near campus, I see a lot of student customers. Today, I saw several of my younger sister's friends here for their freshmen orientation.

... They have changed. They're so much taller now! No longer the fresh-faced kids I remember from two years ago, when I last saw them, they recognized me before I recognized them! Kiet's face was familiar, but I see a lot of people who I think look familiar. ^^" I think it was Treu? Druei? who recognized me. I feel so pathetic--I don't even remember how to spell his name.

I feel so old. T_T
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I've been back into the Clex fandom lately, after a brief, satisfying foray in Ocean's 11, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Angel, Jeeves & Wooster, and Heroes, and I've come up with a question.

If Superman's eye-lasers set things on fire, why are they red? The hottest flames in a fire are blue, and I think the most intense waves are the ultraviolet ones too.

On a work related note, the MacDonald's I work at recently has added the Iced Coffees to its menu. Did you guys know that every pot of coffee that goes into it was brewed using twice as much coffee grounds as the regular hot coffee? And for the Sweet Tea, the ratio of sugar to water in it is one pound for every gallon?

On a school related note, I totally pwned a charcoal self-portrait 18 by 25. It was one of the best in the class, in my not so humble opinion, and my exercise in draped clothe turned out more realistic and softer than I'd thought! Major win.

Then I find out my final project is an approximately 3 ft by 6 ft piece.

I want to do a combination of a portrait and landscape. Hopefully, I can get my roommate and/or her boyfriend to let me draw them while they're studying or something and then add an interesting background when they're not available. Problem is, the only paper that comes in that size is the smoother, Linux drawing paper and I plan to use black, soft pastels. I've been using them only on charcoal paper up until now, so I'm going to have to experiment and adjust myself to applying it to the different paper. XP

On a whining note, I WANT TO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT!!! My sister gets to lay around grandma's house all day, baking peach tarts and watching movies with my aunt at night while I'm pulling long hours in the lab or the studio. She never even went through the trials of a pounding out a proper personal statement for college apps, that brat! *mutter mutter*

... Yes, yes, it's time for me to break out the chocolate.
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It's been more than a month since I've posted anything of note, so I shall list some recent culinary, if ice cream can be considered such, discoveries. Through the pint-sized tastiness of Ben & Jerry's, I have learned that my taste buds adore not only the Rocky Road, Spumoni, and green tea flavors, but also Dublin Mudslide, pistachio, and peach flavored ice cream. It's a pity that the only peach-flavored ice cream comes with chunks of what B&J calls cinnamon pie crusts. No other brand offers peach, sadly.

Also, I am looking forward to summer school this season. No more English classes, of which I am beginning to detest, but my first foray into my second major, graphic design! Instead of textbooks, I will be spending money on art supplies--be still, my heart!

Stuck in Davis, with an adult community of mostly Caucasian people, I am craving a large serving of quality chow mein. Incredibly enough, the equivalent here consists of a thinner, udon-like noodle. Bleh, I say.

On a less self-centered topic, Van visited yesterday! It was great to catch up with each other and afterwards, we hung out a little bit more over several games of pool (aka snooker) at which I was the most miserable player and ended up the partner of the strongest player, my roommate's boyfriend's roommate. Tongue/mind-twister, eh?

My little sister got accepted into college and my family heaved a relieved sigh. She seems very flippant about the whole thing, however, and I don't think all our worries are gone yet.

Continuing this news bulletin, I truly truly desire to quite my job at McD's. Most the kinder, softer managers are quiting, due to being even more sick of working with the grease than I, and the only ones left either 1.)speak little Spanish, or 2.)take great joy in making non-managers do needless chores, such as restocking when restocking is not yet necessary. Unfortunately for me, the only jobs available on campus are lab techs, research aids that require more skill and time than I have, or tutoring. The latter may be within my reach, but I doubt my shamefully low G.P.A. would work in my favor.


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