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Okay, so I haven't posted anything substantial in the past two months or so and it's because my life has just been that incredible busy.

Early June:
  • Finals

  • Finishing up my last quarter of undergrad

  • Taking care of financial aid (which I'm STILL not finished with)

  • Finding work in the summer

  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

  • Graduating


So yeah, I'm the proud owner of two Bachelors of Arts; one in English, and one in Design.

Late June-Early July:
  • TAing for DES 117, a web design course

  • Logo clean up for the Yolo County Visitor's Bureau (unpaid)

  • Scrambling to create a departmental brochure, conference program, and flyer for Food Science when no one would e-mail me back in time or kept sending me corrections after corrections from the copy THEY gave me

The last one I did for $8.50 an hour, the university so takes advantage of its student assistants and has caused me the most grief. I even worked through a weekend vacation with my family to Lake Tahoe, that was how tight this project was. Honestly, I asked in early June, May even, if there were any projects and they slam this all at me late June and it's needed for the IFT conference this past weekend. Design should be made at the drop of a hat, my God!

But the whole reason I got off my butt and posted pertains to
  • Running around getting legal documents for one of my job applications

because guess what? I GOT IT! I'm going to go to Korea (South, needless to say) for a year in testing my teaching abilities. Salary is a modest $2k per month, but housing is included and I never had a chance to study abroad. In addition, this ESL job will help me learn whether teaching is a possible career for me.

Of course, I only found this out yesterday and that I'll be leaving the States August 17th. This means giving my notice to two of my obligations, clean and move out of apartment, and pack for it. I need to get a laptop with video capabilities (Skype! and sys reqs for CS5) and maybe a new camera as my point-and-shoot is about 5-years-old. Any one ever been there and have suggestions and/or advice for this Asian American, recent college graduate girl? I normally find lectures tolerable at best, but any ranting/essays you have would be awesome!

To DO:
  • Finished 27 sketches to be finalized for a small company

  • Finish laying out health journal issue

  • Call Aunt L for advice on airfare from SFO to ICN

  • Eat all the food in fridge and freezer

  • Go see Inception and/or Toy Story 3

  • Aforementioned stuff about apartment

  • Wait for contract/info packet and then apply for E2 visa
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I think I've captured under a tupperware container a cockroach. Is there a difference between waterbugs and cockroaches? Should I deal with this on my own or let the apartment management know?

Argh~~!! Unneeded additional stress! T_T
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Yesterday, I was doing my laundry around midnight. When I went to take it out of the dryer, the dryer was empty and I went to sleep depressed and curious: why would anyone want to steal my spring wardrobe? Out on a limb--perhaps it was a mistake and they returned everything to the laundry room?--I returned there in the morning. And realized that some bastard or bitch had taken offense of my 5-minute-tardiness in taking out my clothes for everything was on the ground outside the window. There was dirt, pebbles, and a freaking SPIDER in my formerly clean laundry. All I cam hope is for karma.

On a similarly disheartening note, I have many, many deadlines next week. On Monday, I have a CSS/coding/internet protocol quiz, a short history paper, and a longer English paper due. On Wednesday, I have a history final, a web site redesign final project, and a huge English paper due. On Thursday, I have TWO huge design projects due. Let's see... That makes EIGHT deadlines in FOUR days. Kill me now?

On a more entertaining, completely unrelated note, I have gained a new 'ship! Hurrah for the awesomeness of Sulu/Chekov-love! Too bad I won't be able to really explore this pairing until after this week. T^T

Oh, and I was rejected from a job and club officer position these past few days too.
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Remember the post of DOOM a few days back? Lucky for me, two of my projects had been saved to my laptop at an earlier stage so it was only an hour or so more of work to catch up. One of my type projects had been totally erased though, and there were three variations. But I should get the hard copy back from the professor soon and since I've done it once before, it shouldn't be too hard to replicate should I ever need to send an electronic copy to any possible employers. XD

Lost a lot of my pictures though, so I had to comb through my thousand again to find the deleted twenty-five or so best shots. Took me about three and a half hours that did.

I'll have to redownload a lot of the pdfs my professors sent out, but all and all, after I got over the depression of loosing so much info and stressing over printing problems, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

But for more recent news, I'm applying to a summer internship. If I'm lucky enough to be selected, I'll be teaching three kids in two classes one core subject. Essentially, I'll be a small time teacher. It sounds AMAZING, thought rigorous. I've been blessed with many, many awesome teachers and they've been my inspiration. I hope I can follow in there footsteps. Then too, this will be a valuable experience to test the grounds of a possible career. ^^;; Anyone ever hear about Breakthrough? It was known in the past as Summerbridge. I'm hoping to be selected by my hometown and therefore not have to worry about living costs, but as long as I can part take in this, I'm good anywhere.

The application consists of two essay questions and a sample lesson plan. It brings back college application memories. XD

On a more negative note, my router's not working. XP Wireless AND ethernet is "connected with limited connection", but the modem works fine.
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There's a Quickly opening right across the street from my apartment.

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The past week has been so hot, I never mustered the will to cook. I subsisted entirely on oranges, apples, with the occasional sandwich. My roommate virtually lives with her boyfriend now (I think I saw her for a total of 5 hours the past week), so without anyone else around, I didn't really have any incentive.

Today started off cool, and wonders of wonders, remained so the entire day! It was pleasantly warm, so I bought a scoop of Root Beer Float in a cone at the corner Rite Aid from school and had a pretty relaxing walk back. Think I might do so for the rest of the summer session after DES 16, though not the ice cream. That aim's for loosing weight after all. XD

So tonight, I mustered the energy to cut up a bagful of mushrooms and added them to some Parmesan Pasta Roni. I'd added another packet of corkscrew pasta to the Roni's vermicelli pasta, so I was afraid it might've turned out al dente. Just in case, I put a lid over the cooling pasta, hoping that the steam would soak back into the corkscrews. Fortunately for me, it worked and I've got enough mushroom pasta to last me another 4-5 days. I'm absurdly proud of myself.

To do:
--finish those tedious contour drawings
--turn in rent check
--wash dishes (BLEH)
--return library books


Feb. 17th, 2008 10:19 pm
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Mis parentes visitan por a mi ayer! If I'm remembering my Spanish correctly, the last sentence should have read, "My parents visited my yesterday!" Anyone know how to do the upside-down "!" on lj? XD

So my parents, they arrived right after I got off work. They had near-perfect timing: I was just done with a quick shower before they knocked on the door. It was great seeing them and my little sister again, but the best thing about their visit? Fresh fruit and Chinese cuisine! >.< Mom also generously brought a mango cake for the delicious Kay Wah bakery in Milpitas. Just looking at it made my mouth water. I think it was to sweeten the oatmeal-and-spinach deal she brought me. XD During their lengthy visit, I did my laundry with my sister's assistance. The grapes will be eaten soon, the apples I'll save and admire, and if I continue delving into my new stash of Clementines at the current rate, they'll be gone before this week is over. Wonders of wonders, Mom'd also brewed some fresh cane juice at home and had thoughtfully bottled my some. *is in heaven*

On that note, my sister, [ profile] darkestnight12 is selling a piece of her art! From what I could make out from the cell phone picture, it was an impressively colored piece. It didn't look much like the cubism piece it was supposed to be, but the colors were vibrant and the contrast with the plain, jagged black was pretty impressive. She's selling it for $65, even though the buyer was willing to go up to $100! It's a large piece, [ profile] darkestnight12 tells me, about 3 ft by 2 ft and painted on wood.

On the subject of my sister; she was dressed up more than a mere visit to a sibling in college would call for. She's so strange. The quirky style was a strange mix of emo (black jacket, black shirt, black-and-purple striped socks) and cutsy (momoko piggies of the shirt, a small embroidered white flower on the pocket of the pants, and purple-and-black striped socks). Yes, I notice things like this.

Mom also brought some All-Star--Converses?--some pretty cute sneaker-like shoes that my Aunt L had discovered and bought pretty cheap online. They're a pale purple with a charming green apple and dark purple flowers print. Mom also had me try on some nice jeans and jackets or any future interviews I may have for potential internships and/or jobs. All this while, she lectured me on eating healthier, exercising more, to call home more often, and asked nosy questions about my poor roommate. [ profile] snahjerblah, however, had intelligently vacated the premises.

On a completely unrelated note, I have discovered that there is a small, but loyal fandom devoted to Chad and Ryan from HSM, and Freddy and Zack from SoR. *light shines, cue chorus*

On yet another completely unrelated and trivial note, I've been getting headaches. I've always been disgusting healthy except for a week-long or so cold during the winter, but these past couple of days have been painful. One came after I took a short nap and the most recent disappeared only after I took a nap. Where is the rhyme or reason to this folly? And the skin of my hands are so dry again, they're cracking. XP
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I returned home from class today and immediately put a load of laundry into the wash. At 5:25, when I went to dry it, the lights flickered and died. Black out for the WHOLE apartment complex, though the one right beside mine had merrily glowing lamps.

So, with my laptop about to die, my eyes tearing from the lack of light, my Spanish homework still to be done, and a poetry paper due tomorrow, I headed back to school. Now I fear only for the fate of my damp laundry and the food in the freezer. My roommate and I have so much frozen meat and (my) Christmas mashed potatoes still in there!

I just hope that the power will have returned by the time I return home.


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