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New chapter of XXXHolic is awesome! We get to see Watanuki wearing another neat-o costume and this time, Doumeki looking all hawtly professional! <333

Now, why, oh why hasn't 07 Ghost been scanlated lately? T_T Is the manga-ka on a break or something?

Also, finally satisfied my years-long (I kid you not: 2) craving for good gingerbread by purchasing some of Tollhouse's pre-made dough and baking those suckers myself. Mmmmm--so soft and chewy! Just like gingerbread SHOULD be!

Killing too much needed time on
  1. A beat boxer that can't be beat

  2. Life on Earth is one big dog-eat-dog world

  3. The truth about universities that require advertisement

  4. Can Guitar Hero teach a kid to do THIS?

  5. The Waldo Ultimatum

  6. For those of you who, like me, can never make heads or tails of the typical rap song, here's a translation

  7. Like a college student's version of Kris Allen

  8. This is why I have a hard time believing a relationship is worth the fuss

  9. My high school valedictorian would NEVER have said this. NEVER.

  10. scary

  11. Ever realized the similarities of Wall-E, and I Am Legend?

And for any SPN Wincest writers who are currently lacking inspiration:
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
Dean protectin' Sammy? ;D
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I found this ADORABLE manga about a small family that adopts a kitten, TOLD FROM THE KITTEH'S POINT OF VIEW.

Chi's Sweet Home is cute, funny, and makes me wish I had a cat. I wonder if this kitty's anything like the grown up cats so many people of flist have?

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In the spirit of love's day, gacked from [ profile] nmalfoy,

Tell me it did not make you automatically "aaaawwww~~"!

Also, I was winnowing through the recent seasons of Britain's Got Talent and discovered some beautiful classical music. Problem is, I have no idea whether it's the band's unique take on a traditional piece or merely an imitation of something I can find right now rather than wait for eScala's album to come out.

The preview piece of their album, also the full length of the piece they auditioned the show with (esp. last minute or so--when the drummer appears)

Another lovely-sounding piece with the rather generic name of "Uninvited":

eScala's good, but I think Bond's image is better.

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I want a kitty!

I curse the fact that 75% of my flist own cats and post daily about them.

funny pictures of cats with captions


funny pictures of cats with captions


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