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I've reserved a ten day stay with a English-speaking family near Ikeburo, so I'm going through with my trip to Tokyo, despite my travel-buddy dropping out due to a family emergency. The problem is, I was depending on her visiting her favorite hang out places as I tagged along. I'm sure some of you who read this have visited Tokyo before. Anything I should see when I'm there? The ten days should allow me to thoroughly explore Tokyo, so the next time I'm there, I can head over to the Kyoto-Osaka-Nara area instead.

Itinerary so far:

* Studio Ghibli Museum
* Fish Market (Aunt L's almond candy)
* Mt. Fuji day trip
* Shinjuku + Shibuya + Omotesando areas
* Harajuku and buy some leg warmers to keep you warm during winter.
* Ueno Park
* shop at Loft (cool stationary store), Mishokoshi dept. store, Takashimaya dept. store
* Ginza has a lot of dept. stores with food basements. Try all the local chocolate shops too. Go to Zoff and have glasses made in 30 mins. for about $50-70 each pair. (Check out designs offered at dongdaemun beforehand.)
* Food-themed museums (
* Akibibara: maid cafe/yaoi <3

Food to eat:

* Fresh, hot okonamiyaki!
* Taiyaki from the street
* Signature crepes?
* wagashi (out of season?)


* Brave an onsen
* wear a yukata/kimono/some kind of traditional dress
* Watch/take part in tea ceremony

Date: 2011-01-06 10:48 pm (UTC)
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Otome Road~ <3 Akiba is good, but if you want ur yaoi then I'd suggest Otome Road :D

Sanrio Puroland was fun....when I went there a decade ago...>_>;;


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